Magical Monday- Communication. Plus, I Want To Know Your Favorite Movie!

Magical Monday is here to help YOU!

Today's Topic- Communication The Easy Way


I try to keep my Magical Monday post educational for the new users but sometimes we all need to have a little fun. Today, I want to talk about your favorite movie! Communicating on Steemit is important, so I will say that this topic is still educational. I talk about effective communication a lot but it really is that important. This is a fun and easy way to get engaged in a conversation here. You never know who you might come across that has the same interest as you. You won't know unless you really get out there into the Steemit community. This week, I am asking for help from both newbies and experienced Steemians. I am asking for three really simple things from you -

  1. Tell me your favorite movie
  2. Tell me why you chose that movie as your favorite
  3. Engage in conversation with others

After you complete steps 1 & 2, go find a comment from a different user and see if any have the same interest as you. If they do, talk to them. Engage in a conversation with them. You just might find someone who relates to you so well that they decide to check out your post. The next thing you know, you have a new Upvote and/or follower. It isn't a guarantee but it is worth a shot.


Relating to other users on Steemit is important. We are not all going to be exactly the same but that's not what we are looking for. We are looking for something from someone else, that resonates with us in one way or another. This is what you should be doing on Steemit. Those who leave comments when they clearly did not read your post, are really wasting their time not understanding the bigger picture of how this works. Find something, even a small part of what you are reading and show interest in that. Start a conversation on whatever part you could relate too. This helps making the commenting part, really fun and easy. Eventually, you will no longer comment because you feel you need your name out there. You will comment because you actually read and enjoyed what another user had to say.


Here are some of my favorite movies from three different genres

1. Drama

2. Comedy

3. Romance

DRAMA - Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is such a good movie. It is about a man who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison, he claims his innocence but has no choice but to stay (obviously). He befriends a fellow prisoner and witnesses first hand what a true corrupt warden really is. This movie had me laughing and crying while watching it. There isn't any true prison drama but it is more a test of time.

"Get busy living or get busy dying"

COMEDY - Idiocracy

In the USA, there was recently a new trend going around. Teens, for whatever reason, decided that it would be fun to eat or smoke Tide Pods (laundry detergent). Every time that I heard of this, it made me think back to the movie Idiocracy. This movie is one of those instances where something is so dumb, that it's funny. This is a comedy and type of humor that not all would find funny. However, it does a pretty good job of showing us what the world could be like, if everyone's knowledge continued to decline as the generations went on.

If you were the smartest person in the world & you were stuck with the dumbest people in history, what would you do?

This next video shows my favorite part of the entire movie. Do not watch it if you do not like to hear bad words.

ROMANCE - The Notebook

This movie shows from the beginning, all the way to the very end, what true love is really like. Her family is rich and has high expectations for her, he is poor but makes her fall in love. This story is narrated by an elderly man, telling the heart touching story, to a woman in a nursing home. I have heard grown men say that this movie has touched their heart. It is an emotional one, that's for sure.

Why didn't you write me? I waitied for you for 7 years.
I wrote you everyday for a year.


magical monday.jpg

Magical Monday is all about giving back to the community. Today is a special day because this is my #newbieresteemday! That means I will spend time today searching for quality post that newbies have written and resteem them. Today 3 special newbies will be featured in this post, as a way for me to show my appreciation for their hard work. I like to give back to the entire community so 1 experienced Steemian will be featured as Steemian Of The Week.

Each person featured will receive a percentage of the SBD that this Magical Monday receives.


I am a newbie, how do I get the chance to be featured?

The only thing that you have to do is continue being the amazing person that you are. I will watch newbies throughout the entire week and choose newbies that have consistently written quality post. The point of this is to give newbies motivation to continue moving forward on Steemit even when it feels like no one is watching. I want this to hopefully encourage new users to keep on, keeping on. Even if your post are not yet gaining the attention that they deserve, you will always have people routing for you and wanting to see you succeed.

I'm not a newbie but what to know how I can have the chance to be featured as the Steemian of the week?

That's easy. Be the best you that you can be!


Newbies Of The Week

@juicyvegandwarf (41)

I featured @juicyvegandwarf in my post on Saturday but I decided that Magical Monday was the best place after all. This user has been chosen as one of the Newbies Of The Week because they really try to put a lot of thought into their post and deserve some more attention than what they are receiving. It is hard to get seen around here but that is exactly why I take the time to write my Monday post. There are so many writers who have brilliant thoughts that should be shared with the world, @juicyvegandwarf is one of them. Check him out for yourself and see what I mean.

Can Blockchain, Crypto, Permaculture and Nature be integrated?

A way of finding the perfect balance of nature, sustainability, community, resource production, allocation, technology, energy and future expansion as it evolves. I would hope this could be used as a platform to inspire a new way of thinking. Less orientated around money and individual growth but rather resource based thinking, living and an overriding goal of community growth benefiting all.

@alimamasstory (45)

This is a user that I have really just recently came into contact with, I am sure glad that I did though. The first post that I read from her was the free write that she did with the word sugar bowl. The story was so good that I thought I was reading a true story. She writes really well and really keeps you interested in what you're reading.

5-minute Freewrite: Prompt- Sugar Bowl

5-minute Freewrite: Prompt- Dude

@royaltiesboss-eu (50)

Here we have another very talented writer. He just recently started training to become a Greeter for @greetersguild and has already hit the ground running. Immediately after joining, @royaltiesboss-eu asked exactly how to greet users. He took all of the advice and really blew me away with the support he gives out. Greeters Guild is lucky to have found another amazing member that is not only talented at many things but also wonderful at giving back to this community.

