SteemFest³ - SteemitBoard Contest Teaser

in steemfest •  4 months ago

SteemitBoard is organizing a contest for Steemfest³.
All information on about it will be revealed during the opening session.

In the meantime, here is a small teaser to help you wait till that time... or to excite your curiosity ...

This contest has been made possible thanks to our sponsors

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I will also like to participate in the contest ooo

I will wait for this contest ... I hope this is exciting and not difficult ...😎👍

For sure I will try. Looking forward for the battle :))

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What's the contest? how to win the contest

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I will also participate to this contest

me interesa participar

Can't wait to participate 🤑🤑

would also like to participate

the video is not playing is anyone experiencing the same??

the video is not playing is anyone experiencing the same?