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What qualities distinguish fruits from vegetables? There are many vegetables that are botanically speaking fruits. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between fruits and vegetables. 

How to tell fruits from vegetables 

Fruit is simply the edible part of a plant that surrounds one or more seeds. By examination tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, avocados, olives and zucchinis and peppers - they all contain seeds and are therefore in the botanical sense classified as fruits

Fruits often found in the vegetable section in the supermarket are placed there because of their similar culinary characteristics as vegetables; they are savory and not as sweet as most fruits. 

Vegetables do not contain seeds and do not originate from trees or vines as fruits do. The edible part of leaves, stems, bulbs, roots, flowers and tubers go under the category of vegetables. 

Revealing the  "vegetable" fruits 

Take a deep, deep breath, relax and hold tight as we are about to blow your mind with some of the fruits you’d always thought to be vegetables. Let the enlightenment happen, scroll-down to uncover the darkest of lies you’d ever been told. 

It’s black or green dependant on the variety, but one thing is certain; it got a big-old seed in the middle. 85 percent of the fruits calories come from fat. It’s one of the very rare fruits with a high-fat content and it's the....


It’s long, green and you can eat it on the go, no it’s not a unripe banana, but the salad-friendly....


Another savory fruit and therefore put next to the vegetables at your local market, next up is the....


The cucumbers seperated at birth-twin, it's the one and only.... 


No, this is not a conspiracy theory - I know all these lies you've been told are hard to accept, but the only option is to surrender to the greatness of the sweet....


Which fruits did you think to be vegetables? Are there any more fruits which is found in the vegetable section? comment down below! 

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Bro, I'm LOVING your content man. You're adding value to this blockchain that many arent doing. Keep grinding :)


Thank you so much, brother! Adding value is what we all should strive for and you know all about that I think!

Now, this is something I actually knew. 😎 Still, an excellent post. 👍
Come to think of it, pumpkins, as well as other representatives of the Cucurbitaceae family, would work great in winter. But can you it pumpkins raw?


Pumpkin cannot be eaten raw, but you could try to juice it and make a raw soup.
It's as you say a great choice for people that want to include something reliable and calorie-dense for the winter. Pumpkin is great steamed and baked and it is one of the few cooked foods you can eat just as it is with no spices, sugars etc... while still tasting amazing!

Thanks for the comment!

It's really hard to think about cucumbers as fruits.
I knew about avocados, that they're fruits (unexpected, given they're made of so much vegetable fat)
But pumpkins too? They're fruits?! Unexpected.
I like this type of articles, very educational.


Thank you, yes if we observe cucumbers closely we can see the small seeds within, and in regards to pumpkin the seeds are more obvious, but as you say to consider pumpkin as a fruit is very rare because of it different characteristics than most fruits, but as we can observe pumpkin also has seeds and that is the determinite factor


Huh! Really interesting and not expected. Oh well, fruit or veggie, I won't let that stop me from eating them :D tnx

I had no idea that all these veggies are actually fruits!! Love your content:) keep eating plants and sharing your knowledge!