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Some fruitarians eat a diet that consists entirely of raw fruits and nothing else and can be said to practice fruitarianism in its most pure sense. 

However, the term fruitarian is more commonly used by people who eat mostly fruit, in addition to non-starchy vegetables and in some cases other raw foods like nuts, seeds and mushrooms. These are the two most established definitions of fruitarianism today. 

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Wikipedia’s description of the diet 

Fruitarianism (/fruːˈtɛəriənɪzəm/) is a diet that consists entirely or primarily of fruits in the botanical sense, and possibly nuts and seeds, without animal products. Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism. Some people whose diet consists of 75% or more fruit consider themselves fruitarians.

Differences between raw veganism and fruitarianism

Technically speaking, raw veganism is the correct term for a raw vegan diet that includes more than just fruit.

The feasible difference is that even non-strict fruitarians emphasize getting nearly all of their caloric intake from fruit. A fruitarian usually gives less value towards nuts and seeds. And some avoid it completely as they feel it’s unnatural to eat seeds as they contain future plants. When it comes down to nuts they are very hard to obtain in their raw natural state. Some nuts are marketed to be raw, but this is rarely the case. Nuts are usually avoided or used very sparingly.

In contrast, raw veganism usually requires more preparation using dehydrators to make crackers and making replications of cooked dishes like pasta, soups and much more. This is especially in the foreground of the raw gourmet movement where there can be said to be an overconsumption of fats, because of the large quantity of oils, nuts, seeds and avocados being used. 

A low-fat raw vegan diet is to be recommended because of it's more appropriate caloric ratio, this makes it more similar to fruitarianism, as low-fat usually means less use of nuts, oils and seeds. 

A fruitarian diet emphasizes simplicity; it’s normal to eat one fruit at a time until satisfaction and to eat it as it is, with minimal preparation. The use of oil, sugar, salt, spices and other additives are usually viewed as unnecessary since fruit tastes complete as it is. 

Well-known fruitarians 

Mahatma Gandhi,  "During five years of a purely fruitarian life I never felt weak, nor did I suffer from any disease". 

Arnold Ehret, author of several books on diet, detoxification, fruitarianism and fasting

Steve Jobs, experimented with fruitarianism which influenced his company name “Apple” 

“Although man has included meat in his diet for thousands of years, his anatomy, and physiology, and the chemistry of his digestive juices, are still unmistakably those of a frugivorous animal.” ― Herbert M. Shelton, Food and Feeding

Any thoughts about the fruitarian diet? Did you ever hear about it before reading this post? Do you agree with Herbert Shelton that we are frugivores? 

I greatly appreciate upvotes and reesteems so more people can get to know about this alternative diet. Follow me for more in-depth posts about fruitarianism and other health-related, environmental and ethical topics. 

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I think fruitarian diets are not possible for people now in our society. If We lived in tropical plages IT would be Easy, but most of us dont. So adding in starches is necessary for getting in enough calories.


It is easier in tropical places, but there are people that also pull it off in colder-climates.
It is not ideal, but with high quality imported produce - it is possible if you really want to.
As you said, starches is a very good option to get in enough calories, but with planning, experience and commitment everything is possible.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


I see what your saying, though I have a question. Do you value enough living in an unnatural environment icebox like Canada or Norway to spend the necessary money on high quality produce or would you rather sacrifice health to stay in a place like that to be frugal? If it's the case of being frugal, why wouldn't you move to the tropics if you value health as it's usually substantially cheaper and high quality fruits are more accessible there?

I was watching some fruitarian video on youtube last year, I began to experiment by eating 5 serving of fruits. My wife notices my hair start to grow thicker. I was thinking it must be the fruits. I also notice I can swim a little faster when I'm charged with fruits in my system. What I love about it is the taste and the fact that you don't have to cook it. You can just eat it without any salt, oil, and spice. After my experiment, I began to change my eating habit. I always eat fruits first and vegan whole food items. I felt some starchy food still kinda necessary. Maybe I should conduct more experiement like whole fruits fasting for 5 days or so.

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Very interesting. We recently switched to vegan and now i may have to look more into this as I never heard of it.


Great choice to go vegan! feel free to follow me for more content around the fruitarian diet!

I think I heard about it for the first time from your other posts. A question: fruitarian diet + non-starchy vegetables + nuts and seeds, that is basically the same as a raw vegan diet, or am I missing something?


You are completely right! Great question, I forgot to include it in this post.
As you say a fruitarian diet which include all those other raw foods can also be considered a raw vegan diet. I've updatet the post with your question, please re-read for more information.

I recently became vegan as well (6 weeks went by so fast, wow!). I lost weight and I'm feeling lighter than ever.
I'm not fruitarian, but I do include fruits in my diet. I'm eating more starchy foods actually.
I'm following you.
You're right about high quality produce, I get mine from local markets, not supermarkets.

I'd say I agree.