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I've used this technique to grow wealth. It is a very simplified technique of following the trend which is always smartest. I never discuss equities on this blog but introduced this Aggressive ETF Portfolio model. I was a bit concerned to see so many pour all their money into cryptos as such doesn't represent a de-risking strategy but only greed. I believe it is best to be well diversified amongst cryptos and equities and other hard assets. For that reason, I shared this portfolio to perhaps augment the readers' due diligences.

I missed last week's update on the Aggressive Portfolio update due to holidays and knee hurting ski moguls! It matters none as zero change would have been made. On 12/29; TQQQ was the resounding winner and today, TQQQ remains in the lead, as shown in below chart:

The below shows that this Aggressive ETF portfolio is up 13.52%:

I believe 2018 will be a great year not only for Cryptos for but equities!

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


I don't think that these types of equities are a great investment right now. Leveraged bonds, nasdaq and S+P, not my cup of tea, I can't believe they are still going up.

Not sure how that VIX equity works, but that might do well if you get paid when the VIX rises.

I have a medium share of my assets in cryptos, only because a small share increased so much! But the rest is in farm land and the installations on it. No matter what happens to the markets, I will be eating the very best bananas ;p

Blessings to all, please diversify and be rational!

You can easily switch to non leveraged mutual funds. Works quite well that way too.

If you don't mind me asking in what states are you buying farm land considering you mentioned growing bananas.

I don't mind! I moved to South America, and our farm is in Tolima. I wanted to buy undervalued farmland.

Can you say 1,2,3,4,5??!!
Look at the followers!!!
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Muy interesante su punto de vista, verdaderamente es bueno diversificar, las criptomonedas es una buena inversión, pero siempre es bueno, tener varias ramos en donde este invertido nuestro dinero, si alguno pierde fuerza tenemos los otros en donde apoyarnos, mucho éxito

Yes, that's diversification. (google translated your comment)


Hi @haejin,

I posted this comment on another aggressive ETF portfolio post, but in case you haven't read every comment I'll repeat some of it here:

I liked the idea of this strategy and decided I would investigate it further, which I have now done some of - I've run my own backtesting on it using your chosen ETFs and am more convinced to try it.

However I'm based in Australia, not the US. The platforms I can use at the moment don't have SPXL, ZIV, TQQQ, or TMF available. I am looking at further platform options to resolve this. Your alternative 'less aggressive' suggestions (SPY and TLT) are available to me, but I'd still be missing ZIV.

Could you provide some guidance?

My questions:

  1. Would a 'less aggressive' portfolio of SPY and TLT still work well, or does it need TQQQ and/or ZIV to work?
  2. Is there another ETF you can recommend in place of TQQQ and/or ZIV, to go with SPY and TLT?
  3. How did you find this strategy/these ETFs to consider?
  4. It's too much to ask for Australian ETF recommendations, so could you outline how an ETF can qualify for this portfolio, so I might try and identify my own set of Australian ETFs to consider?

Thanks for your time.

you can just use three ETF. That's fine. No ZIV required. Or, if you have Australian volatility index fund.
Use even mutual funds, they will work just as well.

I was taught this by a mentor.

How do you choose the mutual funds to use?

I was thinking there may be a strategy to choosing particular ETF/mutual funds - e.g. a growth, a bond, and a volatility index, which would all have negative correlations in their movements, the bonds being a 'safe harbour' in troubled market times, so there's hopefully always one moving upwards. And then add in leveraging for higher risk/reward.

Not clear if it's something along those lines or just pick any and back-test them to see if they may work.

I would think so as well ... I just don't know very much about ETFs/mutual funds (I have some, but mostly in a buy and hold to follow overall S&P over decades).

Thanks for sharing @haejin! Nice to get a different class of recommendation.

I was wondering what your thought on REQ coin is? (Request Network).
It seems possible that it has hit a double bottom of sorts, and is on the way to a second wave of upswing?

Pictured is my TA/charting. Hoping to learn from you on this one.

I also found a relevant Elliot Waves approach of TA, dated a couple days ago. Hopefully I'm not being incorrectly bullish. The incoming rise of BTC will definitely be disturbing the altcoin market, and may delay an upswing.

Looks good. Remember the "Hurry and Wait" syndrome. Also, search my articles on phasic and non-phasic relationship between BTC and altcoins.

