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RE: Anarchoforko (Anarchapulco Fork) Update: It's Still On, Here's How to Get Involved!

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"There is not currently a dedicated website or way to organize this thing yet, but that’s something we recognize is necessary. How exactly we will go about coordinating is honestly to be determined."

Sending so much respect to you, @lily-da-vine + everyone else, for TRUSTING A DECENTRALIZED WAY, which means risking a degree of chaos... but also means raising the odds of beautiful, spontaneous order.

I see Anarchoforko as an exciting experiment in self-responsibility... where folks will have a chance to TRY and DO things they may have only imagined doing in their hometowns.

There is a greater degree of leniency and permissiveness (within reason) here. You can go from idea to implementation much more quickly, because there's so much less static and nay-saying noise. Put it to use, y'all. 💜


I've found there is much beauty in chaos. :)

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