#Introduceyourself: Hi I'm Chris. How I turned my life around ... and how you can too!

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Hey, this is me as real as it gets! 🤳 😀

I was told that it is good practice and common decency on Steemit that the newcomers introduce themselves to the community. So after about one month of hanging around on Steemit, I guess, it is about time to formally introduce myself. 😜

A short introduction

My name is Chris, I'm 34 and I am a Vienna-based clinical psychologist. I stumbled upon Steemit about a month ago. I have to thank @jerrybanfield for this, as his video tutorials on YouTube led me the way. A big shout-out to Jerry - thank you, Jerry!

I was also told that in order to have a good start in the community, it is of paramount importance to take the introductory post seriously and put a lot of effort into it. So, in order to impress you all, I even tried to be an artist and put back into use my coloured crayons which I had used in primary school. ;)


I really tried hard to bring not only some colour but also some movement into this posting. hehe 😂
Please also look at my self-made Steemit T-shirt. 👍


Maybe also a few words about my professional background are in order for a proper introduction:

My professional background

Currently I am working as a crisis psychologist in the area of psychosocial acute support in emergency situations. Previously, I have also worked in projects aiming to reduce violence and bullying in schools, and in psychiatry helping people suffering from various psychological disorders.
In my current job, my main task is to support people who have lost their loved ones in the hours after their deaths. Often, I help traumatized people to cope with their feelings of sadness, loss, shame, guilt but also to support them with organizational things such as calling the burial service and helping them in the interaction with coroners. I also collaborate with the emergency medical services.

That should be enough for now about my work. This is not the proper place for a detailed description as I would like to focus on different things. I will in the future, however, certainly write a few postings on my professional experiences. So please stay connected! 👍

If you ask me, a good introduction should also include my previous actions on Steemit.

So what have I accomplished on Steemit so far?


Although I have only been on Steemit for one month, I have not been lazy during this time!

  • According to www.steemdb.com, I have made 676 posts and comments so far. My reputation is currently about 42, and I have 169 followers. I have also voted for two witnesses (@jerrybanfield and @teamsteem) so far, are there any others I should vote for?
  • I have taken part in four five contests (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5 ) and in one poem contest (#1), and have won one bonus prize so far (yey!).
  • I have taken part in one real-life Steemit meetup in Vienna and have got to know really wonderful people! ❤️ (I hope that some of them can also verify that they have met me in real life! 👍 e.g. @mammasitta @flurgx @nicoletta @street.yoga and others)

However, I decided to take my Steemit engagement up a notch and have begun actively creating and organizing new things on Steemit:

  • I am organizing a real-life meetup for vegan Steemians (and those interested in a vegan lifestyle) in Vienna:
    viv meetup

    Click on the picture to read the announcement post.

    I am very happy that at the moment we are already six people - and counting! :) If you are interested, don't hesitate to comment!

  • I am also hosting a vegan contest right now called the #dailycupofcoffee challenge. I put a lot of effort in writing-up the contest announcement, so I hope that finally some people will participate (So please, participate. Don't let the contest die. 💥 😜). Btw, you don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan coffee. ;)

    Click on the picture to read the announcement post.

Coming back to the actual title of this post:

Let me now tell you why I chose the following title for this post: "How I turned my life around by making sustainable lifestyle choices... and how you can too"

This is a very recent photo of me now (as a matter of fact, I did it yesterday). Currently, I weight about 82 kilos (~180 lbs) and I feel totally healthy.

Bild mit T-Shirt

However, it was not always like that...

This was me about 10 years ago:


As you can see, since then, I have changed a lot. And I like to believe to the better!
About 10 years ago, I had about 115 kilos (~255 lbs) and my doctor told me that I was morbidly obese. I had high blood pressure and fat buildup in the liver. In a nutshell, my health was in a really bad condition. Although I was very active in science (spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer), I was not active at all when it came to moving my body (my slogan was "sport kills").
As you can see, this is not about fat-shaming, it is about health and life quality!

So, you see, I have changed a lot during the last 10 years!


You might ask: "That's awesome! How did you do it?"

  • Did I undergo liposuction?
  • Did I have to take a lot of medication?
  • Or did I just hire a Photoshop expert?

