Wow, looking forward to see you all in there

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Wow. Lucky guys. Maybe I'll be opportuned to go next year.

Nice! So jealous of all the people who are able to get the SF1 and SF2 banners though :') #wishicouldturnbacktime

Thanks for your support always rewarding individuals steemians for their efforts, I am looking forward to seeing you in most of my posts.

I wish I could go but I'm just too new to this thing so maybe next year.

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This is a good fact for all user.I hope this is more perfect and well next future.

amazing ! :)

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Hahahah looking forward in receiving the badge next week... Cool feature dude~!

Hopefully our family will make it to SF4 (:

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I have never experienced such a frustration that I can not read English.I am very interested in this article so I will do my best and try.


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