WINNERS - My 2018: This is my hobby | 100 SBD in prizes

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This contest was one of the most fun I had while browsing the entries. Some hobbies sounded interesting, others I got to relate with them because I practiced them at some point in my life, there were those that I had never heard of before and of course, some that got my and @eveuncovered interest from the very beginning.

First of all, thank you, it is amazing to see more than 400 entries and I wish I could reward all of you. I was able to vote on a lot of post with a low percentage vote, @ocd curators found around 15 entries worth of nominating, some others were voted by curie and other entries were even voted by some whales so, overall, I think the entries got a nice reward on average.

I am very happy to see this level of engagement in the @blocktrade´s sponsored contest, especially because some of the entries got selected to be featured by @ocd and some got curated by other curation groups like @curie... this speaks lots about the quality of the entries. We are getting better at posting my friends and that is the whole purpose of this contests... to give you some nice subjects to write about and you making amazing posts and then it is only win/win from there.

I wanted to vote higher on the entries but to be honest my Voting power is limited and I could only vote in more or less 150 entries, I hope you understand if I couldn´t vote on yours it wasn´t on purpose. Remember the dates to join the contest were until March 26th so if you made your post later than that I couldn´t choose it as a winner.

I want to thank veruncovered for helping me choose some of the winners. You rock Eve, thank you! Don´t forget to follow her!

Remember this contests are only possible thanks to @blocktrades and their delegation towards me, so if you want to show your support, vote for them as witness here.

The Winners

I wish I could reward more people here but there so many entries and we had to choose wisely. You have to know that even if you didn´t win, 90% of the posts deserved to get some rewards and that is why I voted in most entries. In the end it just depended on the personal criteria of the judges so please don´t be dissappointed if your post didn´t get selected, there will be more contests sponsored by @blocktrades during this year. Those posts with an already high reward didnt got chosen, I hope you can understand the idea of rewarding more underrated authors.

Without any special order, I give you 20 posts that won 5 SBD each:

English@gabrielatravelsTraveling 🗺️
English@rubencressPiano Playing
English@escapistBaking till the madness
English@docsmithKnife making
English@maverickinvictusRun fat boy, run
English@anaaliendres87The art of sewing
English@nigerian-yogagalYoga every damn day
English@jportu18My family gardens
English@impacterTeaching and impacting
English@rahmat.aziestyGo deep into nature
English@warpedpoeticReading novels
Español@nahupukuHablar con los muertos
Español@marpaSentir la fuerz del volcán
Español@hendersonpMagic The Gathering
Español@amanrdisVidejouegos y postres
Español@stefanyoBallet y danza contemporánea

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating! Don´t forget that if you like what we are doing here, the best way to thank is to vote for @blocktrades as witness here, it only takes you 15 seconds and you will be showing your appreciation for my contests there.

See you in the next contest my friends, keep on Steeming and...

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Oh well, I miss this one. Congratulations to all the winners. Someone should come buy me a bottle beer to celebrate

Me siento muy feliz por haber quedado en la lista de los 20 ganadores, este tipo de concursos son los que nos alientan a seguir e inspirarnos a escribir y montar post de buena calidad. Que sigas creciendo y los éxitos sigan viniendo a ti @anomadsoul!

Thank you for this contest @anomadsoul, @blocktrades and @eveuncovered. It was a great feeling to write about our hobbies and it's true that we can tell more about it since it is our passion. Looking forward for more.. 😊

Congrats to all the winners, and @maverickinvictus you've done it again man. Can you tell me your secrets? Lol. Congrats man!

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for the support and the initiation of these contests that motivate me to continue writing, I was not one of the winners, but with the mere fact of having read my publication, I feel happy and grateful.

Just on my roadtrip i see you mentioning me @anomadsoul! So big thanks for this contest, and hooray for all the winners. Maybe an idea to create a podium for the others like a worth to mention in a few postings?

Muchas gracias, yo que estaba triste porque no habías leído mi publicación je je.
@anomadsoul excelente concurso, pude conocer a varios amigos más a fondo tras estas publicaciones.
Me voy feliz por estar entre los 20 seleccionados :)
Saludos y feliz noche.

  ·  last year (edited)



Gracias, muchas gracias de verdad, gracias por seleccionarme <3 no me imaginé entre los ganadores, si supieras que mi secreto fue escribirlo 5h antes de que culminara el concurso jajajaja.