None of these answers are right! So, what did I do?

well I changed my lifestyle

This sounds very easy. However, it was not!

Almost nobody comes to an insight and motivation by themselves and overnight. It was a journey that took me years to change my everyday routines. In general, I think two sustainable changes were very important: 1) changing my diet and 2) incorporating more movement and sport activity.

One big obstacle is that most of us tend to see only the big goals. We visualize the big goals we want to achieve and we want to achieve them very quickly. However, this endeavour is doomed to fail. When thinking this way it is very likely that we succumb to quick fixes and short cuts that may not be sustainable and eventually makes our sitation even worse.

Looking back, the most important strategy that let to my success was not overwhelming myself with one big goal, but structuring the way to this big goal by the consistent planning and executing of a series of small steps, that is, small achievable goals. Theses small goals were doable and reachable. This gave me motivation to carry on.

source: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/p/5/005/072/132/0e55ba5.jpg

One should never underestimate the power of small steps!

Remember the old adages:

  • Every journey starts with a small step.
  • A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.

I am really convinced that there is much truth in them!

source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6b/a6/ed/6ba6edd6354f8455cfefa5a93c4e1d2e--monday-inspirational-quotes-monday-motivation-quotes.jpg

No matter how big the goal is that we want to achieve, we can only achieve it by beginning with the first small step. Without doing the first small step, our journey towards the big goal would never exist. Thus, dreaming big without ever starting with the first small step is not helpful at all. We should become aware that every journey consists of a series of small steps. Every single step of the journey is meaningful because without the next step we would stop our journey.

So, now you know it, the real reason behind my username SMALLSTEPSCHANGE.

My first big change: adopting a vegan diet


If you ask me, the most important change in my life was moving away from my previous diet towards a wholefoods plant-based (vegan) diet. Again, before changing to a vegan diet, I had to do a lot of small steps, particularly when it comes to changing my perspective and actively introducing changes. This was a long process, also involving ethical considerations.

In this context, I would also like to mention one person that was very important for me in bringing about this big change.
It is Dr. Michael Greger. His goal is to find relevant scientific literature and make it accessible to the masses. For this goal he has founded a nonprofit charity organisation that hosts NutritionFacts.org a first science-based, non-commercial website with free daily videos and articles on the latest discoveries in nutrition science.

I had the pleasure to meet him and to talk with him in person. I have so far also contributed to nutritionfacts.org by translating some of his videos into German (i.e., providing subtitles). I am also a big fan of his new book "How not to die", which I can recommend to all of you. In this book he provides a recent review of relevant scientific literature on how to reduce the odds to die from the most prevalent diseases of our civilisation.


Vegan recipes and meals

Now you may say: Vegan food? That sounds dull and bland.

However, I can asure you that this is absolutely not the case!
That is why one of my aims is to bring deliciously healthy vegan food recipes to Steemit!

Here is a short overview of some vegan meals - for most of them I have already provided a recipe and a step-by-step photo instruction (you will find them in my Steemit blog).


And of course, you don't have to give up delicious desserts!


My second big change: Move your body & Sports! 💪🏋️‍♂️🚴

I started slowly but steadily to introduce more movement in my daily life. I began with introducing more walks. Instead of meeting my friends in a pub, I asked them to go for a joint walk. Then, I started to introduce some further activities, such as swimming and riding on a stationary bike (Spinning). And after some time, I added weight training (Body Pump). You name it! :)


One person, that was very helpful for this big change, was Scooby. You might know him from YouTube. 💪💪 I really liked this videos and this authenticity. In comparisons to others, he really doesn't want to sell you stuff. The only thing I disagree with him completely is diet. 😝 I also had the opportunity to get to know him. 😀


Rounding up my introduction

In order to round up my introduction, I want to add that I really love nature! I love hiking and taking a walk in the woods.
I never get bored in nature and I always find a way to entertain myself - even in winter! 🤣


I also have my small garden - consisting out of several planter containers outside on the pergola. I especially like my lemon balm and my peppermint plants! :)


I also like to travel! I have already made a post about my trip to Malta.


