"Crimson Red P.C.B. " Chapter 17 "Sanguineous Drainage" (Cyberpunk Fiction)

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Ignition wires striped exposed and a direct wire link from it to a Matrix Virtual reality display helmet. Signing out from the digital static and taking it off of her head, Britney kept the car running, but parked. Sirens closing in the distance as they faced a large American Gothic era mansion that seemed to be squatters house party in the abandoned burnt out shell of a home that had never been demolished. A barrel fire blazed on the front porch and it looked like figures stood next to it, like shadows cast upon the peeling brown molding of the rotting mansion. A dilapidated derelict setup that looked like a trap to them.

“Everyone, out of the car” Britney said taking command out of frustration that her team was not prepared for the odds they had to face. Picking up Jarome's rifle and assembling the components. “ I hope you are a good shot Raven because you are going to be taking point. I want you to set up on the higher ridge. When the fire works are over you need to cover us and take out these creatures and lone star alike. “

“What is your plan, Britney, we have a trail of Lone Star that will be here any minute and there is no telling how many blood suckers are in there. “ Megana said with doubt in her voice.

“ Ya, I am just wondering why I am still here, since you knew this whole thing was a damn suicide mission, There is a reason Jarome left, you know?”

“What, you think he left because of me ?” Megana responded

“I'm fucking sure of it. You got this junkie kid involved we are probably going to get killed and on top of that most of our money went into that book, You better study that thing because if you don't get a lot more magical in the next thirty seconds we are going to be nothing but blood sacks for the leaches.

“This is not any less or more dangerous than that corp job we just did, Jarome got shot on that job, he will be back when he is feeling better.” Megana argued loading a clip into her weapon and grabbing her book and handing the amulet to Raven.

" You don't know that, He didn't want to be here because he knew this was going to be fucking impossible. He also thought you dragging a kid along was irresponsible and dangerous for the kid. He doesn't want to do this anymore, He told me that the night we escaped from the tunnels and saw these ghouls the last time. “ Britney screamed in Meganas face with her gun slightly raised ready to shoot her now in cold blood “ Look, we don't have time for this.”

Grabbing the rest of the canvas bags until the bag of C-4 explosives was the last thing left in the taxi that now would no longer drive away on its own. Shoving the rifle in Ravens arms and then turning to the ground to find a brick along the gravel that led to the house. Picking a large cement chunk off the ground she wedged the gas peddle in the car to the floor. The engine revved but the car stayed still in park. Pulling her Virtual matrix display down over her head and began altering the settings of the auto cab from outside of the vehicle, remotely shifting the cars gear to drive.

Suddenly the three ton taxi barreled forward with its pent-up momentum from its fuel being burned. Crashing violently into the house and running down who ever or what ever lurked near the front door. The police drone arrived first just at the time of combustion of the explosives, a large irruption of fire engulfing the old abandoned home. Then Britney grabbed Megana and Raven and prompted them to follow her at a sprint. Raising her pistol to fire twice at the Police drone that sent it crashing to the ground.

“Get out of site, come on. “ Britney yelled as they ran down the industrial dingy alley and climbed a fire escape to get a good view of the house on fire and the police cars arriving at the scene.

“ I wanted sniper on the opposite side. The tree line, over there! “ Britney pointed with a burning intentness, wanting to stay silent but urged to press her gun to Megana as if to threaten her.

“Set up that fifty cal. And just everyone stay down, lets see if this works. “ Megana said almost ignoring Britney and looking at Raven.

Raven who had been dazed and shy up until this point. At first talking about ski trips in aspen, Colorado but wearing stained old torn clothing, 'needing another vacation' she called it. IN her torn jeans and black hooded sweat shirt the thin slits of her eyes widened as she looked at the fifty caliber rifle components taking the lower half of the Barret M107 and pulling on the coil to pull the small pins out from between the coil. Then taking the upper half and pulling back the recoil buffer and extending the barrel. Then taking the spring tense barrel key, pulling it back and notching it into place. Taking the two halves and sliding them together. It took her under a minute, and she pulled the bolt back to clear the chamber.

“See, It looks like she knows what she is doing” Magena said impressed she did not need to help Raven.

Britney seemed to relax but wonder how a young chip head knew just how to assemble that rifle.

“Marksman Champion two-thousand ten, I competed and won first place.” Raven said as she looked down at the house that was now a blaze of fire.

Britney and Megana both shook their heads knowing that the kid was not alive yet in 2010 but more concerned on what was happening below. The police drone was in pieces and the camera was not fixed on them, but they all knew they were recorded by it as patrol cars arrived at the scene looking for the stolen taxi cab. They found that it had been crashed into the front of house full of people. Sounds of screams of agony and psychotic laughter seemed to mix with the crackling of fire. Officers getting out of their car and with guns drawn as they move to recover the crashed drone. Looking through the scope, Raven could see all of this.

“Don't Fire yet, I want to eighty-six this whole damn job still” Britney said “just wait”

Meganas attention was on the house, wanting some sort of confirmed kill on a vampire. The screaming got louder and the officers seemed to focus on the fire. Another loud detonating explosion thundered and the team knew ambulance had been dispatched. Then an inhuman shrill scream and many figures sprinted from the house. Burning corpses running towards the officers that they assumed to be victims until they bit down on the neck of the officers and the call for back up was made. The ghouls started to run down the block after the police lie on the ground dead, splitting up in a search pattern. Then the huge gargoyle creatures burst out of the blazing inferno. Screaming in demonic stereo.

“Shoot kid, or run. This is it make a Decision!"

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