Will do. Going through your Elliot Waves tutorials as well :)

Likely an a,b,c,d,e triangle. Double bottom in a triangle might not be best.

Looks like it's happening! Hit 0.00007 BTC. Up over 40% since posted.

You know someone cares about their followers, when they tell them to do something they are not famous for. I personally plan to buy land, gold, and cannabis stocks. As well as I have a few business ideas I plan to get off the ground soon.

Now that is what I call well diversified! :)

This may work for US investors but I live in the UK and can not access the majority of these funds (I think I can buy one of them but not with my provider). I need to look at alternatives that could work here. Has anyone else

I’m in the UK. I’m using IG to trade these. I’m going to move to Switzerland soon though, no tax on capital gains

Wow. I didn’t know that

Have been considering the same. Cannot cash out in the country that I am in, the state will take almost half my money and I am absolutely not rich, yet..

Does anyone know of other countries where taxes of capital gains are low/none? - Is there a country where one can simply open a bank account (without living in the country), and have crypto gains cashed out to that account???

Could you please do an update on NEO?

Thank you for the discussion of equities as well and specifically the importance of not being greedy and being diversified. It seems not many are interested these days, but it's very important to diversify and across sectors. Right now is an excellent time to have an allocation to gold/silver/uranium and most commodities. They are extremely cyclical as you know and you get an up cycle every 8 years or so. We are solidly in the up cycle and are just at the very beginning for uranium. The cost to mine a pound of uranium is $60, but the price was recently at $20/lb. So the two largest producers announced big production cuts. The price is now at $24/lb and the uranium stocks have really responded. The demand for uranium is increasing as China/India bring on hundreds of nuclear plants. The last bull market for uranium ended with the average stock going up 20X and the best ones were much higher. My allocation recommendations are the following:

-Resource stocks (mining companies)- In a bull market
-Emerging markets- they are outperforming US stocks after years of underperformance.
-China specifically- Big money coming in over the next 5-7 years as they are allocated to index funds
-Tech companies
-Marijuana companies- Broke states will not forgo the big tax opportunity
-Big US companies with billions of dollars overseas that will bring it back under the new tax changes at only 15.5%

This is very helpful post for us.Keep it up.
Thanks a lot for sharing it..
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I prefer cryptos to fiat, but thank you!

Thank you! I ready your tips, that's really useful.

I'll be reading this tonight!

Thanks for doing all that you do, @haejin. You're becoming wealthy while improving the lives of others at the same time, and that is a rare and beautiful thing.

this is extremely a sort of procedure accommodating for all. I should read it a full instructional exercise to know precisely. it gives me curiousness to recognize what is that.
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Two accounts @rohit12123 and @steemitglass writes the exact same message??? Interesting...

this is realy a kind of technique may be helpful for all. I should read it full tutorial to know exactly. it gives me curiousness to know what is that. thanks @haejin

Two accounts @rohit12123 and @steemitglass writes the exact same message??? Interesting...

Update on ARK?

Who was the whale earlier in $BTS/bit.CNY just after your bullish post??? hehehehe you are too far from us little sheeps. Thanks for the ride. I borrowed in the deep at 0.79 ;)

love this @ haejin. what day do u move your funds friday or monday?

Any particular strategy behind doing it on Fridays?

Does anyone know if there is someway to buy these ETFs when you are based in Australia?

I googled (in my native language) "where to buy american etfs" and the search result was 3 trading websites in my language, and a list of banks which has agreements with american banks to facilitate cross-border transfers of ownership. So I think you just have to do a google search :)

Thanks! I am really interested in technical analysis.

@Haejin do you invest to some pot (-related) stocks, too? If yes, may you share with us which is (are) the good one(s)? I got some newsletters lately in this subject, but I trust you much more. Thanks in advance.

Can't believe how valuable this is haejin...thank you kindly

What is your view on the Steem price at the moment ? Do you think its just a pump or are we really seeing the start of something different for the platform?

very truth.
diversification should be placed in all aspect.

interesting. do you buy options too? I used to buy some 3X oil etf. but it is dangerous due to decay

Nice to see more of a balanced approach. Crypto money is my play money! But I also need to be reminded of that.

I just started this today! But with a much smaller amount of $200 to start

Can you look at EBST? Its another gaming crypto.

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