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RE: Street Art in Bangkok - A Walk Through the Neighborhood

Very interesting art! Especially that guy who travels. Have you ever seen Banksy's work? He's a very interesting street artist whose work has been known to increase property values in Britain!
I was equally intrigued by the repeated fleur de lis on the charcoal shop.


I've heard of Banksy, but never seen his work in person. Yeah, no idea about the six eyed cat's fleur de lis! Fun post to do, learning about some of the artists, but couldn't find much info on that one!

I was able to see his exhibition in Bristol a number of years ago. Really awesome!

That must have been great! I'm really appreciating street art more these days. We actually found some more on a walk we did a few days ago!

Apologies for the delay, @suitcasemama and I try our best to do a screen-free Sunday :)

Screen-free Sundays are a good idea. I just change focus a bit and let myself read more, write less... or write for relaxation rather than a goal.