Why I am Forking Anarchapulco

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As my good friends John and Lily recently posted, we're forking Anarchapulco. In this post, I want to discuss what that means to me, as well as give some insight into why I am taking part in this effort, and what I hope to see as a result.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and in this instance, I think it holds true: I love Anarchapulco, and I don't want to see it go away. I want the opposite. To make clear what that means, though, I must first explain what Anarchapulco is to me.

My experience of Anarchapulcos past

I first attended the conference in its second year, 2016, at the Acapulco Grand Hotel, located in the main bay of Acapulco. That event holds the record, to this day, as the best conference experience I've ever had. The atmosphere and the energy at that conference was incredible.

I remember being consistently shocked at how easy it was to meet people, skip past the fluff, and connect at a deeper level. The conference attendees I met while riding the elevators, wandering the hotel, and exploring the city, were open and friendly, and the conversations were substantive and engaging. The people at that conference were largely familiar with the philosophical foundations of anarchocapitalist thought, such as rational morality, the non-aggression principle, self-ownership, property rights, etc. In a room of people who hold those concepts as common ground, the range and quality of conversations possible vastly outstrips the possibilities when those concepts are not yet understood or accepted. These were the people I encountered at Anarchapulco 2016, and the conversations and experiences were effortlessly valuable.

Then came Anarchapulco 2017. The conference was moved from the Acapulco bay to the Diamante suburb, hosted in the Resort Mundo Imperial hotel and conference center. It was a luxury hotel/resort experience, the conference center was modern and pristine, the resort grounds were expansive and beautifully decorated. The conference proceedings themselves were passable; everything went fairly smoothly, but the second stage wasn't being recorded, so those talks were lost unless the presenter brought his own recording equipment, and the concert was held in a subpar acoustic environment that didn't do justice to the artists' talents. I had a great time, and enjoyed many conversations with interesting people, but I didn't find those effortless connections like I did the first year. Overall, Anarchapulco 2017 was good, but it wasn't as good.

Sorting it all out

So what went awry? Was it the move from Acapulco to Diamante? Was it the sprawling Mundo Imperial conference ballrooms as opposed to the densely populated Acapulco Grand? Was it just that there were more people there, making for a less dense concentration of deeply philosophically rooted anarchists?

The switch from the city to the suburb was a stark contrast. While the city was lively and dynamic, with people commuting between various hotels and exploring Acapulco, which is a surprisingly anarchic city on its own; the suburb was sparsely populated, with an ostentatious shopping mall next door, but otherwise relatively little to see or do. This made for a more controlled environment, which is great for a centrally planned conference, but not quite what I'm looking for in an anarchy gathering.

The difference in feel between the Acapulco Grand hotel and the Resort Mundo Imperial was also dramatic. Whereas the Grand was basically just a hotel with some auditorium space, reliant on the city packed in around it and the beach behind it to keep guests entertained, the Resort Mundo Imperial was an all-inclusive experience, with pools, walking paths, gyms, fancy bars and restaurants (with fancy prices, too) all on-grounds, but nothing else to see or do except go to an American-style shopping mall.

So Anarchapulco 2017 was a more pre-planned, shrink-wrapped experience. It may have actually been a better conference than Anarchapulco 2016, by typical conference standards, but I think it was a worse experience as a result, because Anarchapulco isn't really about a conference, it's about anarchy, and anarchy is about real people in real life, not people on vacation at a resort in an empty suburb.

On the essence of anarchy

Anarchy literally means "without rulers." In anarchy, there are no man-made rules that can't be questioned, and no man-made leader who can't be challenged. Anarchic theory attempts to explain why these conditions lead to a better world, but regardless of exactly how that proof is derived, the common thread is that simply letting people do their thing is a good strategy long term.

Anarchy, therefore, is about people, in real life, sharing ideas, growing, loving, and learning by experiencing each other as we are, rather than as we want each other to be. When schedules and systems and structures arise organically from people who are allowed and encouraged to be authentically themselves, those things are worthwhile and beautiful, but if we get the cart before the horse and make an event about the schedules, presentations, and structure, those things instead become mundane and hollow.

So now, at last, I can explain that, for me, forking Anarchapulco is about creating an environment that attracts anarchic people, and then empowering those people to do amazing things together. I don't want to deliver a shrink-wrapped conference experience, I want to facilitate the unique and personal experiences that allow people to learn and grow and share and love, then I want to join in those experiences with them.

