5 SURPRISING, But Simple Reasons You Should Eat More FRUIT!

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There are numerous reasons for eating fruit, I could probably spend my whole day writing about fruit, and its benefits. And every time I do, the frugivore within me gets inspired and happy only on the thought of eating fruit. Fruit is so beautiful and is the definition of real nourishment. Let me tell you why I find it the healthiest option. And why I truly love fruit. (Did you know that fruit loves you back?) 

5 Reasons to eat more fruit:

  • Eating fruit is very healthy, fruit contains usually above 70% water content which is a close match to the human body. Fruit hydrates us at the same time it gives us all the nutrients we need.
  • Fruit is the highest form of food on this planet; it's whole in and of itself, its taste is rich and complete without any cooking, spices or additives. There are no other food groups that can compare to fruit in its original state. 
  • If you eat more fruit, you'll reap the benefits of feeling more whole within yourself - food does affect us in a great sense, more most of us imagine. When we eat healthy, nutritious, high-water content fruit, this gets reflected within ourselves in a clear mind, stable emotions and lots of physical energy. 
  • If you eat foods that are heavy to digests and dry, like meat, diary-products, and bread. Every food choice you make will affect you: Energy can get depleted from the cumbersome digestive process. We can create cravings and unstable emotions by eating foods that mostly stimulates our feelings instead of giving us real nourishment. Sugar, wheat, to much salt, spices, and fatty, greasy foods are examples of this. To avoid this, just eat fruit! 
  • Fruit is free from what many people try to avoid, gluten, salt, processed sugars, MSG, oil and other additives. Fruit only contains what your body truly benefits from. 

The greatest health advice on this planet is simple, eat what nature provides us, taste the purest form of food, chose food that has at least the same amount of water content as you. Eat what satisfies your natural sweet-tooth. Simply eat more fruit and less of anything else that makes you feel less than great in your beautiful body and mind - eat foods that hydrates you and make you focused and balanced within. 

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Truly grateful for any support, stay healthy and be well! 

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Nice work man, I probably don't eat enough fruit, but still probably more than most. For sure I will be stronger eating only plants, the gains I have made as Vegan far outstrip any mand while consuming animal products.

Keep it up man. 😁


Thanks mate, we can never eat too much fruit ;)

Good to know! Liking your content :-) I'll be following you from now on.


Thank you, I did the same :)