In the last months, I have also become interested into cryptocurrencies and in Bitcoin.
I have also written some postings here on Steemit about this topic.
Here you find, for example, a quite comprehensive list of different Bitcoin forks. Another example is my post about what you need to know about Ledger hardware wallets.


Thanks for having me! If you are reading this and you are still interested, please reach out to me by writing a comment and following me!




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Hello Chris! I love your posts.

Hi dinhtm,
Thank you! 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

I am new to this platform and will be posting content soon but this is why i joined steemit to engage with people who have a powerful message. love your post.

Hi Glove-Hero,
Welcome on the Steemit plattform! Looking forward to see your content! Thanks for reading my post! 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Great Post 😁👍

Hi xels,
Thanks for stopping by! 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Now that's what I call a powerful intro. Congratulations to your progress and keep up your activity on Steem :) Looking forward to the next meeting in Vienna! Greets

Hi Welcoming, thanks a lot for the resteem! 👍😀
Would love to meet you at the next meeting in Vienna. Have you also attended the last meeting? CU

Love this and all you have accomplished and done in life so far. It is refreshing to see people such as yourself here on steemit and really seeing the grand vision of it!

Goes to show you what small changes daily can have such a huge amazing impact on your own goals providing you with a healthy more fulfilled life you can enjoy for longer.

Hi Sean, thanks for stopping by and leaving me this nice comment! 😀
Thanks for having me on Steemit! 😁
It is so important to commit to daily small changes! I am so happy for what I have achieved regarding health and I am working to keep it this way. :)

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Hi Greatness96, thanks for welcoming me! 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

@smallstepschange keep on Steeming!!!

Hey thetruth36, thanks for stopping by! I certainly will keep on steeming! 😆

Wow thanks for sharing your story

haha, r351574nc3, thanks for answering on my behalf! 😄 😅 😆

Hey kjnk, thanks for the time you spent reading my story! 👍👍

Wow...what an amazing transformation!! Thank you for sharing. Dr Greger is awesome as well. I love reading about the vegan diets seeing I am close to getting there and hearing others stories makes me more certain I can do this as well.

Hey Jonathan, thanks for leaving your comment! Love seeing that you also know Dr. G.! The fantastic thing is that his sources are scientificly sound! Keep on investing in your health, it will certainly pay off! 😉
CU around!

The small step is very important in every one life. Any small steps can change the whole life. We called 'Anuvrat' in Jain religion, means small commitment to life . Anu means Small and vrat means commitment.
Looks great that you enjoy your life with steemit.

Thanks mehta, you are right, that is the same idea! Nice! :) 👍CU

Really amazing job on the post man. Very impressed. The length is good as well.

Thanks braxton! Good to hear your feedback! I was a little bit afraid that my post was too long. 👍😄 Thanks!

Welcome to Steemit! Very informative posts!

Hi Jay, thanks for your comment! 😀

Hi natka2,
nice to have you here!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Great story - thanks for sharing and welcome from another Vienna Steemit newbie :)

Hi Christian, nice to meet you! :) Perhaps we meet each other at the next Meetup in Vienna?
This post might be helpful for you: https://steemit.com/steemit-austria/@nicoletta/wiener-steemit-stammtisch-uebersicht-2018
Best wishes!

a very inspiring post.
giving you an upvote.

steemit ph footer.JPG

Thanks for your comment, guruvaj! Very much appreciated! 😃☀️

Welcome to this community. A great story the change you have achieved in your life. I like your recipes for healthy food. Thank you for your contribution to this community. God bless you

Hi Jose, thanks for reading my posts! I'm glad that you like my recipes! Have you already tried to make one of them? Would love to hear from you. CU 😀

Hi. It is a pleasure to talk with you in this way. I love cooking to share with friends and family, although I am not a professional in that area. However I like to prepare recipes that are easy and fast. Today, for example, prepare a baked pumpkin stuffed with vegetables and rice .....it was delicious.

