"Crimson Red P.C.B" Chapter 11 "Circulatory Obstruction " (Cyberpunk Fiction)

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Peeling a hooked needle and fishing line through dark brown flesh Britney tended to Jaromes shoulder as he staired forward at the wall across the bar. He grunted in pain as she tightened the last stitch and clipped it with a pair of small snips. He pulled his shoulder away and gulped down a heavy glass of synthetic grain whiskey with an aggravated and cold disposition.

“Yeah, Thanks. Now get the fuck away from me for a while.” He said pushing her arms away as he horded the bottle of alcohol.

“Hey, What the hell is your problem. We all did great today” Britney said, shocked at his attitude.

“ You wanted to change our escape plan in the middle of the operation. We should have just taken the chopper out of there with that bloated mercenary you hired. At least then we wouldn't be pulling flechette out of my shoulder. We were almost fate meat, and you are just thinking about yourself, not the safety of us. So just Buzz and let me drink this chooh, I want to burn my brain cells, OK...” Jarome spoke with an angry tone, then fell off with closing his eyes in an irritated meditation.

Taken back by the cold words of her partner and friend she turned to Megana, Her other partner, viewing and scanning the people in the bar. Gritty thugs, bikers in gang patched leather, and homeless transients drinking dirty spirits out of clean glasses. Thick smoke clouds fog the bar sting and irritate the eyes if strained opened and not relaxed.

“ Are you mad at me too ? Do you think I was too selfish in taking more money for us out of the job and not paying more to The Cleaner? “ Britney asked.

“No. We got through it. We just need to give him some time to heal up. “ Megana responded glancing back toward Jarome and then to Britney. “ So you can Trace a phone number, huh, I was hoping to talk to you about this lead I was given.”

“Yeah, all we will need to do is find the provider carrying that number. All that info is public “ Britney said.

“Well what if I told you I had someone try that already? A real Data Cowboy I had paid before I called you. I honestly didn't want to involve you guys in my hunt for these creatures, It would not be safe for you two” Megana responded.

“Why, Is it because we are not magic users ? You know that's bullshit. Those ghouls attacked us in the tunnels, and we are in this.” Britney affirmed.

“OK, But you know as well as I do that Ghouls exist on mass all over the world. What I found out goes way deeper than that.” Megana explained. “Vampires covens are rare but one has been in this city for centuries and some of them may even be holding some political office. “

“Why would you say that. ?” Britney asked.

Megana moved her head back to looking at the patrons “Well i just can't help but think Lone Star are being payed to look the other way when a body is found drained of all its plasma. Like someone is paying good money for these victims to go missing.”

“So you think the victims are being selected for some quality ?” Britney asked.

“Absolutely. The only way I got this number was killing a woman who went by the name of Red-Shade. She was just street vendor that always set her tables up in the financial district. I tried to find a connection between her and the coven.” Megana said.

“Did you get to speak to her before you sent her to the organ grinder for recycling ?” said Britney

“Yes, And she is the one who told me that the phone number would be a trap. That all the killings thus far had been runners working for the same group of fixers. One of them being the fixer that gave me the number after the wet-work was done. She told me that The Coven had a night club that they held operations from, but she did not know where it was.” Megana explained

“So all we have is this number then. Or can we go back to the fixer ? Maybe slam him up for some more info “ Britney suggested.

“Not unless you want to hire another Ronin like The Cleaner, and give him all the money” Megana said. “Besides causing static for Fixers is info that travels fast. Then we will have head-hunters after us.”

“Well I'm sure we will track this lead down. “ Britney said as she put her hand on Megana's back and assured her that she would see the Vampire murders ended.

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Excellent short story

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