There are no dumb questions. Ask Anything you want to know about Steem Blockchain.

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Steem is a blockchain. Steemit is a website that is built on Steem blockchain.

What is Steemit?

For many people Steemit is gateway to the world of cryptocurrency or cryptosphere as I would like to call it. Before you start putting your hard earned money into cryptocurrencies you can start asking your questions on Steemit soliciting answers from the pros and you can earn some crypto while getting your questions answered on this platform.

Can I make quick money here?

For others it is a blogging platform where you can make money for your contributions. Like any other places in the real world you can make money on Steem platform only if people find your content useful and if they feel it add value to them. If you came here thinking you could write some articles and make some quick money let me be the bearer of bad news. It is not easy money. You should either be a very good content creator or you should invest enough money in Steem Power to gain clout and make money quickly.


Why does Steemit seem so hard?

Unlike other platforms Steemit has a learning curve. You must spend some time understanding the platform initially to have maximum returns and make an impact in the platform. Many people who pass this stage quickly forget about the steps they took and get alienated for swathe of newbies that join the platform. This was one of the reasons for starting this handle (Gaining a large number of interesting followers and making more SP in the process is a given :) ). @steemladder will be dedicated to helping out the newbies and minnows to start gaining the maximum value from the platform while at the same time helping them to add value to the platform as well.

Can you answer my queries about Steemit?

We will be using this post as a placeholder for understanding the questions that new users of Steemit have. I will try and answer all the questions that will be posted in the comments. If I am not answering them as soon as your expect please have patience. I will definitely get back to all the questions and answer them as soon as I can.

I have a question but it might sound Dumb

As the title says "There are no dumb questions." So start shooting all your silly questions for they are not silly. A question ask might answer the doubts many people have in their mind but are willing enough to post it out there. So do it for them :)

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how do i get people with high steem power to follow me and upvote me.
how do i get that kind of attention i have tried multiple different kind of original posts but its been a tough ride so far :(

Follow people whose attention you would like to have. If you are writing for a niche checkout who are the whales posting regularly in that niche. Add meaningful comments on their posts. Over the time they will take note if you are adding meaningful comments. Whenever you find it relevant drop a link to your posts.

  1. How do you - Follow people whose attention you would like to have?
  2. How do you - Checkout who are the whales posting regularly in that niche?
  3. Posts that are older then 7 days ANY UPVOTES - YOU DO NOT GET PAID FOR
  4. Ok here is a link to my posts just click the green @super-grand-ad

First of all, thanks for your comment on my post and your upvote, thanks for your help and sorry about my English... I have a doubt, Can I upvote my own comments without any problem? :)

Different people have different opinion on this. Personally I upvote all my posts as I invest my time in writing those. Regarding comments I am flexible. If I write long meaningful comments I don't mind upvoting myself. Sometime I upvote my comments for visibility as well. In such cases I also make it a point to upvote atleast one another comment that was meaningful. I refrain myself from voting my comments which are small or pleasantries.

Ok, thanks. You've been very kind and helpful. I know that it is better not to publish more than 4 or 5 posts daily but I did not know about that fact as I did not know that writing different comments with just one "emoticon" in them can be considered as spam although people enjoy them. I hope to see you soon! :)

Gracias por la información también tenia esa duda...saludos

Thank you for the post..can u assit me for knowing how the monetary works or how to convert the steem into currency and what is the no along with the name and why are my post not getting proper views

You have asked multiple questions there. Let me try to answer them.

  1. In Steem blockchain new coins are created regularly. The coins newly created form the rewards pool. The rewards pool is distributed amongst content creators, content curators, SP holders and witnesses. The easiest way for you to earn rewards will be by adding meaningful comments on popular content, upvoting good content that you come across and then creating content. If you have some spare money you can buy steem and power up.

  2. You can transfer your steem to any exchange and then you can convert it to bitcoin or Fiat currency.

  3. The number beside your name is called reputation. You can increase your reputation by being active on the portal and adding value to the portal. Higher reputation will give you multiple benefits like authenticity to your account, more followers and more interaction on your posts.

  4. Until you create a good number followers and an interactive community for your blog, it is difficult to get views. Checkout for some ideas.

Thank you for assisting me and can u assist me one more time of how to convert the steem power into sbd

There is a process of powering down in which your steempower will be converted to Steem. Then you can convert your steem to SBD from market.

this is so informative, a guide to all minnows keep up the good work sir/maam I appreciate.
I have one questions how many SP needed to vote minimum of 0.01, since I expected as a minnows my up voted value is 0.01 but when I upvote their is no value on it.

The value of your vote varies based on various parameters.

  1. Rewards pool available.
  2. Your voting power remaining.
  3. Percentage you select in vote slider.

For example you can check out the vote value of my upvote from the link
Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.30.14 PM.png

My friends that I introduced to steemit are having Sign up problem. No Approval message was send, some over 7 days ago.

There is a cost associated to creating an account on Steem blockchain. When you create your account on Steem blochchain using the Steemit interface the charges are paid by the Steem Inc. Since they are paying on your behalf for creating the accounts they generally take some time to verify the accounts making sure that it is not spam.

