Archisteem: Congratulations To The 1001 Places to Remember S05 Winners!

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Dear Steemians,

Finally, we had concluded the 1001 Places to Remember S05 (Season 5) which we took 2 weeks plus to complete it. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors who had shared their amazing stories and photos with us. In addition to that, all of you had waited patiently for the result as well.

The team had a hard time to choose between some of the best stories submitted and we were inspired by the stories too! Besides learning from the contributors, we have the chance to reward those we liked the most which are the reason why we started this reward system.

To all of those who just come across this project, let us introduce it again.
This is the first project initiated under @archisteem and currently in collaboration with @aaronli’s #citystory and @funtraveller’s @photocircle. This project is to collect 1001 STORIES from the Steemit community to make it into the first story compilation with memories of places and people. We believe that the sense of belonging and the love towards a place started with memories which we aim to collect and spread the love to a larger circle of people (even out of Steemit community!).

So here you go, a simple introduction and some key points for the contest:

What can you submit?

A story! We do not want too fact-based description like Wikipedia, we want your personal story.

How my story should be written?

  1. The story shall be supported with photos by you (no limitation on the numbers of photos).
  2. The story shall be written in more than 300 words.
  3. The story can be written in EN and CN, but the project will be focusing on EN.
  4. The story shall have a relevant title.

When can I submit my story?

  1. You can submit anytime, and you will get a confirmation reply from @archisteem to confirm your participation. The only difference is that which session you will be qualified in.
  2. The contest will be ongoing and close on every Sunday, 12pm EST. However, the team also decided that if the submitted posts are less than 20, it will be delayed for another week.
  3. The judging session will end on every Sunday, 12pm EST and announcement will be made after that. All winners will receive the reward once the winners are announced.

Without further ado, here are the winners for the 1001 Places to Remember S05!

1st Prize - @nostalgic1212

【Vickyの活动】A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#33 -【 PARK 】~小城故事相片比賽#33-【 公园 】

Reward: 5 SBD

2nd Prize - @rayshiuimages

Pingyao Ancient City - A place to remember for sure!

Reward: 3 SBD

3rd Prize - @aaronli

Hong Kong Snapshot (98) – Tai Hang, Coolest Corner of HK, but dying 香港隨拍 (98) – 大坑,死亡中的最美麗小區

Reward: 1 SBD

6 Consolation Prizes

There are 2 extra consolation prizes as we found that the top prize's winners have other posts winning the consolation ranks too. We want to award the prizes to unique authors and thus opening up two more slots for this season.


Hong Changyu Inn, Pingyao

Reward: 0.25 SBD


A morning in Chicago

Reward: 0.25 SBD


Cox's Bazar Surf Report and the Father of Bangladeshi Surfing

Reward: 0.25 SBD


Well Off the Beaten Path (Episode One) - Restoration of Saat Tale Royal Palace - Nuwakot, Nepal

Reward: 0.25 SBD


A walk along River Thames 泰晤士河邊漫步

Reward: 0.25 SBD


Bath, here I am! 跟我一起遊英國巴斯古城!

Reward: 0.25 SBD

Congratulations to all the amazing contributors! We hope to see you on S06 and the coming sessions.

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to ask your help to share this project with more people as collecting 1001 stories is not an easy task to do. With more support from the community, we believe that we will be able to increase more support and reward back to the community.

Proof of Transaction:


With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to promote the Season 6 for 1001 Places to Remember which just left 5 more days to go before the closing of the session, hope to see more submissions coming in!

We welcome people with stories to join us on this project!

To know more about the project, click here.

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Here are some collaborations that are ongoing and making the contribution gaining more impact and reward!

A collaboration with
Photocircle by @funtraveller

#photocircle is a curation program started by @funtraveller (also happened to be the co-creator of #archisteem) to curate photography submissions with the #photocircle tag. One of the themes for the photography curation program is Architectural & City Photography which is aligned with the 1001 Places to Remember project as well as #archisteem.
We decided to collaborate under the theme Architectural & City and share the prize pool as well. This is a mutual relationship that will help both programs to thrive and to reach a larger group of audience.

This is our collaboration post:

A collaboration with
A City A Story by @aaronli

This contest is a weekly contest initiated by @aaronli. The intention of starting this contest is to encourage more people to share about culture and stories of their hometown or their cities. This could help to promote the place’s uniqueness to a larger audience and in another way, to express our personal love to our beloved hometown and cities.
We found that both of our projects are well aligned and decided to collaborate and to make things bigger with more exposure! Participants will now get a chance to win both prizes at the same time, making the prize pool larger than before!

This is our collaboration post:

Join us here in Discord

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@photocircle Team

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Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Big congrats to @nostalgic1212 and all the other participants and thanks so much to @archisteem for running the #placestoremember initiative!


Congratulations to you again, @eoj for winning two consolations slot! Keep the story coming and try to grab as many rewards from us :) Most importantly, inspire new contributors to write their stories!


Will definitely contribute again and have pointed @suitcasemama your way! Done and done ;)

Thank you!


Awesome, thanks @eoj! Looking forward to having both of you on board.

Steem on :)

Thank you @archisteem! And congrats to the other deserving winners!


You are welcome @livinguktaiwan! Thanks for joining the contest. Happy to have part of the #teammalaysia gang to join the contest :)

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thank you so much for the recognition and support. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to participate and your efforts in putting all this together. Congrats to all the winners!


Without the support of all the storytellers, we will not be able to make it up until now. A mutual relationship is what we strive :) Let's build this community together.


Sounds good to me! 😄👍

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Wow, thanks so much for nominating me as the winner😘


You deserved it and you are most welcome! Hope to read more from you.