¡Gracias otra vez! GRACIAS @BLOCKTRADES Y MUCHAS GRACIAS ¡@Eveuncovered!



Thank you, thank you so much, thank you for chosing me <3 i didn't imagine being among the winners, if only you knew my secret was to write it 5 hours before the contest was over hahahaha.

Again, thank you, THANKS @BLOCKTRADES AND THANK YOU SO MUCH @Eveuncovered!

LOL love the gif HAHA kermit

hello friend @anomadsoul I want to thank you for the initiative of this great contest, I had fun telling my hobby, do not imagine being among the finalists, grateful for having taken me into account. My total thanks to @blocktrades for allowing this to take place. Thank you. My congratulations to all who participated and we could read other interesting hobbies. Congratulations.!!

Muchas gracias por hacer concursos como estos, son incentivos perfectos para los que aun somos pequeños en la plataforma, me siento muy feliz por ser uno de los ganadores y ya decidí que hare un pequeño Power Up con el premio

Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was nice to share what my hobby is and indeed happy to see a lot of great posts that got seen by curation guilds which speaks of the quality and care people have in submitting entries to your contest.

Thank you @anomadsoul for this and @blocktrades for making it possible.

I didn't get an upvote on my entry at all.

To me, i believe that i did well but in every contest there must be a winner and a looser and its just normal but just like you said, upvote encourages people to partake an put more effort in subsequent ones but even if its cents, i didn't get that encouragement upvote on my own entry as it wasn't easy to have written a 1000+ words for a contest.

Meanwhile, big congratulations to the winners.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Great choices! I love when a contest get's these kind of results. I think this may have been the most resteemed post I have ever seen. Kudo's too the winners, which was everyone who entered. We all got to write about what we love.

Woohoooo, lots of thanks! Didn't expect, that I could be one of the winners.... :D
Lots of thanks to everyone... @eveuncoverd, @blocktrades and of course you @anomadsoul!
Congrats to all the other winners! There were so many interesting posts and hobbies... it was amazing to read about what others like to do in their freetime.
Looking forward to the next contest ;)

Congratulations to all the winners. @anomadsoul up you man! This is amazing. Kudos to @blocktrades.

@eurogee of @euronation community


First of all, I would like to thank you @anomadsoul for organizing this awesome contest. Not only did it encourage me to think about what my hobby means to me, but I've also managed to see some of the amazing things people do around the world.

Big thumbs up for @blocktrades for making this possible and interesting with prizes.

I must say I am both humbled and grateful to be listed among all these cool people.
So, thank you @anomadsou and @eveuncovered for the vote ;)

And finally, congrats to all the other winners and a bow of respect to all the other contestants

I won, yay!! Thank you @anomadsoul for a lovely contest that gave me some fond memories. I am getting my read on and I am starting this night with Collins' Moonstone, purportedly the first detective novel. 😂

@eveuncovered thank you for reading my piece and finding merit in its contents. I deeply appreciate this. Peace

Congratulations to all winners
Thanks to @blocktrades for the delegation and to @anomadsoul for putting this up.
For those who didn't win, better luck next time.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for these contests!
And congratulations to all the winners)
I am not one of the winners, but I felt so happy and was enjoying when was participating!)

enjoy your hobby and crate opportunity for others

Congratulations @docsmith, knife maker and artist 👍
Un saluto, nicola

Thanks man :)

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm proud to be part of this contest. I can't wait to see the next one. Steem on!

Omg!! Thank you so much! Can't wait for the next contest!! :)

Congratulation to all of the winners...

Wooho! Glad to see you @escapist and @maverickinvictus on the list! Congratulations to all winners and thank you @anomadsoul / @eveuncovered / @blocktrades for running this challenging contest.

I was so surprised to see it and to be honest I had felt bummed out that my post was not curated and was feeling that i don't know quality anymore and thus was having all these feeling that I suck and all( low self-esteem issues)

So being chosen as one of the winners out of a lot of the contestants really placed some confidence back to my heart.

I get it that I am not the best or the most talented person here but I do my best. I want to continually improve and day in and day out I write to try to do better.

So thank you man for this shout out.

Bro, never let someone else's opinion define your passion and your own opinion and shape the value of it. Also, it's not a bad thing to be wrong sometimes.

