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At moments I thought there were gods around me ... Or demons. And I say it for what that might imply, sometimes I feel that God is me, but I must achieve a certain Nirvana or something similar to be able to make use of my celestial power and influence my surroundings to my benefit (it does not matter if that "benefit" is based on the individual or on the collective). Then I thought about that, "my benefit" What do I want, can I really know the answer? Or maybe there are several. Everything is wrong, I can not help feeling how everything goes from disastrous to catastrophic, there is no order in the world. Am I God or Demon? Is there Good and Evil? Love? Anything? Something? Well, of course something must be! Even if there is not, if it is all a dream, an illusion or a hallucinatory deception (perpetrated by who), something must be covering up that deception, something is hidden, and if there is nothing behind the mask, then I do not have any other way than working with her, appropriating the deception and recognizing it as mine. After all, here I am, right? ...

  • Do you trust no one?

I do not.

  • But you trust this thinking of yours, dont you?


  • A thinking that <must reach certain Nirvana or something similar to ...>

You can keep the jokes for yourself.

  • Im trying to understand you, you are embroiled with all these reflections.

There is nothing to understand, this is what im asking:
is there an answer
that fits in all the questions?

That's where I'll start, really. Call me a fool or put a label of those OCD or SCZo, but for me it has no use whatsoever that goes before that question. This i have determined

  • You dont have to worry, just dont get carried away by the things separated from whats important.

Oh... "The important thing"

  • That you exist, live and, as an extraordinary event, think. You are misusing the quotation marks on thinking. Do not be afraid to trust that thinking, because it is your last light, cling to it and take care of it, nourish it; It is fragile, but powerful, from close up it can illuminate everything, even in the densest darkness.


  • ...

Allright. My "thinking" goes after any God, Devil or Possessed that presents itself. But I do not count before putting, there are certain margins on what "thinking" means. And this makes it even better as if it were only an abstract skill that does something while saying it. Because there is no doubt, language plays a central role in this issue... This way I can radicalize a concept that plays in between, and I say that we only know the thought by itself. Just likelanguage, we do not discover them. They discover themselves.

So concepts (ideas, notions, terms) play in between, because we can only know and articulate concepts through thinking and language (respectively), then there are faculties that never really abandon their interiority of our corporal limits, they never reach the object, they can only assume is there. We can also imagine the sequence that exists between the concepts <thought>, <language> and <concept>. Each concept passes from a language to a thought and from a thought to alanguage. They continue without abandoning the limits of the human being, neither mine nor that of the supposed others, there is only a horizontal exchange. although it may also be that I am possessed by a demon who invents everything that happens beyond my eyes in order to maintain myself drowned under my own limits, my own imperfection and my own weakness ... Suffice to say that obviously there is much more out there than we can think or articulate. If not, what sense would the limitation have? It may be opposed that there is no limitation; but is it not obvious that we feel all our sensory limitations? Because the senses are deceitful and deceived. To believe otherwise would be to interpret God in each of the acts we think (to believe the senses in absolute terms). Co you imagine something more dangerous? interpret God in every act we can conceive? INTERPRET! So much blood, so much suffering and so much death on that one. And demolishing the thing a little more, there is much more inside the human being besides the language and the thought, there are also viscera, lungs, intestines, muscles, veins, bones, liquids, gases, substances, and we can know ours because we are in constant operation with them. Feelings, deja-vu, intuitions, could god be behind any of these phenomena? I can not locate the start... The source is unknown.


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