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Steem provides the platform for creators and developers to come up with causes which are shared with the Steemit community members for support and backing to assist others members of the Steemit community of advance the usefulness and real life application of Steem to a broader use.

We have DApps and projects like @busy, @dtube, @minnowbooster, @dclick, @partiko, @esteem, @dsound, @steembasicincome, @fundition and many other projects already in use or are still in the works that introduce themselves to the @steemit community telling members what they are all about and how they want to help advance the Steem community. Members who feel the need to join or support the cause join by delegating Steem Power to the cause, use their DApps, and encourage others to use it by promoting it in your blog post or doing a review of their DApps or projects on your blog or even upvoting their blog postings while others buy their tokens or shares so that they are able to get funding to continue the project.

If you join a cause, you’ll need to monitor it, keep up to date with developments about it, make your contributions where necessary, promote it and share your experience about the project with others. This can sometimes even become too time consuming for you and will definitely chase away you boredom.

Remember, joining or supporting these Steem causes doesn’t have to be all about the money you are going to be investing in them. It requires your time to monitor, promote them and see to the success of the projects, that way you are playing your part in advancing the development of Steemit and the Steem community at large. You will also feel good about yourself, that you were part of a group of people that made this project a success.



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This is my little way of starting to contribute to the growth of the Steem community.


My recent post on: Cure for Boredom

How to cure boredom – Start A Hobby

How to cure boredom – Start A Hobby

How to cure boredom – Go watch a movie with friends

How to cure boredom – Plan a trip

How to cure boredom – Read a book

How to cure boredom – Start writing

How to cure boredom – Visit to the City Centre

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To show my appreciation for reading my post, I’ll upvote and reply your comments if you do the following:

  • Upvote the post if you like it (not compulsory though).

  • Make a comment about content of the post.

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You can get between $0.02 to $0.45 worth of upvote.

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