Photocircle 11th Weekly Round-up [20.07.2018]

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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Photocircle Weekly round-up! It has been an exciting week for the team and we made a post about it yesterday, we have reached the minnow level. It means that we are able to provide a better reward to the participants, in comparison to when we first started.

PC Weekly Round-up.jpg

From the beginning, we never power down and we pledge to keep it this way. Our goal is to grow the SP that we have to be able to support a much wider range of participants. In addition, we are also looking forward to a collaboration and be a substantial support to other communities.

For this week, we have curated for the last set of categories of Top 10 Contributors contest, these are: architecture, city, street, macro, & abstract photography. Below are the outstanding contributions for these categories.

To begin, let me invite everyone to welcome the Top 10 Contributors for today!







That sums up the 11th weekly round-up of the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors. To reiterate, I encourage everyone to visit the posts of the featured authors and show them your support.

PC Badge group.jpg

For those who just discovered about Photocircle, it is a curation project for the community with the intention to search, curate, & reward the outstanding work from talented photographers, enthusiasts, or hobbyists & creative smartphone users.

Stay tuned for the next round-up!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

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To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.

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Thank you for the recognition and support! Congrats to all the winners!


It's always a pleasure for us to be a source of motivation for the steemit photography community. We're looking forward to your amazing contribution for the coming week @rayshiuimages. Cheers!


Thanks for your kind words 😄👍

Thank you, @photocircle, it's an honor to be featured by you! Congrats to all the amazing photographers out there! Cheers to all!

Hey, can you contact me on or Discord (same name)? I have a proposal that might interest you.


Hi @arcange, glad to see you here. I will look for you in, yes same name.

Photocircle rocks! I like these kind of curation projects. And thanks for featuring my image; much appreciated.

Thank you for featuring my post in abstract and minimalism.
This is great .. :)

*****This is one of my favorite pages and I hope someday and I have the honor of being recognized here for my photo's.*****

Thank you so much, for your beautiful contribution to our community we love you! :-D