Questions in life can be fun.

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Let's have a little fun with the questions of life. Where do we come from? Where do we go? What do I live for? Where do I belong? How do you talk to a woman? I will start with the least difficult.

  • The first thing you need to know is that we come from our mother's womb, that's right Timmy, your dad inserted his penis into your mother's vagina repeatedly until he released a fluid that was full of little soldiers (sperm) and you are one of those little soldiers, you are the little soldier who came first to your mother's egg, got into her womb and started to germinate and stuff. That feels good, you were the fastest little soldier (or the most clever).

Life starts with a victory, yei!

Of course you could have been any of the other 250 million soldiers who probably came with less social fear, less shyness and with a bigger penis or better tits, but it could also be worse, right? That is, you could have been born mentally retarded (more so), with deformities or in a house devoted to Scientology. Instead of that you have what you have, things that you can not change and that you did not choose. This is not what matters, but how to use it in your favor for what you can change.

  • Where do we go? That's simple, we go nowhere, we're going to die. Many people think that it is the same as starting (reincarnation). Others that instead of returning, we ascend (or descend) to existential spiritual planes. Some say that we transcend to another existential plane deprived of body, of matter, they say that we are energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed, so that we may end up being fuel or raw material for blenders of future terrestial races. You can choose, it really does not matter because maybe you will never know or until one day that you are being used to prepare cocktails.

  • So, why do I live? Well, you might get a little disappointed, but the main reason to be alive is just to keep living. If you think about it, the only reason (the one reason we can all agree with) to exist in life is to propitiate yourself more. Life lives to live longer and to continue living, reproducing and staying alive. Animals without conscience can not escape these reasons, they have a quieter existence, they are attached to the natural law. We, humans with our big heads, for better or for worse, have the ability to compile it. What do you live for? Well maybe you should establish some limits or parameters to decide it. "How do I want to live?" Could be a question start. For example, I want to live well, enough money, a beautiful woman by my side, comforting work, creativity, staying in bed till noon, etc...

  • Where do I belong? What am I made of? I think of a bee and the answer is so concrete, so beautiful. The bee lives for its hive, for its queen and its compatriots bees. Nothing more eats his ugly little head and bulging eyes. Be useful. I remember being overwhelmed by this question for a long time of my life (the good thing about writing is that you can put things in the past that are actually present), because fuck, perhaps i dont want to be useful, don't want to serve coffee, do not want to entertain or bore , build or destroy, create or produce ... And I thought "huh, then what the hell do you want you whiny little bitch" Well what a question ... I remember I wanted to be a professional athlete, also a musician, anime cartoonist, academic, philosopher, psychologist, linguist... Now I want to become a writer, because I feel freedom when I write. I can treat all my dreams with writing, making my works the dream of dreams, delirium, the ultimate psychosis. I can unleash my imagination and CREATE. I know that my path is art, and I do not say that we should all dedicate ourselves to it, but we must give a corner of our daily life to art, because it enriches, it keeps you awake, it connects you with your spirituality. What am I made of? For endless things ... And for none. I do not know if the human being was born to do things, but it is evident that he can do them, and do them well. It's your decision. I decided to commit to an idea, a principle. Slavoj Žižek would be disappointed.


But the answer to the inescapable condition of the being to create meanings and to believe ideologies is not to deny it as Jhon Nada does with his sunglasses on the movie They live


I believe ideology is something you must fight against, constantly question it and extend it to your hands and your words. So... My principle: That I will never engage in an activity that with full knowledge harms the lives of others. Always the opposite. If I'm going to dedicate myself to something, let it be for the common good, because "I am myself and my circumstance, if I do not save her, I do not save myself" (José Ortega y Gasset). This has an immense amount of repercussions (in dealing with women, with my co-workers, with my leadership, with my writings) and it is precisely because of this that I adopt it as mine, because whenever a situation arises I can think something like "what would Jesus do", only that instead of jeezus I think "what would the best version of me do right now?"

  • So here we are, with our last question, maybe as key as the others. And I must apologize, because I dont have a clue. I would tell you things like "you have to be honest with them" but I always hide my intentions until they can not do anything about it... ʅ(°⊱,°)ʃ
    I guess it depends on what kind of woman you want in your life. I'm not saying that you should exclude all those who do not fit in your concept of a perfect woman, only that if you ever find her, be honest. My friend, women do not want the most beautiful, nor the one with the most money. They want the one who wants THEM the most. Some women do not have the luck to identify him so they end up in disastrous relationships, or simply (and I think this is the most general case) the ideal suitor (the one who loves her the most) desists because he believes himself to be a small thing and stops insinsting. Perseverance, there is nothing that drives women crazier. Double friend edge, be careful what you are looking for, you might get it, choose carefully, and when choosing, devote 100%. I repeat, this in case you look for your concept of perfect woman, the mother of your children, the coffee of your coffee maker...

In the meantime, you can have a good time with them, I enjoy doing it a lot, however I find troubles doing so because I respect them too much, and that bores them. Respect is the silence of the liar, so either be honest, or at least try to sound like it.

P.S. On "where do we come from?" : There is no sense here. Only chance, divine intervention or natural law. There is not a why, but there is a how. Is there something else behind? Could you have existed before you were even "germinated"? It may be, you may have been an idea before, maybe you were already there when your dad was thinking about getting some nice ass, or when your mom was thinking about bringing into a green old man. You may not even have been thought of and you were only the product of a casual and alcoholic encounter between two irresponsible adults. It is a question for your parents, because from there you have begun to be defined, yes, you feel fear, because you have been yourswelf long before you were able to make a decision about who you want to be, some get it very diffcult, others not so much, but the size of your success also depends on the difficulties you overcome during your life, this is law. The greater the challenge, the greater the effort, the greater the reward.

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