What I have learned over the years is that I should give more of a less fuck about what others think and stop asking for validation from others. This way I can stay true to myself, which also means to respect every other opinion, good or bad. Because that opinion is just based on their own experiences as well. You've set the bar high for yourself, meaning you're too hard on yourself. Which can be a good thing for motivation, but never underestimate yourself, and be thankful that you aren't there yet where you want to be. It would be boring as fuck otherwise, right?

How many times have you found yourself being right about others based on your own gut feeling? Probably many times, and that is a talent many people do not have. I can only say that you could (and should) rely more on your own gut feeling for that matter and stick with that plan and value (unless you have been wrong about people xD).

You got a great sense, righteous and judgemental. It can't be too hard to start believing you actually have a talent yourself, but it might take some time. I've been there my entire life and it consumed me entirely, living in a bubble that wasn't good enough. Yet it was so refreshing when I found out about my own talents.


Thanks Ruben as I still have a lot of personal demons to slay that always plague my head with a lot of self doubt and low self-esteem issues.

I know it is not good to compare my strengths and talents with other people but its gets harder and harder to do that as i rise up. I have seen how I was able to develop better and better posts with formatting and word choices and even how I edit my final work.

But somehow I am at a slump right now and don't know how to advance. In running I have reached my wall and this is the time if I would either sit down and end the race or for me to find my 2nd wind and run towards the goal.

Community building helps a bit but I feel there should be more that I can personally do for myself. I don't man but I am hanging on and still steeming.

Congratulations to the winners !!! Even though I did not win I will continue to participate in the contest held by @anomadsoul

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks @anomadsoul and @blocktrades

Congrats to the winners! Hey @maverickinvictus, awesome job!!!!

Thank you so much FS! I did not even expect to win as there were so many bad ass hobbies that entered!

You deserve it! Your hobby post was great and well worthy <3

@anomadsoul another fun contest I missed!! Congratulations to everyone!

I know that you will do so well in the next one.

Congratulations to all the winners! @maverickinvictus congrats! Cheers everyone!🍺

Thank you so much Joyce! I am overwhelmed by this.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all who entered this great contest!

I can see my guy here @maverickinvictus!!! How cool! Sending you a virtual steemit hug

Thank you Dawne! I did not expect this as their were so many great entries to this contest and saw a lot of familiar names in the list of winners.

I am so happy to have done this and look forward to the next one.

There are 400 contributions to the #contest! Wow, you made amazing work @anomadsoul & @eveuncovered. Thanks to @blocktrades as well! This is a success story, congrats! :)

This contest has been very nice, I enjoyed a lot reading the submissions to it!

Well done @anomadsoul. Good job!

Amazing contest it was indeed.. Looking forward to participating in your next contest @anomadsoul

Hello @anomadsoul, very grateful for rewarding my story, I'm starting in Steemit and this is the first support, thanks again.

esta es una excelente iniciativa.

I always follow the contest
I joined the posting contest
contest poetry
meme contest
contest comments and more.
I do not wanna win.
now i will follow your contest
hopefully i succeed.

Congratulations to you all winner

Thank you @anomadsoul for this amazing contest and congratulations to the winners.

Gracias por haber votado por mi publicación, seguiré participando en estos concursos porque me encanta contar mi historia y leer las historias de los demás participantes. Gracias

Que biieen!!! Felicidades a los ganadores!! 👏🏼👏🏼

Hey @anomadsoul, nice post! I like your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Congratulations :)

Congratulations winners!!! It was a fun contest!!! :)

Felicidades a los ganadores!!

Congratulations to all the winners!

great contest!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

Felicidades a todos los ganadores! @nahupuku, yo sabía que tu participación no podía pasar desapercibida, bendiciones a todos!

:D que geniales palabras! gracias por creer en mi, un abrazo grande, bendiciones retornadas para ti

Congrats to all the winners. @ocd forever. God bless @anomadsoul

Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to the next contest with emotion. thank you very much for the warning.

No no, poner links no es bien en el contenido de otros no es bien visto, por favor bórralo

Congrats! To the winners
It was a great contest unleashing hobbies and potentials
Glad I participated.
Thank you @anomadsoul for creative contest like this

Heeyy que bien ver a un amigo entre los ganadores!! felicidades @nahupuku <3

i'm sorry i didnt participated in this contest :( it was a very good oportunity to people know you more , but i will stay tune for the incoming contests!

gracias por tu comentario hermano!!! @malos10, excelente también tu labor, un abrazo grande! y espero que para el próximo concurso del alma nómada puedas participar! un abrazo grande!