I am an electrical engineer, working in logistics area and I currently live in Venezuela. I like nature and animals and growing plants.
Thanks for taking the time to write me. God bless you

Hi Jose, nice!! 👍 Hope you liked the stuffed pumpkins! Hope to stay connected! CU

I will be watching your publications and I hope you share with me your recipes and tips to grow in this community

I certainly will! Thanks for following! CU around. 👍

Thanks for your help

you are welcome! CU 😂

👍👍 Thanks fadhluns.kom! :)

Wow! Jetzt habe ich es endlich einmal geschafft, deine Vorstellung komplett durchzulesen! Wieviele Wochen hast du daran gearbeitet? Und ich dachte immer, meine Posts sind lang! Wie auch immer, künftig werde ich mich mehr. mit deinen Ernährungstipps befassen, denn es brechen bei mir endlich ruhigere Zeiten an, die mir ein gesundheitsbewussteres Leben ermöglichen. Und dennoch braucht man jede erdenkliche Motivation... :) Fein, dass du dich da so engagierst! :)

Hi Martina, vielen Dank für deine Zeit! :) Ich habe ewig lange dran gearbeitet! Habe danach auch die Bitte bekommen, ein Posting auf deutsch zu schreiben (mit den Tags "deutsch" und "Steemit-Austria"), da viele englische Intro-Postings gar nicht am Radar haben. An dem Posting schreibe ich nun schon mehr als ein Monat - insbesondere, weil ich grad nicht viel Zeit habe... Mal sehen, ann ich damit fertig bin. haha
Bis bald, Chris

Ist ja an sich schon ein E-Book!!
Wirst du nicht als Motivationscoach eingeladen?
Haha, wenn das so weitergeht, wird das der Steemit-Blog mit den meisten Comments ever!
Alles hat so seine Zeit! Take it easy! :)
Und... danke fürs Antworten!

Haha, bis jetzt noch keine Einladungen, aber ich kann mir durchaus vorstellen, Leute bei Lebensstilveränderungen professionell zu begleiten und zu unterstützen.
Cu, Chris :)

Da bist du sicher prädestiniert dazu! Ich jedenfalls würde dich sofort anheuern! :)

Greetings, Chris! You are a very interesting person, a bright personality. Good luck on Steem!

Спасибо! 👍
Hi Olga, Thank you very much for this compliment! 😆
Greetings to Western Siberia.
CU around, Christoph

I gave my regards to Siberia. Siberia can send snow and frost to your land? You do not want)

Hi Olga, haha, it is currently quite cold in Austria (for Austrian standards). So no need for further snow and frost. 😆 CU

What a pity, Chris) I'll have to keep the snow on the balcony - until the summer :) 17 янв 20018.jpg

Haha, thanks for your picture! Although it really looks like nice and bright view, I would prefer if you keep the snow. 🤣

That's a long and well written introduction post! Welcome to Steemit!

Hi Phil, thanks, love your feedback. :)
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

WOW! That's impeccable Chris (@smallstepschange) . A wonderful introductory and some interesting sharing. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and I admire your professional life.

Hi SawaIz,
thanks for your wonderful feedback! 😃
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

I just was able to open my account yesterday, and they told me to go look at some introductory posts. Yours is the first I have looked at. Now I have big shoes to fill, as your post was varied, informative, and fun to read. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hi munkeyburp,
what a creative name you have! 🤣
Thanks for reading my intro, appreciate your positive feedback! Wish you luck for yours!
Hope to read from you soon.
Let's stay connected!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hey Chris, i have recently joined steemit. Your story is really inspiring. It takes a lot of patience and struggle to come into shape. And you did it successfully. thumbs up :)

Hi Attiya, thanks for writing this nice comment! Hope you start writing soon so that I can read up on your story.
Chris aka smallstepschange

I have shared my first blog. Do check it out :) thanks

hi! I have checked it out and left a comment for you! 👍👍

Hi Chris, welcome to Steemit! I somehow stumbled upon your post (great post btw) and saw that you mentioned about giving support to people who have lost their loved ones; I’d love to chat with you on that.

Again, great post! Enjoy your time on Steemit!

