" Crimson Red P.C.B. " Chapter 15 " Dark Deamon "

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Grim red light, dark crimson, the color of blood blurred in radio active green and a yellow that burned through the evening. The neon glow of other shops on the street corner lit up with a hum. “ Drumz Crown” “Pabst Blue Ribbon Synth “ “ Joe Slick Gun Shop “. “ Rust Stiletto “. Strange looking woman began to come out for business. Long hair rainbow false coloration with long mascara stroked eyes to appear Asian and chemical biomedical injections and surgery making a sixty-year-old look twenty. That where more machine than human anymore, reflecting chrome on wet surface of a moving living machine.

An instance of insecurity about the next job, about the next conflict, about Jarome. Britney reasoned with herself that if she paid for The Cleaners helicopter exit the money would have been much less to split amongst the three of them. She wanted Jaromes help over any top-level mercenary, but instead felt like she screwed up an old friendship. The kind of friendship of two orphaned kids growing up shop lifting in the grocery store and distracting the cashier with Britneys smile, questions, and five dollars, while Jerome would take fifty dollars in food stuff it in his coat and walk out with it. Without him she worried about the danger of losing her life, in the moment reflecting on her life, the fun that came with a price of a life of crime.

Megana stopped at the corner of a muddy gutter underneath a massive iron road overpass, a structure even blocking the sun as it began to set. She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the others, Britney, and Raven with that and the black and red letter.

“Are you two ready to find out where the party is at ? “ Megana said as she dialed and listened for a response in the receiver speaker.

“ This is not a party with a Better Than Life rig I can rent time on, is it ?” Raven asked naively unprepared.

“No, Don't think about your vacation now. This party is why you have that gun in your pocket” Britney said to Raven.

A dial tone and a connection. Splitting digital sound into the voice of male, Megana pushed the speaker phone function to amplify the sound. “ The rave of your dreams, your fetish of killing may make you a fortune tonight. We will be holding our event at 1535 North Slade Street. Party until morning, If you survive, .. Haa. Ha.Ha.Ha... " the laughter trailed off and the connection ended.

“OK, Britney, look that address up on the net we may need to figure out what side streets there are.” Megana said

“I thought you wanted to kill as many as we can. Are you thinking about escape routes ? “ Britney asked

“No I want one of us outside keeping communication going. If anything comes out besides us put it down.” Megana said. " Britney, Do you think can use Jaromes rifle at any sort of long range? “

Britney nodded trying to show confidence in her uncertainty, Another reason to worry and miss Jerome. Britney looked at Raven hoping such a young drug addict kid could keep it together long enough to fire her weapon straight. Megana took out her new strange amulet and put it over Ravens head the strange Victorian locket looked out of place with her old snot and mud stained hooded sweat shirt. Then she hailed a taxi and inputted the destination into the self driving system.

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