Crimson Red P.C.B. Chapter 8 "Subdural Hematoma" (Cyberpunk Fiction)

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With the smoke clearing and the lock destroyed Magena had kicked the door to the lab in and aimed her assault rifle mounted laser in a sweeping motion left to right around the laboratory. Moving wispy and protecting Britney as they both moved into the secured location in a single line formation. Staying down through the smoke and forcing company scientists down to their knees, Megana showed power and pushed the barrel of her assault rifle into the neck of the hostage. Pushing the walkie radio on her shoulder to communicate with Jarome and The Cleaner.

“Guys, We are going to need you up here. Move your asses “ she spoke out loud and then released the button, then waited listening to the walkie-talkie radio static for voices. A few seconds went by before The Cleaners voice came through.

“ We are on our way, Two floors away. We ran into a bit more resistance.” Responded the Cleaner.

Britney treads into the laboratory finding any and all computers in the area and making a mental note of them. Three SuperMicro Servers aganst a laboratory wall connected to lone terminal and a hard line into them that prevented remote hacking. She watched the cluster computer lights flicker the fans' wiz sort of admiring the technology. She thought it was a shame that they had been ordered to turn it into a charred black heap of slag. Unpacking her laptop once again and taking the flat thin category eight networking cable that was capable of ten thousand mega hertz data transferring speeds. Linking the cable from her own equipment to the massive cabinet of cluster computing. Dawning her Virtual Reality viewer and putting her attention to identifying and copying the anti viral formula.

The Formula for blood-rift, A top secret nano technology which was microscopic robotic device which had to be programmed by the doctor or technician. The nanobots would be given a certain cell type to attack. Cancer, HIV virus, Even the blood withering vampiric virus could be potently cured by these nanobots.

Magena took the two-way radio while Britney was loading her consciousness into the main frame, Holding her assault rifle upright waiting near the only door in and out of the room. Keeping an eye out for Jerome and The Cleaner. Tensions were high as she glanced at her digital watch and then down the stairwell and also keeping visual contact on Britney quickly finishing key strokes and clicks.

Footsteps of The Cleaner and Jarome rushing up the stairwell. The Cleaner chuckled toting his own assault riffle and a green canvas bag. Setting it down next to Britney and unzipping the bag and unpacking large bricks of plastic explosive. Using a pair of crimping tools in one hand and a brick of C-4 in the other, creating a hole in each of six bricks of C-4 then sliding thin M-16 blasting caps into each brick then pinching the clay like explosive to secure the blasting caps within. Then taking silver duct tape He wrapped the explosive to the Supermicro cluster computers. Wrapping the long fuse lines together and tying a double overhand knot in each, then using a small pocket knife cutting into the explosive and pushing the knotted end into it. Returning to the canvas bag he then pulled out an older model cell phone and with his crimp tool broke the encasing off of it. Inserting the fuse wire into the electronics of the cell phone and then taping that also to the super computers. Backing away from his work he then zipped his bag and shoved Britneys metallic shoulder.

“Time to go, runner. Get that info to your client” he said warning Britney that the charges were primed. “It was nice doing business with you guys and all that, This is the part where I split, If you ever want my services again you know the number to call.”

Britney was quick to end her processes of copying files and disconnect her Ethernet cable and pack up her equipment. Turning to The Cleaner and taking the motor cycle keys for herself Jarome and Megana. Then taking out her phone and programming the cell phone set to explode number into it. Then with a smile in the direction of the Cleaner she made her way leading Jarome and Megana while the Cleaner made his way toward the roof to his awaiting helicopter.

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Interesting story enjoyed reading.


Thank you, I am going to try to continue my creative writeing more.