"Crimson Red P.C.B." Chapter 12 " Chip Head Raven " (Cyberpunk Fiction)

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Drawing in a large breath and exhaling in a sigh Megana staring at the strange crimson letter with a black inked phone number printed on it, the invitation they knew would be a trap. Britney looked toward Jarome who was finishing a bottle off by himself, then down at her cred-stick ledger device. The number had been previously forty-three dollars and sixteen cents, now it had a pending deposit of five hundred thousand dollars.

“Mr. Johnson must have heard the news. We have our deposit coming in.” Britney said loud enough so both her partners could hear her. “ Lets go. we don't need to be here any longer. “

“What do you suggest we do about him, Is he going to be OK “? Megana spoke as she stood up glancing at Jarome that now had his head down on the bar.

“Get up, Jarome. We need to track down this number. “ Britney said brushing her cold synthetic fingertips over his stitched up shoulder wound, being careful not to poke him and cause any pain.

Several seconds went by until he growled in an inebriated unapologetic slur. “ Slot off, stupid fucking waste of life. ....gonna get us all killed ...... if we keep this up. “

Britney was irritated by how the alcohol now affected him, shrugging and turning to Megana. “Do you know anyone around here we can bring him too ? It looks like we need to let Jarome crash. “

Magena only shook her head a little as a no response but then hesitated “ What about Stim ?”

“What about it ? He really needs a bed, not more drugs. “ Britney said looking over her friend Jarome.

“ I know a candy salesman that has all sort of stimulants, we will only be gone twenty minutes then we can dose him when we get back. He will still be drunk but at least he won't be falling asleep at the bar. We can get him to a roach motel or some place after that.” Megana suggested in an insistent manner.

Stepping out into the warm air of the evening slum. Air smelling like burned garbage and carbon monoxide. Megana took lead in walking down to the cracked pavement and down the street.

“Do you want to take the bikes?, Megana, where is this dealer ?” Britney asked keeping to her side, the stride picking up in pace.

“Nah, we don't need them. The squat house is only a few blocks from here.” Megana said and before long She walked up a stoop to and ringing a buzzer to be let into the building. “Hey Marv, are you still up?, its Megana. I need a favor.”

Britney took a moment to asses her surroundings. People walking the streets for business was rare in this part of the city. Although in large numbers, the majority looked as if they were homeless or lost in life. Old men staying warm by barrel garbage fire standing alongside teenage runaways. The people that almost everyone wanted to neglect existed.

“Shit .... He's not letting us in “ Megana said as she looked around and recognized a young street kid.

The transient was only about five foot tall, in a black hooded sweat shirt, black dirty combat boots fishnet stockings and short skirt. The poor kid only looked about fifteen in apparent age, abandoned and fending for herself in the slums of the city.

“Hey Raven, has Marv been around here lately ? “ Megana said to the dark black haired teen. Taking her to the side of the granite stoop “ We want to get some Stim, Raven. “ Megana sort of did a once over passing her fingers in front of Ravens eyes.

“Marvin is the Gate keeper, I need to get back to Switzerland. The skiing is so great this time of year.” Raven spoke unsure about her self.

“Come On, Raven, Where is Marvin ? Did he slot your brain with more BTL chips?” Megana said holding the teen by the shoulders with her head looking down.

“Drinking Hot cocoa by the log cabin and relaxing by the fire.... the fire... Is it calling?“ Ravens thin eyes turned back to the dancing flames of the trash fire unable to focus even for a second on Meganas question.

Britney listened and then spoke “ Come on Megana, I want to get back to Jarome, We can just carry him to a hotel, besides this kid is totally four-oh-four. Lost her brain to Better Than Life. “

“Hold up, I think we can use her” Megana said to Britney and then spoke again directly at Raven “ You want to make some money?, Raven. Come with us, and we will give you enough to get back to Switzerland”.

Britney just shook her head unaware yet to Megana's plan and led the two back toward the derelict bar to collect Jarome. She could only hope he had not started a drunken brawl with an entire biker gang.

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wow..wonderfully written..very nice one :)

beautiful story,, wonderful writing,, nice post,,
thanks for good shar

Hahaha They destroyed everything.


what ???


I am talking about walls, They are broken.

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