I don't know what those experiences will look like, but isn't that the point? If I already know, what room is there to learn? Perhaps my role could be to teach, but one thing I've learned is that there is no order quite so beautiful or intricate as spontaneous order.

I believe that Acapulco is an excellent site to create that space. Anarchapulco 2016 already demonstrated that, and my time living here has only reinforced that certainty. Acapulco is a beautifully anarchic city to begin with; it's bustling with activity and life, it's young and dynamic, constantly evolving. There's a vast array of resources at our disposal here, the locals are accustomed to tourists, the prices are incredible, the food is wonderful, and there's a plethora of options for fun and entertainment on land and sea.

Wrapping it up

I love the Anarchapulco conference, and I want to help magnify the best parts of it, and to continue the journey it began. The conference now represents one particular vision, and I think Anarchapulco could be much bigger than that. Anarchy abhors one-size-fits-all solutions, and while I don't claim to have other solutions yet, I want to be part of finding them.

There is room here to create, and here are the tools to do it. We can make anything we can imagine, and I'm excited to see what we create. For my part, I'll be cooking up some ideas for blockchain and cryptocurrency oriented activities and opportunities, among other things. I welcome others to join us, adding more visions, directions, ideas, and content. I welcome more still to just come along for the ride. I don't know what exactly it will be, but it's gonna be good. I can't wait to see you here.

With a background in software development and a passion for security, Nathan has identified blockchain technology as his niche. He is dedicated to creating applications which empower individuals to shape a better world for themselves and others.

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Awesome to hear your view and intent @modprobe

I know this effortless connection you speak of! I had some with others this past Anarchopulcho as well.
It wasnt when I was at the main events/mundo as much though.

This is going to get interesting!
Count me in. I'll be there! 😉😏😎

Excellent indeed. :-D But I need you to help with planning, get yourself down here so we can get started! Haha

And in general, I've got lots of room at my place; anyone who wants to come down and see what's up, and help with planning and execution, is welcome to stay at my house.

I would be interested in helping. What would be the best way to get in touch?

email me: [email protected] Loved the spirit in your article. I have some ideas to help grow and excite.


The way you described Acapulco have me wanting to experience that place. Anarchy is my only way of living i'm a light-worker, great share @modprobe, cheers!

Excellent writing! I haven't been to that conference, but the 2016 experience you describe sounds exactly like our experience at SteemFest in Amsterdam. Deep connections/conversations came so easily and naturally.

If all goes as planned , we should be in Mexico by then. Hope to make it down there for it!

Ahh, yes, I do wish I could've been at Steemfest, but it didn't fit at the time. But we're also planning a Steemfest fork as well, which @lily-da-vine posted about, to give folks on this side of the globe an option a bit closer to home. :-D

Went looking for that but Lily is so prolific with here beautiful posts I couldn't find it.

I was never into anarchic conferences because they all (more or less) become cults. People reinforce each other's ideas without challenging key concepts. I believe there can be better dialogue in one in one meetings.

I hope you come up with something better

Indeed, we definitely want to avoid the echo chamber effect... But I think this is not unique to anarchy conferences. Perhaps it happens to any organization which strives to become too organized?... I shall ponder this.

yeap. This is why I stepped back. They audience becomes nauseating. the jerk circle is all too evident.

I've travelled extensively in Mexico (mostly resort style holidays though) and the one city I haven't visited is Acapulco... Reading your post now and watching the @jeffberwick videos is really making me want to go and check it out. I've got a feeling I'd see a side of Mexico I've never seen and would learn so much about life overall. Feels like it could be a real game changer. Steemit has already opened my eyes to so much possibility by beginning to learn about blockchain technology and anarchy, attending Anarchapulco would be amazing. Thanks for a great post that's an eye opener. I appreciate it!

I hope to see you here! I got room at my place if you need somewhere to crash when you get to town. :-)

Be skeptical of Berwick's claims in his videos, though. It's awesome here, but he tends to embellish a bit in his excitement at times. For example, he's said before that it only rains a few days a year here, which is simply not true (it rains a couple days a week right now), it's just that all the rain happens during the rainy season, and anarchapulco is during the dry season. :-P

Thanks so much!

I'm from Vancouver BC and it's pretty full on here for rain so I'm used to it... nice that anarchapulco is in the dry season though. All the stuff I'm seeing on Acapulco looks pretty amazing, hope I can make it work and be there. :-)

In anarchy, there are no man-made rules that can't be questioned, and no man-made leader who can't be challenged.

i wish the world was truly like this. most leaders now don't want their policies question at any moment in time. they believe they have the demi-god power.. way to go mate!

