Photocircle Project update: "New tags" for Top 10 daily contest

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Dear Contributors!

In the 7th Weekly Round-up, we have mentioned about our intention to set new tags that will help us discover your photos. At the moment we are receiving almost 500 post submissions each day and among these submissions we are to scout and select 10 posts to win one of the Top 10 Contributors spot.

PC pc update.jpg

The winners of each Top 10 category will be scouted in a span of two weeks. In this time frame, an accumulated 5000 posts will be a huge pile of submissions that we need to go through to search for the best for each category. To put it simply, the #photocircle tag is overloaded with post submissions. These are submissions that will be categorized for 10 daily contests.

One way to approach this situation is to have a new tag for each category, these are:

#pc-nature for Top 10 Nature photography

#pc-people for Top 10 People & Lifestyle photography

#pc-animal for Top 10 Animal photography

#pc-magichour for Top 10 Magical hour photography

#pc-vehicle for Top 10 Vehicle photography

#pc-architecture for Top 10 Architectural photography

#pc-city for Top 10 City view photography

#pc-street for Top 10 Street view photography

#pc-macro for Top 10 Macro world photography

#pc-abstract for Top 10 Abstract photography

Cover photo option 3 - resize.jpg

These new tags are for specific contest tags only, to join the daily Top 10 Contributors contest, the usage of these tags will provide the participant a higher chance of discoverability. With these new post tags, it will also allow us to search for your contest submissions with ease.

The implementation for this update will be on the coming week of curation, starting on 15th July 2018.


We are looking forward to your contributions.

Stay tuned!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

Learn about this new photo curation project by clicking >here<

To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.


Well you all are doing grreat work this is actually an unique idea keep it up

Thanks for your feedback, we're glad to be of help.

Great work on this and the new tags are cool, just used one and have to remember to use them for future posts :)

Awww..i should have waited for these changes before I upload my recent works😭😭😭 Anyway, im still supporting this project

The #photocircle tag is still working, but more attentiom will be given to specific tags. Your posts are good so we'll definitely scout for it. Cheers!

good idea so every area can be seen better.👍🏻

That's our goal :) some amazing work are getting burried under a ton of other posts making it difficult for us to search for it. These new tags will definitely help us in cuarting for posts.

that's good 😊

Photocircle is the moderate name of photo shoot. And very great tagging on steemit to show what you are...

Thanks! Feel free to participate as well. Cheers!

Great idea!

Thanks! Glad to have your feedback.

thank you for the update of the new tags..

Do we need to use both #photocircle and the category tag or will just the new category tags do the trick?

Good question, also is there a daily tag schedule that you scout for or can we post for example #pc-nature on both monday and tuesday?

I discovered that somehow i can't use hyphens for tags in the steepshot web application.
But i prefere the web version right now, because on android steepshot allways crashes 2-3 times every time i want to upload a new picture.
Therefore i can only use the photocircle tag at the moment.

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