WaBI Is Channeling Towards 30,541 Satoshi!! What is channeling? Check out these charts!!

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WaBI (WABI/BTC) is displaying a classic, vintage impulse waves up. These impulse waves often occur well within a channel as shown in below chart. Waves 1 and 2 are complete and price is likely rising towards wave 3. Once wave 5 is complete, the target is 30,541 Satoshi. Yes, after these five waves are complete, a requisite a,b,c correction is expected; but more to come on that later.

The below is that of the WABI/ETH and it too is channeling between parallel lines. However, on this one, rather than labeling it as an impulse, 1,2,3,4,5; I've labeled it as a,b,c,d,e. This is just an example of different path but same destination...UP!

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Nice call on the $WABI

Check out my post about WaBi. I think it has a high potential


would you do an update on ETH?

Yassssssss plz. Please do an update on ETH and a review on NAVcoins too.

WOW And thank you for all the info

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I will upvote all reply !


Since you mentioned Satoshi (and I understand you meant the unit of value), check out a nugget we found which may add to the evidence that he's Nick Szabo...


How many units over is a single satoshi? I'm constantly just converting prices into USD

People are converting fiat to cryptos & you are doing opposite , MAY I know why ?

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Because a local currency fits in with our complete frame of reference. People are using fiat to invest in cryptos yes, but I am certain at the end of the day people want to know their portfolio value in their local currency.

If you want BTC, then multiply satoshi that haejin mentions, by 0.00000001 and this should give you BTC. So the 30,541 he mentions as the target should be 30,541 x 0.00000001 = 0.00030541BTC. If you want the value in your local currency, for instance USD, then multiply this result by the current USD value of BTC. Currently 1BTC is s$17022. So the 30541 satoshi should be 17022 x 0.00030541 = $5.198 and change.


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 1.10.35 PM.png

because I don't know what Satoshi is. My frame of reference is still USD and ETH since that is what I use to buy my altcoins.

8 decimals. It's 0.00000001 BTC

Most altcoin prices, maybe except for the Top 5, are usually measured relative to BTC. You will then see a price of 1100s for TRX-BTC as an example. While it's easier to see $0.20 at first, the relation to BTC will make sense after a while.
While investing, you should always have a reference. Investing in regular stocks is done vs $, € or other currencies - but a comparison to the most common index, S&P500, NASDAQ, DAX would make more sense. If your stock goes from $100 to $110 you will make a profit but if the index goes from 1000 to 1200 in the meantime, you are below the market.

Unless BTC becomes super stable, you should measure your profits against BTC (or ETH for some pairs/exchanges). A few weeks back I made 25% with NEO from $20 to $25 but BTC went up 30%+ in the same timespan. The NEO-BTC went down so I should have stayed in BTC.

This works best during BTC stable or growth phases. During crashes like the one around Christmas, both BTC and altcoins will lose fiat value so you should convert everything to fiat/USDT to buy back in cheaper or just hold through the crash.

Thanks Haejin!

Are you powering this up?

hello @haejin i keep reading your post regularly , & as you are a cryptoexpert i believe you can help me with my problem , I have transfered some BTC to address : 33upz7PqEvsGLkss3jh68Mj8ffPwTWPU3Z ----- but for the first time the transaction is unconfirmed for like almost 24 hours & i have no idea how can i resolve this ? i checked blockchain.info its still pending ( unconfirmed ) . Can i do anything ??? Anyone here can help me please ?

Only wait, you cant reverse it, so if you payed low fees, you have to wait 2-3 4 days.

That’s btc for you, it’s normal just wai it out. Chill man

Informative post.Much obliged for sharing it.

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Excellent notification ... thank you very much for detailed information ... I will be following and voting for you .. !!

Capture 1.PNG

Help me! Idk what is best to do and Im trying to get resteemed and upvotes. Any help would be nice. Thanks

U r probably the best analyst.

i learnt about WaBI last nite, and it looks good!


Haejin i love your work honestly but your last call on Geo isnt acting like you said. Its flopping. Whats up? Also id like to learn more about making waves.

please please please master haejin, BLESS US with a Vertcoin analysis

or a steem dollars follow up. looks like it's about to EXPLODE

Hey everybody, im new at this, just started watching graphs and learning. Would anybody be willing to check out Civic CVC to me that cup handle looks like it's droping way to much? Any thoughts on it? Thanks guys.

civic is good but maybe in long term

Check out my post WaBi. Combine this with @haejin’s analysis and you have a successful formula. The coin has real potential


very good.

Excellent notification ... thank you very much for detailed information ... I will be following and voting for you .. !!

Put in my list, looking to BTC to stop pumping.


With key business partnerships lined up in 2018, WaBI looks to solve an important issue of fake products w.r.t Baby Foods and Alcohol in China. The project has government backing and is expected to do well this year. Their next target is tailoring their technology for pharmaceutical products. Interesting and useful project and could well be implemented in other countries facing similar problems.


This coin wouldn't even be on my radar unless I read your blog religiously. Glad to be introduced to it.

Another great TA, just bought more last night, got in earlier couple weeks ago on Binance.

Hi Haegin, could you do ven

Wabi is just on Binance and EtherDelta...

The team at WABI is really doing something great for their country. Way to go WABI.

nice article...keep up the good work..keep us updating...