Congratulations to everyone!
Great contest, unfortunately I missed it.

Congratulations to the winners... Keep it up!!

Guess my post wasn't good enough to get even an upvote... so sad...😭

Gracias por tu apoyo amigo @anomadsoul, muy bueno tu concurso, felicidades a los ganadores.

Congratulations to all of the winners! And, thank you for putting together such a cool contest, nomad :)

I enjoyed making my contribution to the challenge. Thanks, @anomadsoul

Excelente concurso @anomadsoul , gracias por brindarnos esa oportunidad de compartir nuestros hobbies y hacer de esta comunidad steemit un mundo mas interesante..! Saludos

Congratulations for all the winners.
Thank you for @anomadsoul who already made this challenge.
Akthought I'm haven't winner yet, but I learned many things from this challenge.

It was great to participate and read to so many people to join, each with different cases, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks for these opportunities, congratulations to the winners

Saludos @anomadsoul , te felicito por promocionar este tipo de concurso, de verdad lo disfrute mucho me pusiste a pensar para lograr escribir más de mil palabras y nos motiva a seguir creando, no gane pero igual me siento bien, y a los ganadores muchas felicitaciones amigos steemians.

The fifth paragraph got a typo @anomadsoul
"I want to thank veruncovered for helping me choose some of the winners. You rock Eve, thank you! Don´t forget to follow her!"

Congratulations to all winners!

Felicitaciones a los ganadores.

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores.. que bueno haber participado en tu concurso.. espero hagas muchos mas amigo. saludos!! @anomadsoul

Congratulation to all the winners. Thank you for hosting this, Dear anomadsoul

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores. Intentare revisar todos los post para seguir conociendo a quienes integran la comunidad. Espero poder participar en la próxima actividad o concurso. Saludos

Congrats to the winners 🎊🎊😊😊

La verdad felicitaciones a todos los elegidos.

Es una lastima que el contenido original no se apoye, porque según el tiempo o el power no alcanza.

La verdad escribo y seguiré escribiendo porque me gusta. Pero si no fuera porque me apoyo con mis SBD las publicaciones, todas vieran un cero grandote.

Todos los que tuvieron la iniciativa de participar debieron ser premiados con algo dejar publicaciones en cero, es una falta de respeto y seriedad.

De verdad solo me hace ver que Steemit es una tremenda idea, pero el ecosistema de quienes tienen el Power lo enrarecen, algunas veces.

Si no podías garantizar el voto tenías que mencionarlo.

No se hizo bien esta promoción, muy buenas entradas quedaron en cero.

Representas a una de las mejores comunidades que hay, pero en definitiva como siempre sucede el negocio esta en el Retorno de tu post anunciando los ganadores.

El presente de Steemit hoy son las ballenas, pero te garantizo que el futuro de Steemit serán quienes hagan buen contenido, ese será el verdadero valor, pero la realidad es que puede que se termine convirtiéndose en un gran wallet para las ballenas.

En todo caso gracias por tus buenas intenciones, pero con eso no se come. Mi pasión también es escribir y me has faltado el respeto como participante.


Lamento que esa sea tu posición y sientas que te he faltado al respeto. Espero encuentres ese apoyo que sientes que tus publicaciones tienen derecho. Te aclaro, revisa cualquier otra competencia o concurso en steemit, veras que soy el Único en votar con un poder de voto significativo en un alto porcentaje de las publicaciones que participan (sin ser mi obligación y sin decir en ningún momento que votaré en todas las participaciones) por decisión propia.

Por supuesto que los premios salen de las ganancias de los posts, la idea es repartir esas recompensas que de otra manera tus publicaciones y las de cientos de otras personas no recibirían. No se que tan nuevo seas aqui pero revisa bien los otros concursos. Miles de personas participan en retos donde el organizador no puede votar por nadie y el premio son 5 sbd, sabes por que lo hacen? por gusto y diversión. Si estas en steemit y participas en una competencia sólo por el voto potencial y el probable premio, te pido no participes de nuevo en ellas, esa no es la idea.

Yo no creo en los premios de participación o consolación, no es ni mi obligación ni tu derecho recibir un voto solo por participar. Se participa por el premio y en ningún momento aclaro que votaré por todas las entradas al concurso.

