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If you are feeling bored try taking up a hobby that you love very much, this is a sure cure any time any day as long as it is what you love doing. The key is that the hobby is what creates excitement in you, for that excitement motivates you to want to continue and this for sure will chase the boredom away.


What Should Your New Hobby Be?

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There are many hobbies one can engage in, it is even a known fact that some people have left there day jobs to take their hobby as a full time work. They’re happy doing that and most times it ends off paying better than the job you left or even making you more popular. I repeat, take up what you love doing as a hobby, that way if things are not looking so bright you still have the motivation to continue because you love doing it. I hear people say “been there, done that, just didn’t work for me”, well, that is because you are not doing what you love.


Some Hobby You Can Take Up

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There are loads of hobbies one came start depending on what tickles your fancy.

Checkout some of the list below to get an idea of a hobby you can start:

  • Start a blog – Steem through @Steemit is a great place to start. I find this very true because that is what am doing myself. It gives you the opportunity to let people know how you feel, your point of view on issues and many other stuff. The best part of it is that you get to earn from your post, comments and upvoting others. And you get to make friends and work with people from different parts of the world.
  • Start a garden – You can take up gardening if that is your thing. Garden can be good form of physical exercise because you need to move around a lot, dig up the soil and generally work your body in different ways without you knowing it. It can also be an emotional thing as you watch what you planted grow this can give you a lot to talk about with friends or even colleagues in the same field of endeavor.
  • Start Drawing or Painting – I don’t know how creative you are but doing this can help you develop your creativity skills. You will also be helping in creating something beautiful people can look at for inspiration or healing. You might even create a masterpiece someday that will be worth so much money. So, go pick up your painting brushes and start doing magic.
  • Take Up Sporting Activities – Yeah, you watch guys playing football on the TV and you know everything, what positions they should play, how they should play, who should be selected, I even wonder why they pay the coach so much money when guys like you know it all. Lol. Ok, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is by you actually going into that sport. It can be a very good way of staying healthy, physically fit and you get to let out some steam by sweating it all out. This is also a great talking point with family members and friends, who knows, you could be the next Ronaldo or Messy, you wish. Lol.

There are really so many hobbies we can’t exhaust on this post like mountain climbing, sky diving and other risky and breathe taking stuff. Just choose what you love doing best and it will all work out find.



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Hobbies are great, my problem is I have to many and I’m about to start another one ( woodwork) but saying that it’s better to have to many than none at all. Thanks mike

@mikenevitt we are both alike, I do some wood work too, I build my rabbit hutch as I breed rabbits & am now into blogging too. Thanks for ur comment.

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My daughter has a rabbit called Twinkle

We also have a parrot called Charlie


Thanks for your reply cheers mike

Wow! Twinkle and Charlie look well kept and fine. Kudos.

If you are lucky enough to find a hobby that you love,then that's the best cure for boredome.
Just as you said my friend 👊👊

@knowhow92 that's true man, that's the reason some people a happy when they wake up in the morning while others wish the morning never came. Lol. Thanks mate.

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Hi I have to much bobbies. It's a great post about hobbies. My hobbies are inventing, searching ways to help people, watching movies, steemit, witness server, playìng steemmonsters, learn about myself.

Oh and I'm forgetting aquaponics an important one.

Wow! Great man, you got a lot going for you. Kudos.

You are welcome my friend.

Very handy information. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have a few hobbies mainly editing and attempting to be a manager for up and coming esports personalities I wanna ad exercise to it took.

Great, I didn't know there was something like reports personalities. Good job and thanks for your feedback.

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Wow fantastic photography post...

Thanks for sharing.

If your hobby becomes Job,then you will be never bored.
Nice pictures

If your hobby becomes your job then it will no longer be a hobby. It will be your job.

@hemantrg that is very true. Many people actually have there hobby as work.

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I also like to spend time to do my hobby,,Sometimes I do my hobby as my job. Can you guess my hobby?

@harishz thanks for your comment. You only get upvote for the most recent post. Thanks.

I'm sorry but I can't guess what your hobby is. Telling us may help the community.