"Crimson Red P.C.B." Chapter 5 "Corperate Espionage" (Cyberpunk Fiction)

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Jacking out of the Matrix was a feeling like waking up out of a strange acid trip, a sense of dizziness as Britney stood up and regained her bearings on the real world. Lifting off her head VR gear and tugging the jack from her bionic arm, before The Cleaner laid his hand on her shoulder.

“Come on, lets go, your friends have already loaded the van with the motor bikes and weapons. We need to get this power set up on the van and chopper” The Cleaner pointed to Jerome and Megana sitting idol by the back of an off-white windowless panel van with the only doors beside the driver and passenger sides swinging out of the back, swinging open from the rear center of the van.

“OK guys here is the plan “ Britney spoke confidently addressing Megana and Jerome. “The network me and the cleaner have to access is internal and off the grid, there is no way to break into it from here. We will have to bring our gear along with us and physically break into the building, From there we should be able to access a terminal and copy the files we need. We will be splitting into two groups from here. Me and Megana will be taking the chopper and accessing the building from the roof top fire exit. Jerome and The Cleaner will go in from ground level, we will make our exit in the opposite fashion with me and Megana taking the van and The Cleaner and Jerome covering us with the helicopter. Jerome, I will need you to place the C-4 charges in the lab and when we are making our escape we can blow them for a distraction”.

Listening to her and understanding the plan each one of the runners nodded and grabbed gear. Each one picking up assault rifles, body armor, gas grenades. Megana holding her head in a prayer before her Britney made their way to the top of the parking garage.

“Input the coordinate of the Kincade Oviture tower and the auto pilot program will take you there “ The Cleaner shouted as he picked up a key to the van and tossed them to Jerome. “I will call you, and we will link into the Matrix again when you land”.

Britney and Megana getting into the helicopter and strapping themselves in feeling the large machines' engine automatically start. Britney took a minute to scan the panels of the helicopter and the modifications made for the auto-pilot interface. Inputting the coordinates the helicopter blades started to rotate with great force, enough to vibrate the cabin and lift the helicopter into the air.

The flight took several minutes at a low flight to the city skyline as still before the morning sun came over the horizon illuminating the dark sky into a hazy blue. The helicopter roared in gyrating movement and the view of the target came into view. Britney looked out the chopper and felt the familiar experience of the Matrix search she had preformed before, but this was the physical, the real, she knew that the pressure was on now, and they would soon be in an active fire fight. Feeling nervous looking at her phone and adjusting the assault riffle on her back as the helicopter hovered over the rooftop and started to lower itself and touch down.

“Megana, Be ready for anything. I will have to link in when The Cleaner calls. I need you to guard that door over there and when we get the lock to trip open you will need to keep it open. If something happens like a guard comes through that door, do not hesitate to kill them.” Britney looked at Megana and spoke without wavering. There was no room for mistakes on this run and the tension was high as they sat there and waited. Soon her phone was ringging, and she griped the rubber case and held it to her ear. “ Yeah, we are in place. OK, uploading the Matrix protocols again and entering now”.

The two women got out of the helicopter and moved quickly across the rooftop. Megana went to the door and Britney went to the electrical panel. Pulling out a long plug and injecting herself again and feeling the dizziness take effect again and her consciousness expand into the Matrix grid.

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Originality in its purest form. One writer to another keep the feeling in your writing. Removing these sense will only be a mis use of power to the reader. Keep steeming bro!!!

Great to see HIGHLY original content being rewarded. Great writing dude.

Megana seems to be the heroine, good work

Good writing and thanks for sharing! Really appreciate your effort friend!



Thank you so much, I have been a little stressed in my life lately, but I will promise all my followers i will be posting more and continue this story.


That would be awesome! I will be a good fan of yours.


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