Hi Eric, thanks for your comment! If you ask me the most important aspect for people having lost someone is finding real life people whom you trust and with whom you can speak openly and also feel ok sharing your emotions. And then, it is important to know that this situation ( and other unusual problems such as sleeping problems, depressive feelings etc.) are here to stay for some weeks and least. If they are here for a longer time, it is of utmost importance to search for a local professional that can help!
Chris aka smallstepschange

Thanks for the input Chris, yup I’ve been losing sleep for almost 2 years now. I do have a significant other and a group of friends whom are like family to me, but I still get overwhelming flashbacks from time to time. Not a very pleasant feeling 😣

Hi Eric, I am really happy to hear that you have a significant other and friends that are like family! This is so important! Have you had the possibility to talk openly withthem about your flashbacks? Two years are quite a long time, have you ever considered getting professional help. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. When a loved person dies, this is a very serious and abrupt change of your life. It is totally comparable to a deep physcial wound. And if people have a physical wound, they would immediately go to a physician.
I can totally believe you that getting flahsbacks is not very pleasant at all! If you have the feeling that it limits and restricts your life and if you feel psychological strain, you should really think of letting others who are trained to do such things (e.g. psychologists) help you.
Would love to hear your opinion on this. And thanks for being that open! It is highly appreciated.

amazing story of your life, you can change it to a better direction. i want to imitate your lifestyle. thank you

Hi abwi17,
Thanks for your nice comment! 👍👍 Wish you luck for your lifesytle changes! Let's stay connected.
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Excellent intro, Chris [aka @smallstepschange]! Thanks for being open about you, your background, your present, & your involvements.

The Steemian Collective is looking for active participants. Interested in getting readers? Well, the door is open for you, come on in and be listed!

Hi tim, thanks for your posting and your compliments! 👍

@smallstepschange I love your name and I agree no small steps ever wasted. Welcome from a philippine raised friend

Hi Gratefulayn, you are so right! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! :) CU 👍

What a fabulous introduction great information, have bookmarked the nutrition website to check out later.
Not surer if you know about the #makeithealthy tag on steemit your vegan and health posts would really help the community in that tag.

Hi Biglipsmama,
Thanks for reading my post and stopping by! 👍 I'm glad you bookmarked www.nutritionfacts.org - believe me, the information you will find there is life changing. The sheer number of videos there might be a little bit overwhelming at first, but it is definitely worth regular visits. 😀
Thanks for making me aware of the makeithealthy community!
Greetings to New Zealand and CU around!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

It is unfair you are a victim of a bully @grumpycat.

Spread the word!




I've only been on this site a few days but wow, this is the best introduction post! How detailed, informative and personal! Kudos on your transformation and bettering yourself. That takes a lot of dedication and hard work. You're an inspiration to us all! Thank you.

Hi beautyloving, wow, thanks for your comment and welcome to steemit! I am very happy that you took the time to read my post. 👍👍 Hope there are not too many mistakes, since English is not my mothertongue. ;) Hope you start posting on Steemit soon! CU 😁

Thank you for the warm welcome, I appreciate it a lot! Yes your post was a pleasure to discover, and you are doing very well with English, so don't worry! Yes I will be posting soon, now that I have seen your introduction post I am working on one that is just as awesome! See you around! ☺

Hi, nice!
Now you got my attention. Looking forward to reading it!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hi firedream, seems as if grumpycat does not like people using the sneakyninja bot. I think I have not understood the reason behind this so far... Maybe you could explain? thx! 😀

He has no reason...

He's made up a self enforced rule and is trying to get people to conform to it. Using the guise that it will help clean up spam when in fact it does nothing of the sort.

Hi Alliqbal! Thank you very much! 😃 😄

You are welcome ,happy to get to know you😁😁

I'm happy to. Let's stay connected! 👍

Hi Jenn,
Thank you so much. 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hey sakhe, thanks for the warm welcome! 😁
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hallo, auch Chris, auch aus Wien, auch vegan :D und ich glaub ich hab dich bei der Vegmed in Berlin gesehen? LG Chris

Hallo Chris aus Wien! Ja, ich war in Berlin, war total super! 😃Vielleicht magst du ja zum nächsten Viv-Meetup (Vegans in Vienna) kommen? Hier der Link: https://steemit.com/vegan/@smallstepschange/vegan-steemians-of-vienna-let-s-unite-vegane-steemianer-in-wien-und-umgebung-tun-wir-uns-zusammen
Würde mich echt freuen, mich mit dir zu vernetzen!

