Trying the amazing DURIAN fruit for the first time! [Video]

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The durian fruit is regarded by many people as the "King of fruits".  It's a very distinct looking fruit with its large size and thorn-covered shell.

The fruit is found mainly in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are some of the countries that grow lots of different varieties of durian. If you want to have the best taste-experience Malaysia is where they really honor and respect this amazing fruit, they always let it ripen naturally on the tree and they sell them fresh the same day. 

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What does it taste like? 

I personally strugle to describe the taste of durian, the taste experience is like a Zen koan - which is a type of story or question that is meant to put your focus and awareness beyond the rational mind, beyond words. 

A popular Zen koan: What's the sound of one hand clapping 

The first time I tried it I couldn't describe it at all, I still can't justify its intricate flavors with words. The fruit is itself out of this world. Just look at that thing! 

Yes, I do love durian 

The saying "mouth orgasm" finally made sense to me, can you believe that? That a fruit is what gives me the best taste experience on this earth? Chocolate, desserts and other sweets don't even have a chance to compete face to face against the king. 

Words can only touch the very surface of what lies underneath the real experience, the real meeting with this giant, with this amazing fruit. The King of fruit is not simply a fancy nickname. If anyone or anything in this world deserves to be entitled king - it is durian, hail to the king! 

Picture taken by myself at Indonesia, Bali 

But, what does it really taste like? 

To leave you with something more concrete I'll display some of the descriptions I've found online. 

None of this descriptions comes even close to the actual taste from my experience after eating over hundreds of durians, and remember that there are hundreds of varieties and not a single durian taste exactly the same.  

  • It is completely unlike anything else I have eaten. If I had to combine flavors to imitate it, I'd say that it would be like vanilla custard with banana, caramel, and a hint of sweet onion, but that's not quite right. 
  • I don't know how to describe the taste -- it's just the taste of Durian and you have to try it. A non-SEA friend of mine once tried some and claimed it tasted like a combination of garlic+avocado+mango.
  • In general, the flavor is rounded and the texture is very soft. It works well with a gentle base like rice and coconut milk. 
  • Everyone's palate is different, but to me, a good durian tastes like a mix of custard, caramel, and blue cheese.
  • It's creamy, sweet and savory all at the same time. 

This Picture is taken by a friend at the Island of Borneo 

My friend trying the durian fruit for the first time!

When I was in Thailand I met up with this Youtuber, his name is Tom and was it was a blast spending time with him, eating durian together while having interesting conversations about life. 

Check out his channels about psychedelics and spirituality here. 

At the time my entire body, all of my cells were probably made up entirely out of durian. I eat it every day, the durian high was real. I wanted to share my love for durian and suggested that we could make a short video about it the king of fruit. Take a look at my friend Tom's first experience trying out the durian fruit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Have you ever tried to eat durian? if yes, did you like it? What did it taste like?

If not, did this post make you want to try it?

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It is officially my mission to find this fruit! You definitely sold me on it. I have never even heard of it before now. I’m just not sure how I will go about acquiring it. I did a little online searching, but it seems unavailable at the moment. I suppose i will just have to put it on my bucket list for now...


Hi there, where do you live?


I live In Vancouver Washington in the U.S.


You could try some asian stores nearby, they might have frozen durian and in the summer most likely fresh too.


Thank you for the idea, I will Check them out and let you know if I get to try it 😊

AAAAH watching that video reminded me of so many good times in SE Asia!!! My brother and I LOVE DURIAN SO MUCH!!!! <3 AND MANGOSTEEN!!!! Definitely some of the most delicious fruits in the world!!!! <3


They are within my top 5, I LOVE them as well. The king and queen of fruits are in perfect harmony with each other, love eating them together :)


Mmmm couldn't agree more! It was quite a paradise life to eat durian and mangosteen all day every day with infinite coconut water instead of normal water! <3

Oh I do love the durian!! stinks like hell- tastes like heaven. The taste really is hard to describe- just eat it and you will love that fruit or hate it... there is no in between :-)


I love the smell as well <3