You can suggest the following approach to them if they need to create their account real quick and are ready to pay the price.

I got wrong/false flag on my own photo to clear back the wrong flag?

The flagging is by the account that is running the competition and not steemit itself. So you can safely ignore it or you can contract the author of the bot on Discord. You can also consider leaving a comment on one of their posts.

Thanks for answering question :) ...I have try to add friend and PM on discord but fail to send the message and can't even contact the account who flag my own photo..I guess I just ignore it ..thanks once again :)

well, I am still too ignorant to have any decent questions for you to waste your time on,.. but as time progresses, I may come up with some,.. just trying to upload my stuff to have a baseline to work with, I am totally clueless on cryptocurrency as well,.. but I thought I would climb onto the ladder at the low rung and put up some of my content to see how it goes,.. thanks for providing details to those of us who cant quite seem to get it,.. I will be on the down low util something inspires me to pose a question, until then I am following you, as I can learn stuff from others' questions,.. be safe my friend!

I see that you have uploaded a lot of videos on Dtube. Make sure that all the videos are your own. If you would like to add some notes to vidoes by others, don't upload them to Dtube. Instead just embed them and add your notes. I also see that most of yours posts have very low payouts. Initially you can concentrate more on reading the posts by others and engaging in the dialogues by adding meaningful insights through your comments. Once you are have enough followers and you have figured out your niche for writing you can spend more time on creating posts.

all the videos are my own,.. with the exception of a couple, thank you for your time, I am confused about adding notes to videos by others, and my low payouts are probably because nobody knows me yet,..i haven't been here that long, I suspected that my videos would not get many views as the site is clogged with newcomers

The payouts on Steem are time bound. Your payouts are dependent on the number of votes(SP of the voter and percentage they set while voting) you get in the first week. So even if your post goes viral after a week you will not get any payout for the post. But you will benefit indirectly as it will help you get more followers.

yes i didnt think i would get paid directly, as i dont have any money really, as i dont have really any followers to view my stuff, i am seeming to have issues with uploading more videos today, it tells me an error submitting to the blockchain, i seem to be doing everything correctly as i did before, i even restarted my computerand signed back into steemit for steemconnec thinking that may solve it,.. however,.. to no avail,.. am i doing something wrong or do i need more steem or something?

i am even having trouble with editing my stuff already uploaded? i am really confused did i do something wrong and get banned or something?

There is concept of bandwidth. You can only upload or edit so much content in given time. You can either visit back after a day or so by when your bandwidth would have recharged. If you would like to avoid this problem altogether you can power up by buying Steem Power.

I have delegated 10 SP to you so that you can post more frequently. Once you have gained enough clout in the portal select one other user who you think deserves the 10 SP and I will delegate to them.

thanks ladder, i still tried to upload with the same effect (nothing) i guess i just have to wait a couple days to upload again, is there any way to get steampower? or is it just a waiting game?
i noticed these comments on the post below mine,.. would these help, how does one go about getting steampower?
Add some meaningful and insightful comments on posts so that you get noticed by others.
Add some posts under the #steemit tag so that other new users can find it useful.
Be part of the competitions that are run by popular accounts.
You can check out some interesting Gigs that are aligned with your interests.

You can check your bandwidth from

Instead of doing all your activity in one go it is suggested to spread it across so that you always have some bandwidth for you actions. You can buy steem from any exchange (Eg:Bittrex or Binance) and then move to your account. Once you have your steem you can convert it to Steempower. For details check out

good post I would love to know how I can get more upvotes and what kind of content would be more striking since I do not usually have much success in my blog for more than I strive as I can call the attention of the followers some advice

Until you have enough followers and a few dolphins or whales in your follower list you can try the following.

  1. Add some meaningful and insightful comments on posts so that you get noticed by others.
  2. Add some posts under the #steemit tag so that other new users can find it useful.
  3. Be part of the competitions that are run by popular accounts.
  4. You can check out some interesting Gigs that are aligned with your interests.

You can track this post and start answering the questions by newbies which you are already aware of. If you see adding long comments to any of the questions here you can repurpose them as posts so that it reaches out to your followers.

You can also checkout for idea.

If you are done with these and need some more ideas let me know. I can give you a few directed questions. But these posts will need more time and dedication as it will involve couple of days of work.

Excellent advice, I will put it into practice from today. Where were you before? @steemladder

I love what you're doing @steemladder.
I'm sharing this post with my friends on Facebook and twitter. I think they can also learn from the answers provided to the asked questions.

Thanks for sharing. @fessikay If you have any questions please post those in comments.

Hi @steemladder, I could say creating my account on steemit is no stress but for about a week now I have being trying to create account for my wife and my 13 year old boy who love drawing but can get the confirmation or approval link sent to my email and of course could not reregister with the same phone number.

What could have being the problem. Any solution

As mentioned in another comment there is a cost associated to creating an account on Steem blockchain. When you create your account on Steem blochchain using the Steemit interface the charges are paid by the Steem Inc. Since they are paying on your behalf for creating the accounts they make sure that no duplicate accounts are created by verifying your phone and mail.

If you are ok spending some Steem you can follow the steps from for creating a new account.

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