The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report – 28 JAN 2018

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How hard it must be to write for a world-wide audience in a language that is not the first language you learned. Add to that the pressure of monetary reward tied to good writing.

What is the @mitneb Curation Trail Project?

On Steemit, writing in English gives the widest audience, and largest potential financial gain. Many new users come to Steemit, and purposely write in English as a way to improve their English language skills and increase their potential earnings.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project has a unique, narrow focus to aid and assist these brave new Steemians.

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The @mitneb Motto
photo © @mitneb

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Focus

First Focus:

• Fairly new Steemit users who don't speak English as a first or primary language, but who are writing and posting in English, and making their first-time post in #introducemyself or #introduceyourself.

Three or four 100% upvotes with resteems will be given per day to this category.

Second Focus:

• New original articles written in English by the Steemit users previously curated on the trail.

One or two 100% upvotes with resteems will be given per day to this category.

Third Focus:

• Articles or comments from any Steemit user which have thoughtful insight, offer benefit to the community at large and reflect the unique personality of the author.

Up to four 100% upvotes with resteems will be given per day to this category.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project casts a total of TEN 100% upvotes per day on average in order to keep voting power from dropping below 80%.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project is a completely free manual curation, and does not utilize bots for curation.

Vote with the @mitneb Curation Trail on Steemauto if you’d like to automatically vote with me, and help support and encourage these new Steemit users.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project gladly accepts Steem Power Delegations

And Now For The @mitneb Daily Curation Report

First up are today’s featured Steemians from #introducemyself and #introduceyourself

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project is pleased to introduce

Introducing myself, seeking to find like-minded friends and make our world a better place ;)

My name is Kostia, I currently live in and originally come from Lviv, Ukraine. But also lived some time in the US & UK, plus the global feel of the world, thanks to technology, makes half of my brain think in English :)
I've signed up to Steem not long after it was launched, in July 2016, but am finally doing my 'introduce'...A bit more about myself: coming from an office admin workers (accounting/finance) area, but most of my recent years have been freelancing, travelling and trying new life experiences. Like volunteered through WOOF organization, even have a post here on Steemit about it; together with engaging in some eco-projects locally, as cleaning parks and promoting healthy/ecofriendly way of life. Also, I have 1.5 years old son, so I am engaged in fatherhood too...

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project is pleased to introduce

Hello Steemians ,I am Shivangi and I come from India

I am Shivangi Singh. I have been born and brought up in India, the land of diversity, currently I stay in Washington Dc, United States. I was born in Lucknow, one of the states in Northern India, called land of nawabs, known for its food and forts. Thats me with my husband at the Upper lake in Bhopal. That is the size of Lake Tahoe in US.
I did my graduation in Bhopal, in central India, a small beautiful city known for its lakes and greenery. From here, I started working in construction management in the capital city Delhi, where I met many wonderful people, learned about the rich local culture and city life and therely went to US for my masters degree. I have been staying in washington DC ever since.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project is pleased to introduce

Introducemyself for steemit

Introduce my name muhda gayo, I am now an active student in politehnik lhokseumawe country taking the field of civil engineering study.
I hope in this steemit platform I can develop my ability and can share all things to all steemit users.
The first time I knew steemit, when I visited my childhood friend's house, I was amazed by his now sanggat style, he said if willing to join susdses only steemit.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project is pleased to introduce

Introduce Yourself

So, I am Grace (graciawag31). A 22 years old filipina and a certified Virgoans. I am from the paradise of Olango Island somewhere in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. Third among my five siblings. I came from a big family and I think that what makes my childhood unforgettable and a memorable one. My parents were kind of strict back when we are still in grade school but it somewhat change when we reached highschool (I guess they realized we are not babies anymore).

Articles Promoted Today with a 100% Upvote and a Resteem (except for those I couldn't upvote due to a mistake on my part that depleted my voting power.)

This continued support is offered to my previously curated Steemians. If this is you, please feel free to join the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Discord Server


the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Discord Server

Discord Invite Link

This Discord Server is where you may submit a link to your best new article for consideration as one of my daily post promotions.

There is no cost for this curation. I would like to see more people take advantage of this great opportunity.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

From Novice to Expert - Wisdom Advice for Altcoins Crypto Trading by @cryptoclick

As we approach the crypto market, full of possibility and promise, we need to be smart, we need to borrow the brains of those who proceeded before us and learn from their knowledge and mistakes. Mistakes, as we know, are the greatest teachers, but it is much easier and less costly, to learn from other people mistakes than from our own.
I am not pretending to be a crypto pro, I too am only a beginner.
But, since the best way to learn is to teach others what we have already known, I've decided to write this article.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Promoting steemit in the uyo-community: Few minutes to Mit-up5 with @magdnrobinson by @gidionline

Just incase you didn't know or were not following,
Mitup5 : This project is simple. From this weekend till the next 5 weeks, I'll be having a meetup with 5 newbies to teach them the basics of steemit, feed them with the right information and help them grow after which they are supposed to have their own meet up with 5 newbies to do same and the chain goes on and on.
Well, so earlier today, preparations started quite early, and we were on time to kick start the event, everyone in high spirit (I mean who doesn't want to know more about steemit)

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Illustration with blue ballpoint pen. by @betzaelcorvo

Today I am very happy because I bring you my first drawing post, this time I have the immense pleasure of showing you the step by step of a wonderful work that I did to my dear friend Evelin, it is a drawing made in blue ballpoint on thick cardboard medium white, this time I will explain a bit of the technique and the pleasant experience that I experienced when doing this humble work that today I share with great joy.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents


**Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do especially when memories of the hurts and scars of the incident flood your mind continually. It is very normal to feel hurt, betrayed or embarrassed by people's actions but it is unhealthy to make such memories dwell in your mind and continue hunting an aspect of your life. Most people think forgiving easily or letting go of hurts just so that peace may reign is a sign of weakness or your vulnerability to them, on the contrary, forgiving others requires maturity of the mind and inner strength. Being matured enough to know that keeping malice or grudges hurt you even more than the person you're hurting over and as such letting go of it is more beneficial to you.
Holding onto grudges is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else, funny enough it's the person with the coal that feels the pain the most. **

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

[ Bumper Lottery ] Weekly Lottery and last week Winners ! [ Bump Ahead ! ] by @bumper

One week has passed and we had a lot of entries for this week what is awesome ! We hope to increase the amount of lottery entries so share this blog as much as you can !
We will first announce the winners and then share the
instructions of the next lottery.
Thanks for playing!

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents


The art of modelling in the 21st century has become a fast-paced career for both guys and ladies. There are so many brands and outfits that seek models to showcase their products. Just like modelling in the clothing/fashion line, Makeup/beauty modelling has also become a line of business where models are sought for fashion shows, runways, magazines, TV commercials etc

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents


There are so many people who have made themselves judges over others, judging every action people take, making themselves the only good ones in every case, truth be told, most judgemental people struggle with the worst weaknesses, and hide so much in their cupboard, there's no right whatsoever to judge a fellow man .
So many people condemn and judge others for sinning differently from them, truth is we all are guilty of one thing or the other, even the chief judge is not just, he's not perfect, he's not righteous, so before you begin to judge, remember, you are but a man.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Themes They Like Most are Steemit by @felixrodriguez

The most important thing in steemit is to let the imagination fly, and express them in each post. To be able to succeed in steemit, it takes patience, perseverance thousands of times perseverance, to have precise and mentalized what you will develop in each post, I know that every day at bedtime or getting up you always live thinking what will be the best topic to present in steemit . If we dream by imagining our successes, we will wake up creating in our environment work, perseverance and we will be only minutes away from being SUCCESSFUL

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Thank You, Steem. My First Month Of Growth by @qyugmo

Dear Steem, I'm introducing myself again and also to thank you. Reaching a month old is already a milestone and reaching 200+ followers as well. I never imagined that I would stay here for a long time since I don't have enough confidence for myself yet. I still remember the day I joined Steem. It was early morning while I'm lying on my bed. The weather was great. I just stayed on my bed all day. A friend of mine @kennik, suddenly message me and talked about stuff at first then he introduce me to Steem. At first, I was like confused on what kind of site Steem is but I still joined and luckily got accepted at night.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Thesis or the people by @herryazmi11

Hello steemian friend good night, i have a little story in my life tonight.
The difficult choices in life that I have to take, between school or voicing justice for the poor, is a difficult choice in my life because my parents forced me to go to college and become a bachelor.
I honestly sad because I can not help the poor and have to do things I do not like because of being forced by the family. But I should not give up and keep trying no matter how.
I desperately need the moral support of my friends so that I can be myself.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

Steemit Lotto Weekly # 15 - Minimum Pot Size 54 STEEM!!!! by @pisolutionsmru

The results for the Steemit Lotto Week 14 is out and has there been a participant who got the 52.5 Steem on the table? Do we have lucky winners in the other categories as well? Don't forget to play this week to try your luck XD

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

How to estimate historic steem_per_mvests values for converting old rewards from vest to steem. by @holger80

I tried to calculate old rewards using I noticed then that old steem_per_mvests values are not included in the database. As all rewards are saved in Vests, the steem_per_mvests value from the payout date must be known for calculating the amount of claimed rewards in Steem power.

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Post Promotion presents

The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #30. (1/28/18) by @thesteemengine

The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members selected by our master curator @enchantedspirit!
All of these posts were submitted in our Discord server's post-promotion channel, and have been hand picked to receive a nice upvote from our group account! If you'd like to see your post featured here, simply submit it in The STEEM Engine Discord server! Not a member of The STEEM Engine initiative? Check out our intro post for more information about our group!

That's it for today, folks!

Thanks for taking a look at The @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report.
Please take a few moments out of your day to encourage these fellow Steemians!




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WOW WOW!! Thanks so much for including my post, that was a mighty surprise. Your project is very special and deserves all the support... I need to visit you guys more often on Discord and I will. From Feb 6th my daily schedule will be much less crazy than it is now...

Sending your way all my very, very best and see you soon on Discord and in your Steemit feed.


I forgot to add that I have resteemed that right away, even before I wrote my comment LOL


Thanks very much, @cryptoclick! I really appreciate the resteem and the encouragement. Haa, haa, my schedule is going to be crazy until my tax appointment on Feb. 9th!

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Wow @mitneb this is ideal
Thank you for making steemit a community indeed


Thanks very much, @pharez! I appreciate your sentiment.

This is mind blowing @mitneb, it's a great work you're doing. What a selfless innovation.


Thanks, @bait002! It's really worth it because it is so encouraging and helpful for people, and we little guys need all the help we can get.

Thanks for featuring my post!!!

Really great of you XD

Keep steem'in hard!


You're welcome, @pisolutionsmru!

Great project @mitneb ... I just joined the discrod channel to learn more about what you do... it's a great service to the community.


Thanks so much, @nuridin! I'm following you now!


Great... Thank you :)