When Places To Remember meets with A City A Story - A New Collaboration

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When Places To Remember meets with A City A Story


Hi Steemians,

@aaronli and I had been discussing a possible collaboration to work on the @archisteem project that was launched recently, 1001 Places To Remember (with the tag #placestoremember).

I found that this project’s vision is aligned with his “A City A Story” photo weekly contest that is to share the community, history, culture, and art about a place. We both share the belief of culture can transcend humans regardless of their ethnics and nationality to form a sense of belonging and love towards a place. Surely, everyone has a story to share about some special moment at a special place. For us, it is a waste to keep it to ourselves. So, we ask the golden question:

Why not share it with the community?

That is why both projects started. We want to make your story more valuable and share it with a larger audience. Not only it will help to spread your love about the place, but also increase the intangible cultural value of the place. Plus, you can earn some rewards (upvotes and prize) by doing so!

Moreover, the project 1001 Places to Remember wants to make the stories into a publication! Imagine your story become part of the collective 1001 stories from people all around the world, will be spread all over the world and let the world know about the special moment of yours at that special place. Isn’t it amazing? In other words, you had become an author too!

Now, we officially announce our collaboration which starts from this very moment.

With #citystory and #placestoremember forming a mutual relationship, there are some terms to follow:

  1. When you participate in #citystory, you just need to add #archisteem and #placestoremember to be eligible for the 1001 Places to Remember project.
  2. When you participate in #placestoremember, you can add #citystory to be eligible for A City A Story Contest.
  3. For #placestoremember, there is a term whereby the story must be more than 300 words to be eligible for both contests.
  4. For #citystory, there will be a weekly theme to follow, so the submitted story must relate to the theme to be eligible for both contests.
  5. For #cn contributors, #placestoremember will also accept the Chinese submission (New Perks!)

For the contributors who joined both contests, they are eligible to win both rewards! Imagine a grand prize of 10+SBD as the first prize!

To know more about "A City A Story", you can look up here.

To know more about "1001 Places to Remember", you can look up here.

Again, I would like to personally thanks @aaronli for giving so much of support towards the project. I believe that with a larger team, the aim to collect 1001 stories from the community will soon be realized! (I am so excited :P)

Let us do it together and share your story :)


This is an #archisteem post.

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Always joyful to see such collaboration!!! Well-done!! Cheers to all the great Steemians!👍


Thanks @floatinglin, would love to see your story here too :)

Woohoo 🙌 🎉 Exciting news! This is an awesome idea! 👏 I’m getting ready for the coming Tuesday! So we have to add both #archisteem and #placestoremember right?


Yay, thanks @itchyfeetdonica!

You can submit anytime for the contest :) as the cutoff date will be tentatively set on every Sunday at 12pm EST (for 1001 Places to Remember while citystory will have its own cutoff date, so do check @aaronli's post).

Yes, you can use the 3 tags #archisteem, #placestoremember and #citystory to participate both initiatives.

Great! Let me resteem!



Awesome post, can’t wait for contributors interesting stories.


Ya, exciting isn't it :)

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Great... I believe collaboration between two communities is good to increase exposure.


Yup, hopefully increase the exposure and brings more value to the participants :)

That's a great collaboration for both project. Its gonna be more interesting now!


Thanks :) hope you can join and benefit from both contest.


I hope so too!

Best posted

Great thank you!

Wow, good news.. its surely a good collaboration.


Ya, indeed it is. You can join both for the next submission :)


Sure bro. Cheers.

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Appreciate the awesome support @creativecrypto!