Ja, bin fix dabei! Hab eh schon bei dem post kommentiert, sonst muss man sich nicht irgendwo anmelden oder? 😁

Hey Chris, das passt schon so! Hab aufgrund der vielen Kommentare hier ein bisschen die Übersicht verloren! Werde eine Woche vor dem Treffen nochmal ein Posting machen - werde dich dort verlinken.

Perfekt, danke, bis dann 😊

bis dann, freu mich schon! 😀 😁

Hello Chris. I love your personality already. Love your vest, impressive work you do, I love your gif too. There's so much you can achieve here on steemit.

You are welcome...

Hi tolustx,
Thank you so much for reading my introduction post! 👍 It is very rewarding that you like my work and the gifs. Looking forward to seeing you being around on Steemit! :)
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

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Hi BitGeek, thanks for this very interesting comment! I visited you link, and now I know that I am not dust, but a user. :) Keep on posting the statistics, very interesting. 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Woowhh now i'm getting motivated to complete introduction post. How much time you spent on completing this full post? Full of motivation and one point of time i did not wanted to miss reading single word. Wish me some luck too :)

Hi Mayana, Thanks for reading my intro post in such a detail. Love it!😉 👍
Glad that you are now full of motivation for your intro post. It took me a few days to write up this post (I mean full days).
Good luck!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾
P.S.: Also love kayaking.

:):) i like the P.S.. Im working on bettering the blogs and putting up solid content. People like you gives me lots of motivation. Thank you.

Perfect! The secret lies in keeping on! CU :)

Greta personal story. Yes, I am a firm believer in focusing on small steps to achieve your goal.

Hi Diamondray, thanks for reading my personal introductory post! 👍Glad that you have the same view on the importance on small steps! 😉
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Welcome...i like your post how you introduce yourself in energetic and effective manner

Hi Aditya, thanks!😃
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Realy creative i would say. Thanks for the amazing introduktion!

Hi Bjoernr,
thanks for stopping by and for this nice compliment!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

I have never read an introduction like this,!!! you're very detailed person when it comes to introducing yourself, I just followed you and looking forward to read more of your wonderful posts

Hi Steemshocker, wow, thanks for this nice compliment! I'm blushing. 😀
Thanks for following, will follow you back.
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

I would like to change my life also but in other aspects. I feel like economically i'm a burden to my mother. I just wish I can start making money to be able to give back. If you have some spare time, checkout my intro post. Welcome to steemit. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@chabolero/my-first-post-in-this-amazing-community

Hi Chabolero, Thanks for your comment! I have upvoted your comment and your intro post. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes to Madrid.
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hi Saiful,
Thanks for stopping by! I upvoted your comment and your intro post. 😀
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Welcome to steemit and i wish you all the best. Feel free to check out my blog, this way we can support each other! :) upvoted and followed :D

Thanks Abdul, greetings to Pakistan!

Smallstepchange nice name because small things are usually forgotten or took for granted but here you using that small step make everything change. Congratulation

Hi xcel2018,
You are completely right! 👍Now it's time to not forget the small things. 😀
Thanks for congratulating me, I am blushing.
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Wow what a great start to your Steemit journey @smallstepschange I am following and look forward to more from you :)

Hi Nikki, thanks for your interest in my future postings! 😉 👍
CU around!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hi nikki,
Chris aka smallstepschange

This is such an awesome post :) Steemit truly is all about being active. Making posts every day and engaging with the community. You really inspired me to be more active than I have been for the last week.
And I always love seeing my vegan friends here make an impact =) Good job =)

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I motivated you to be more active on Steemit! 😉 👍
Hope to stay connected!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Wow, it really was a devastating and amusing introduction. Small steps cause big chances as you know. I am impressed. Good luck to your next steps!

Hey lastpenny! Thanks for reading my introduction! 👍 Which parts did you find devastating and which did you find amusing? Good luck to you too!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

That was a solid intro. My upote is not that valuable. But could not resist. :)

He warlover, thanks for reading my intro and for the upvote!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

That is a fantastic introduction. Enticing, interesting and fun. Whoohoo!

