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About honesty and the coincidence between thought and action.
The truth

I believe in what they call man's self-realization, but I could not explain how to achieve it, because I do not know what it is or how it can be, I can associate it with certain moments of my life or certain feelings without forcing my memory too much. But I am unable to describe it.

There is something in my daily life
that gives me a signal about the matter,
and it seems to me that enlightenment
(or I would rather call it by another noun
more human,
more personal,
accompanied by an adjective that seems out of place,
something like

"the state of imposed freedom")

is founded on honesty and the confluence
between thought and act,
because it is through these faculties
these two concepts
that the being can achieve an effective change in his spirit.
It can influence him.

Is this being free?

The fact is that we have no other choice than to be free.
This does not mean that people are divided into free assumed and free not assumed, our thinking and our action are continuously influencing each other.
The real question is
Can we decide?
They are both what moves inside and what is contacted from within.

But what role does the spirit play here?
I think it's a great psychological truth that the spirit is timeless, Freud called it the unconscious

But the unconscious can not be limited, it can not have a scientific community by its side. We are talking about the spirit.
Something we all percieve
But nobody knows.
How can science arise from that principle?

Perfect coincidence between thought and action can not exist as a result. It can only exist as a system, as a principle. Nothing i do will come out exactly as i thought it would be. Nothing i plan will go exactly as planned. Plans are this percisely, systems to follow. There is always improvisation. In coincidence between thought and action there is always error.

Life is improvisation.
Improvisation does not mean spontaneity.
It means following a pattern.
Spontaneity can only exist when (and where) control ceases



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