Why I Love Fruit And Eat A Fruit-Based Diet

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I think you can see it in my eyes and how I smile, sometimes fruit just taste so good, and at the same time it hydrates your body and contain only what is good for you. Nothing more or less than what you need. Fruit is beautiful! 

Watch me get high on fruit on HERE ON DTUBE 

Why fruit?

There's something special about eating fruit. Sometimes, when you get delicious quality fruit, it's just immensely satisfying. 

No added artificial colors, sugars, spices, oils, taste enhancers or anything else is needed. It's quite funny that we add things like sugar, color and try to make most of our candy taste like fruit. Humans are born with a sweet-tooth, this is a reflection of our attraction towards fruit. It's not only our taste, but also our sight, touch, and smell that has an innate appeal towards fruit. (link)

Candy is just a poor imitation of the real thing; sadly most people don't have the experiences necessary to acknowledge this. We live in a world where fruit is not truly valued, where quality and taste gets overlooked because of the excessive need to produce, produce, produce! 

However, when you do experience how good fruit can taste, by getting your hands on premium imported fruits, visiting tropical places of the world or just being with lucky in your local supermarket - what you mark is how extraordinary good fruit can taste, and how immensely satisfying it can be. What I can also tell from my own experience is it's not only the meals in and out itself that is enjoyable. Just your whole experience of being can be significantly affected by the foods you eat. When I eat fruit only, I always feel the best possible concerning my mental focus, emotional balance and general wellbeing. I also notice the differences in my digestion, which becomes more effortless, frequent and odor-free, imagine that! (not while you eat though) 

You can always rely on the trusted banana

Nevertheless, I think most people can somewhat relate to what I'm speaking of; certain fruits are more reliable than others. 

Different melons, bananas, oranges and lots of other fruit especially the semi-tropical ones can be possible to source out most places in Europe, and when imported at the time of peak season - you might be in for a treat. 

In my travels I've come upon many different lovely fruits, all super satisfying! Here you'll see a few of them. 


The top 2 pineapples I've ever tasted. The first one is a typical small one that I eat lots of in Thailand.

The second one is bigger, but still almost as sweet and originates from Indonesia, Bali (I'm all about the sweetness)


Most likely the fruit I eat the most during my whole seven months travels to Asia. Papaya is very reliable and not only calorie dense, but also very hydrating. Perfect food at all times. 


It's hard for me to write about fruit - without mentioning Durian (should be written with capital D, yes it's up there with God) 

Take a look at my fruit stash 

My apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Be well and have a great weekend! 

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I just ate raw for the last 3 days and I feel like I should never go back. I'll probably "have to" in the coming days but I hope I'll have the enlightenment to go back afterward.

Those fruits make me want to visit you in Chiang Mai!


there’s something special about eating fully raw. I’m sadly not still in Chiang Mai, but hopefully we’ll meet up there sometime in the future :)

Vote back

I love it but you should have held up my favorite Noina!!!! Thailand has the best fruit in the world I am told. So you are in the right place. Fruit is the best.


Noina, Is that the green, delicious sugar apple? (you can see one of them on my last picture)
I love it!

Pineapple is hands down my favorite fruit. The best pineapple I’ve ever had was in Hawaii. It was juicy, sweet and satiated every craving in me. Pineapple in Costa Rica is right up there too. Fruit is nature’s candy!