Si sabes inglés, me parece que tu posicion es entitled a más no poder y perdón, el entitlement no funciona conmifo.


Congratulations to all winners!

Thank you for the contest. 400 participants are a huge recognition. As they say, the main thing is not victory, but joy of participation. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо Вам за конкурс. 400 участников это огромное признание. Как говориться, главное не победа, а радость от участия. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Congratulations to all the winners!! :)) and cheers to @blocktrades and @anomadsoul to make this awesome contest!

Congrats for the winner! Your contest so cool! I hope next time will be another contest that is more creative and interesting

I didn't win nor got any feedback on my entry, but that's cool. I had fun sharing my hobby anyway.
Keep it up bud!

I checked all the entries, maybe at that time i didnt have enough VP and of course its impossible to comment on every entry. Thanks for joining the contest"

I understand friend, in the face of so many comments and participants was impossible to support everyone, including myself.

This is the beginning of something very good. God bless the winners. God bless @anomadsoul the anchor

As what I've thought, photography is so common here that there's no chance in winning in this contest. haha

Congrats! awww cool hobbies! :D gotta check those out :D

Big congratulations to all the entries, truly some awesome posts there. Big thanks to @anomadsoul for organizing this. The many curated posts are a testament to the quality here.

Congrats all the winners

congrat to all the winners. I am sad that I am not win... :( haha

Thank you for this interesting contest. Congrats to the winners!

Thanks for hosting. I had a lot of fun thinking about my hobby and writing about it (poker).

Despite not winning it was amazing pleasure to be part of this and reading about people's hobbies that simply inspire, Must have been hard picking out winners as the entries were nothing short of inspirational good job and thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

Thank you for joining! It was very hard to pick the winners and I hope you join again!

Muchas gracias por haber creado este concurso, me sentí bien al desarrollar este tema del hobbie, estaré pendiente de futuros concursos.

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores y muchas gracias a @anomadsoul por la oportunidad de participar en este tipo de concursos tan interesantes y divertidos a la vez. Bendiciones para todos!

Thank you @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for providing us a FAIR distributed CONTEST!


P.S. 15 seconds flat @blocktrades [VOTED]


que bieeen! gracias y que honor,felicidades para todos los ganadores! un abrazo ;)

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, pero auch!!! me gustaria saber si por lo menos viste mi post. Para mi seria un incentivo saber que el esfuerzo no fiue en vano y que por lo menos lo viste,
saludos @anomadsoul exitos y gracias por las iniciativas de los concursos, seguiré adelante porque la verdad me gusta escribir y por eso me encanta esta plataforma.

Congrats to the winners...

We (l) the loser will live to fight another day...

That was such an awesome contest! Thanks for hosting! :)

thanks @anomadsoul and the team , hope there will be more and more soon..

by the way congratulations also to the winners and all contestant!

Congratulations to all the winners. I should be able to be involved in the next. can't wait to.

Congrats to all the winners! I don't mind I'm not among them, because it's enough for me that i tried it and I COULD write it down in English, which is not my mother language. I think my efforts worth it in a long term.

Congratulations to the Winners! This is an excellent motivation and support for creative people and just good posts. Thank you for your support and active participation in the life of Steemit @anomadsoul.

Поздравляю Победителей! Это отличная мотивация и поддержка творческих людей и просто хороших постов. Благодарю за поддержку и активное участие в жизни Steemit.

Not even an upvote... :( I really thought I would be a contender, poured my heart and soul into this....

Hey man, probably your post was already a bit high on rewards compared to others, maybe when I checked it was already voted by bidbots (which I don´t support on their current mode) or maybe I was low on VP that moment. I voted on a lot of the post, nominated a lot more for OCD and I checked all of them. Thanks for joining the contest my friend!

Me rompe la Corazon! :p C'est la vie, I did my best, thanks for hosting the contest.

No problem not be a winner, I really interested and enjoyed this contest. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for setting this up! Was great fun! Congrats to all the winners!


congratulations to the winners in 2018,
good work

It must have been difficult to make choices between all these amazing posts. I really enjoyed a lot of them, I couldn't read them all... :-(

I'm surprised with the amount of work that some people (like you in this case) manage to do... Wow. My respects!

Congrats they deserve it all :)

so grateful for this contest.... it was a wonderful opportunity for me to write and also learn! @anomadsoul