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Very nice post @modprobe , your last read was great..this have me wanting to experience Anarchapulco conference!

Well I hope to see you here! You should definitely come and see what's happening. :-)

Hello @modprobe,
Met you at the 2017 conference, I was the guy that spoke in room 2 on Human Rights.
My vote is for "Afterpulco"
I do not want it to be at the Mundo. Way to Corporate! and nothing to do there.
I have many idea's and businesses that I wish to get started before Jeff's conference and afterpulco.
I noticed you said you had room for people to crash at your place wanting to come down to Acapulco.
Does that offer stand for others such as myself?

Hey, @healthiswealth!

I'm not a great fan of the "Afterpulco" moniker. It's catchy, but I don't think it captures the essence of what we're trying to accomplish. "Metapulco" might be more apropos, but less catchy and probably too techy.

And yes, you're certainly welcome at my place. Especially if you're coming with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. :D Add me on Wire (I'm @nn) and we can figure it out on there!

Your right man "Afterpulco" it's catchy but not appropriate. not suffisicated enough.
I will have find time to get onto Wire.
thank you.

Really Nice post, I hope you reached everything that you wanted in Anarchapulco.
I would like to know if you will be there in 2018? I hope that one day I will be in one of the conferences. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah, I'll be there :)

Please let me know, keep me posted so I can be ready for it. Thanks for the reply.

You always bring new things to steemit and I am following since long time.

Thanks for the kind words. :)

Thanks for the nice article, you're not alone when it comes to your experience of the 2016 and 2017 conferences. I attended both, and I spoke to a lot of attendees, most of the ones who attended both, had opinions closely resembeling yours. As for myself, I agree with you and I'm looking forward to all the forks of 2018. The people are the best part of Anarchapulco. Not sure when I'm coming back but as I wrote in my latest article I'm getting rid of my stuff in preparation. See you soon my friend!

Very interesting! Good luck. I'd love to get out there and visit this anarchy city someday.

Quite so! If (when? lol) you visit, I got plenty of room at my place if you need a pad while you're here.

Thanks man. :)

it nice to visit here :)

Good post!!! Thanks

I think that part of what makes one moment in time 'important/special' is that it is highly unlikely to be replicated in the future.

Change is inevitable as these events/concepts grow and evolve.

Each of these events should be seen as a building block and I suspect @jeffberwick welcomes and applauds your effort.

I know of a tiny group out of Colorado which was all about goin Galt. They were trying to organize a "Fork Fest" in a sparsely populated area and JUST keep the festival going Year round; until enough "effortless connections" came together for the people to reclaim the land and build a large community... GOING GALT.

If you have interest in Colorado, lets stay connected.
Upvoted, resteemed and Followed my friend.
Thank you and Steem On!


Taught me a lot, remind me of my 1st orgasm..hehe! I will be looking for more from you! Anarchy...loveallhatenone!!!

Really, now? I like to believe I'm pretty good at prose, but I've never been told my writing is orgasmic before... Haha

Thx for the post.. I wish I could go there.. I was once in Mexico. 20 years ago. It was really great. Didn't see acapulco unfortunately. But I guess whole Mexico is nice seen my experience.

I often see forking as a progress. People express opinions, so they are active, and opinions vary naturally, what is normal. For example I look with admiration to 19 steem hard forks that happened until now :)

Forking is simply change. Change can be progress or regress or neutral. One must judge changes carefully; in this day and age, the reasons changes are proposed seldom match the reasons with which they are sold.

I agree with your conclusion and look forward to help each other out!

Thanks for sharing this post. i really like it

Very interesting post. I heard about the conference and really want to go to a future event and be around people of like minds. To be away from structure and organize planning. But to be around free thinkers with spontaneity being the norm. Meeting new people and having good interactions and conversations . Sharing ideas and thoughts.

nice post ♥

I live in mexico city , acapulco it´s near from here , the style of anarchapulco that you describe sounds awesome. when you are gonna do it?

Hi Nathan,
I have been trying to let you know I am flying into Aca on Oct 22nd.
My emails to you kept bouncing back?

Can you please email me: [email protected]

I am very interested in this concept @modprobe. I would like to be part of it and help make it possible. What would be the best way to contact you directly? My email is [email protected]