Read this thoughtful piece here so you will see what I mean Response to @onceuponatime; "What lies behind the mystery door?".

Another 5 minutes freewrite: "THE STRANDED LADY"

Steemian Of The Week

@seveaux (58)

I just recently found out about @seveaux and that is because he delegated SP to @greetersguild. That alone is enough to become my Steemian Of The Week. Everyone at SGG is extremely grateful for his generosity. Intrigued to learn more about such a generous person, I found that he host an incredible contest here on Steemit. It is a brilliant and exciting way for musicians to get their voice heard.

Get a Record is a contest where Steemians collaborate and create a vinyl record.. yes real hard vinyl

Learn more about this amazing contest here GeT A Record continue! - Collab on a Vinyl-.

or here Get A Record - Track #2 - Phase 1 - Beats are now open for submission


Important Key Points

  • Please consider using effective communication through one or more of those featured during Magical Monday. Find someone that seems like you can relate to and check out their blog. Read a few post of theirs and if one of them interest you, tell them! Practice easy communication by engaging in their post.

  • Don't forget to drop a link in the comments for a newbie that you feel deserves a resteem as part of my Magical Monday #newbieresteemday. Newbies are welcome to stop by as well and drop their links. Always remember that communication is key here on Steemit.

  • Please also consider taking a look at this post Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 3 - Win SBI & Steem-Bounty written by @thedarkhorse. This contest is very important for the Steemit community!

So, what's your favorite movie?


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I'm so thrilled that you joined the #payitforward contest. I love your Monday post and it's great that your 3 featured authors fit perfectly in the contest. I have visited, commented and upvoted all of them. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. All of you that are involved in the contest are such wondeeful people.

WOW this is incredible, I am pretty new and really not sure of the inner workings here, there is so much more than meets the eye. Steemit just gets more and more complex and gives us so many ways to interacts, communicate, share and promote content.

I never would have thought of putting together a post like this, nor would I know where to begin as it seems pretty complicated to do. It is yet another example of a steem user doing great things for others in the community. I very much appreciate the feature and hope to return the favour one day.

Its incredibly rewarding to know that others enjoy or get some benefit from posts that I write. Have a great day everyone and many thanks @magicalmoonlight x


Steemit is a completely new world once we really dive into it! So much to do and learn here. The post does take time. This one took me about 4 hours, lol I do enjoy your post and the world can really benefit from what you have to say.

Cool you were able to make it work and turn your Monday post into your entry!! I have upvoted all of the featured newbies.


Thank you! This is an awesome thing you have created. It is nice to see the entries grow each week. The people featured are always so happy to know that someome notices them.


It has grown nicely this time to keep that up for next week.

There will be a new Bonus Prize Pool of 3 SBD that will be split up among anyone that is brand new who was featured in this contest in the past. So tomorrow after the post it might be a good time to leave a new comment letting the people you featured know about the bonus if they decide to join in the fun. This will run for 4 weeks and could really help increase the amount of entries.


Oh that is awesome. I will work on letting them know. Thank you!

We support all that helps out newbies!

Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top 10 posts for the day! We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

I like that play, i am not a newbie but i feel like a newbie xD By the way leta communicate, about movies my favorite is interview with the vampire, i loved it because i love gothic stuff and Anne rice books, the movie is based on a book, any other vampire fan around?


Sometimes I feel like I am a newbie still too, haha. Oh I love interview with a vampire! That is a good one that I didn't even think of. Brad Pitt surprised me in that movie. Blade used to be a favorite of mine and I just recently started watching the show Van Helsing on Netflix, which is super gruesome but so good!


My friends suggest me to watch Van Helsing ^^ Yes i loved Brad Pitt But Tom cruise too was awesome, i know the movie is not the best in the movies world but i truly loved it and i still like to rewatch it ^^


If you are into that kind of stuff than you would probably really like it, it is a super good show. I loved Tom Cruise's character too, he did really good. Now you are making me want to try and find it so I can watch it again :)

I am truly humbled, I wasn't expecting to have this great honour and opportunity to be featured in such a prestigious article, I'm overwhelmed by the love I've been shown so far since I joined this great family.

Thanks @magicalmoonlight, thanks @greetersguild and all her members and leaders for the immense love.


I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your time with us :)

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

hi @magicalmoonlight :)
Ahhh, the notebook is a classic romance flick :') It's the type of movie that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it. I haven't seen your other recommendations, will give them a watch :D

It's really hard to pick my favourite movies. My current favourite movie is Get Out. I would group it as a psychological thriller and gosh! that movie has so many subtle meanings and metaphors that blend really well in the movie to enhance the plotline. The last 30 minutes are so intense and engaging. OH, and I LOVED how the trailer was so weird and mysterious that it gave you no clue as to what the movie was all about. I feel like too many trailers are basically TLDR summaries of the whole movie.

Also, if you would like to have a read a recent post about my Sydney Harbour adventure, here's a link:

have a magical day <3


Hey @chels!

Thanks for stopping by. The Notebook really is a great one. I used to watch it very often as a teenager. Get Out sounds like something I would love to watch. I will have to check it out really soon! Yea that is pretty cool about the trailer not giving away too much, I feel like a lot of scary movies do that. The only scary part in the movie is what you seen in the trailer, lol.

Thank you for leaving your link, I will check it out now. :)