Strawberry-Banana Madness Recipe, 100 % Fruit and only 3 Ingredients

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I want to share this amazing recipe that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. It's simple and sweet as candy, which is only a toxic food compared to this healthy, fruitilicious strawberry, banana bowl. 

This is what you need 

  • 500 Grams of frozen strawberries
  •  5-10 Smaller dates (15 for explosive sweetness levels that blow your energy levels through the roof) 
  • 2-4 Bananas 

1. Let your berries defrost over the night in the fridge or leave it in room-temperature in a few hours. (now in winter I prefer leaving them out for a while for a warmer meal) 

Blend the strawberries until you get a jam-like consistency 

2.  Now, throw in some dates of any kind (remove the stones and make sure that the dates haven't turned bad), the more, the sweeter - it's up to you! If you don't have dates, you could always use sugar or any other sweetener of choice. Blend the dates into the strawberry mix 

You've just made yourself some raw, refreshing strawberry jam. (with no additives and surprisingly not any animal products which many jams contain for coloring, yes very small insects are bein used for that...) If you want you could use this as jam, you can make it just as sweet as regular jam without any sugar. It taste much better, is fresh and super healthy! 

3. What you want to do now is to cut up some bananas and feel free to add more fruit, seeds or whatever your creative imagination can come up with to make a delicious fruit-bowl. 

Fruit tips:

  • It's usually better to buy frozen produce because they're picked in season and are better quality than out of season fruits. 
  • When you buy bananas there are different things you should look for, the more vibrantly yellow, usually the better. If the banana looks thick and bulky it's most likely a very mature banana which means it will taste richer.
  • Store bananas at warm places if you want it to ripen faster, and throw it in the fridge to expand its life by a few days if it is going over-ripe. 
  • The cavendish-banana (the normal, commercial one)  should be soft and spotty with black dots, That's how you know it's properly ripe. 
  • Dates are usually sold very cheap in local Asian stores. 

Have a great time in strawberry fields! 

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Truly grateful for any support, stay healthy and be well! 

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Omg yumm!! I love how you didn't blend the bananas but cut them and then added them in! I will definitely try this out when summer comes around! :)


Yeah, it is good to have something to chew as well :)

simple healthy delicious love it


Yes, simplicity is the key

Oh that looks so delicious! Thanks for this simole and great recipe my dear;)


You welcome ninja ;)

I just want strawberries sooo bad after reading this! I mean I loved it! Strawberry banana is just making me drool but now where am I going to get strawberries is my problem :) <3


You can’t get your hands on a pack if frozen strawberries?


I checked at the store and they didn't have any! I would want organic if I could find some any way so I guess maybe I'm just going to have to wait until the only farmer I know has his which last year was around Julyish... maybe they'll be here soon :) I can only hope!

Thank you for showing that delicious desserts can be healthy and don‘t have to leave you guilty afterwards 😉 I love that it is even raw 👍🏻


Yeah It’s only good stuff ;)