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More people are becoming vegan and many athletes also eliminate animal products from their diet, stepping forward as examples of the fact that we don't need meat or dairy to be physically thriving - in their view quite the opposite is true. 

David Haye has been a vegetarian for four years and stated this when interviewed by the sun.  "Apes are 20 times stronger than humans and they don't rely on a meat-based diet. They eat plants all day long. It's a myth that you need meat for strength.

Barny Du Plessis is the world's first vegan bodybuilder and Mr universe in 2014, and says that his body is running perfectly and that he has been healed from different health problems after adopting a vegan, GMO free, organic diet. 

Kendrick Farris is an American Olympic weightlifter and says "You can replace meat with pulses and vegetables, and it can taste amazing, and be better for your body — it’ll help with recovery, reduce stress and inflammation in the body.

Veganism has been viewed as a controversial diet for some time, but many misconceptions about the diet have been proved to be false as more and more people are living examples of the great benefits one can achieve from a plant-based diet. 

Can you thrive eating only fruits? 

Fruitarianism is a way of life that is even less known, and as with most things that are unfamiliar to society, it has lots of misconceptions and skepticism surrounding it. 

It was a similar case with veganism, but as more people adopt a fruitarian diet and are living examples of it, they will demonstrate that it actually is possible not only sustaining themselves on a fruit-based diet - but actually thrive! 

Examples of fruitarian athletes 

Mike Arnstein is an ultra-marathon runner and is eating a fruitarian diet mainly because of the enhanced performance results it gives him.

Mike Vlasaty is a fruitarian weightlifter that shows us that it is possible to build strength while eating a raw, vegan, fruit-based diet. 

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I would rather see you use the tag vegan rather than veganism. Veganism doesn't seems used much.

Mike Vlasaty and Arnstein are real inspiration!


Thanks for pointing that out, changed it.


So may I ask, we can invent our own tags and log them to the chain?


Actually upon thinking about it... that is a super daft question. lol
Nevermind ha :)

Seems logical, consuming natural products​ will reduce the pressure on the body mechanism to eliminate toxic waste. That energy, in turn,​ will be available​ for repair and development of body which in turn will give faster recovery time and make it stronger. Thanks for sharing .


Thanks for reading and for your little summary of the mechanics, makes perfect sense!


Awesome, Keep up the good work. We need to learn lot more .

Inspirational post. Thanks for sharing ;)

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Super nice of you telling me, appreciate it!

Everything you post in here seems more and more usefull, it's nice to see that you profile it's getting stronger, you're great man!
Keep it up @fruitarianism


Thank you so much, that motivates me to post even more and better content!

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I guess at the end of the day it all boils down to the famous misconception that you cannot get enough protein from a plant-based diet which, of course, has proven over and over again to be false.
On the other hand, I am not particularly fond of comparisons such as ‘apes are 20 times stronger than humans, therefore [...]’, as if that mattered and proved anything. Besides, that kind of claims are very easy to negate by finding a carnivorous animal 20 (or more) times stronger than human (believe me, there are plenty out there 😏).


That is true, the protein thing that's been pushed on the masses from the meat and dairy industry sure has done an imprint. I don't think that the comparison is supposed to prove that the strongest animals are the ones that eat plant-based, althought maybe just pointing out that many other species are strong even though they don't eat meat.

Interesting read. I've considered fruits only before but I enjoy my carbs haha


Lots of carbs in fruit ;)

Adopting a fruit-based diet is the best thing I've done for my health, as I have celiac disease. I was already vegan so it wasn't difficult to make the shift. Now I don't need to worry about gluten contamination when I eat. Thanks for sharing :)

I tried to eat only fruits one day a week (monday)... but I felt really exhausted on these days! Stopped it after like 5 mondays. Best wishes from Germany and upvote.

Trying out fruitarianism could be a very nice experience, if I'd live in a warmer country where local fresh fruits are available daily. But now, in winter, in Finland, I couldn't do it 😅