The profound beauty of fruit

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We can instantaneously notice the alluring smell if we come over a properly-ripened fruit. The fruit attracts us not only by its favorable aroma, but also it’s beauty in all its shapes and colors. No wonder why fruit is found throughout history in so many famous paintings. 

Nothing in nature lives for itself 

Rivers don’t drink their own water

The sun doesn't shine for itself

And a tree doesn’t eat its own fruit

The fruit tree or vine want you to take the fruit so its seeds can be spread out in nature to expand the species of the plant. 

This is called a symbiotic relationship because there are two or more organisms helping each other for survival. We get perfect nutrition and hydration from eating fruit in return of spreading the seeds. It’s a win-win situation for both organisms, but also for the eco-system as a whole which benefits greatly from the increased amount of fruit trees.   

Based upon heartfelt values 

Fruitarianism is a way of eating, in which ethics, health and sustainability merge together - based on no harm principles, nourishment and cooperation between man and nature. 

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better  - Albert Einstein 

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The most beautiful thing about fruit to me is that the plant shares a part of its soul with you in its fruit. When I eat fruit I can feel the plant sharing its consciousness with me, like having a window into its thoughts, and they are so beautiful. Maybe it's the plant or maybe it's God, but I think it's the plant, and it is just much closer to God than we are.


That is a beautiful way to look at it and I can relate to your experience.
Thanks for sharing.


Microbiome can determine our brain function. That's why muslin don't eat pig because pigs would have sex with their own mothers.

How about mushroom? A fruitarian would eat fungi? They are not plants and they are not completely animal. It's kind a like a fruit for fungi.

The above ground mushroom is not really the living fungus. The cells of the stem and cap die soon after they are formed, their function is just structural so that the spores of the fungus can be dispersed. Eating a mushroom cap is very much like eating a fruit, the plant has made the fruit specifically for reproduction, so that animals will eat the fruit and spread the seeds. The difference is that the fruit on the tree is still respiring cellularly. Most of the cells in a mushroom cannot respire and are already dead, because fungi do not have vasculature as higher order plants do. This is why mushrooms have so few calories, all the metabolism has stopped and there are very few sugars left.

The living part of the fungus, the one that can perform digestion and that has "sex" is under ground and almost impossible to eat because it is microscopic and invested in the soil.

The fungus has finished with the cells of the mushroom and effectively discarded them, they are left for you to eat, it is not taking a life but taking an offering by the fungus.


As you say the ethical implications of eating mushrooms is very similar to fruit.
However the nutritional values of mushrooms are very different from fruits and just imagine eating most of your calories from mushroom.


You are right! I want to eat watermelon every day. I don't get excited about eating mushroom.

Awesome written! Nature always provides


Thanks for reading, nice to see another Norwegian viking here. I see you got some health posts, I'll follow you.

Nice :) great short summary on fruitarianism. In fact, the best short summary I have read. “Nothing in nature lives for itself.” Great comparisons, too, my friend.

very nice i saved this pick.


Thank you, the picture is royalty free.