Hi VeeDeshNee,
how nice that you visited my intro post and left a comment! 👍 Thanks for the compliments! Hope to stay connected. 😁
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Thanks! 😀
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

welcome to steemit @smallstepschange awesome!im @gyn greetings from phillipines:-)

Hi gyn, thanks for stopping by! Greetings to the Phillipines from Vienna, Austria!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Guten Morgen Chris,

wow!!! Small step kann man hier ja nicht mehr sagen! ;D
Wir kennen uns ja schon. Ich wußte gar nicht, dass du ganz frisch bist, zumindest halbfrisch :D

Bin ganz froh, dass ich deinen Vorstellungspost gerade gesehn hab. Dann weiß ich wer hinter dem Namen steht. Find das immer komisch mit Menschen relativ privat zu sein und nicht zu wissen, wie sieht der aus, was macht der so?

Auf jeden Fall hab ich jetzt einen Eindruck von dir gewonnen und find das voll spannend! Toller Post!!!!! Dem Erfolg steht nix mehr im Wege!

Auf bald! :D

Hi Monja,
Danke für deinen Kommentar!
Du hast recht, im Ganzen gesehen, ist ein ein großer Schritt, aber wenn man genauer sieht, merkt man, dass dieser große Schritt aus ganz vielen kleinen Schritten (Entscheidungen, Tätigkeiten, Gedanken, etc.) besteht. :)
Danke für dein Lob, freut mich echt!
Auf bald!
Lg, Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Hallo chris,
hehe.. klar, bei dir auf jeden Fall!! Du willst ja deinem Namen alle Ehre machen!!
Ich geb dir Recht, dass es normaler Weise so ist.
Aber ich möchte auch darauf bestehen, dass es manchmal Schritte gibt, die riiieeesseeengroß sind. Am allergrößten ist der Schritt der Entscheidung...
😂 Zumindest kenne ich das so!
Den großen Schritt habe ich auch auf deine vielen Votes bezogen 😉
Freu mich von dir zu hören, wir werden uns bestimmt über den Weg laufen!!
LG Monja

Hi Monja! Haha, stimmt, der Schritt der Entscheidung ist schon ein großer Schritt. Aber bei genauer Betrachtung gibt es auch hier im Vorfeld schon viele Gedanken, Überlegungen, Auseinandersetzungen, Gespräche. Man trägt immer eine Vorgeschichte mit, die aus vielen Einzelerlebnissen besteht. Auch diese haben alle eine Wirkung. 😉 haha
Aber es fühlt sich natürlich wie ein großer Schritt an, weil die Konsequenzen potentiell groß sind!
Ich freue mich sehr über die Votes. 😃
Bis bald auf Steemit! 😀
Lg, Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Wow over 600 posts. You have been busy :) I've been on since August and I've only just broken 500 posts.
All the best on your journey!

Hi Lizelle, don't worry, you will catch up! It is all about quality and not quantity. 😉 👍
Thanks for taking the time for reading my post!! 😀
Hope to see you around on Steemit,
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Welcome and inspiring post !!!

Hi tjcrypto1,
Thanks for welcoming me! Hope to see you around. 😃
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Welcome to steemit family.At last you came to the most amazing community in the world.Wishing you all the success.I am following you to get more updates , hoping you will follow me too...

Hi simisto, thanks! Now I have two families. 😀 Thanks for following me, will follow you back.
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

I think we have a lot in common

Hi seaotterrodgers, thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear that we have similar interests and a similar view on life! 😉 👍
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Great introduction @smallstepschange. Those vegan desserts look delicious. Welcome to this great community

Hi buona4tuna,
Thanks for your comments! Hope you try to make some of the desserts and taste them. 😀
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Step on brother. So awesome to see you here on Steemit

Hi Nathan, Thanks! I really like your profile picture. 😉
CU on steemit!
Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Glad you turned your life around, and it really isn’t about fat-shaming but quality of life even at an old age. It took 5-6 million years for the Grand Canyon to attain its impressive sight of today, so volume is not that important, but persistence is.

Right! Constant dropping wears the stone. Staying motivated and planning and appreciating the little goals and steps is key! 👍💪
And this is especially true for food - you do it usually several times a day. A little change each at each meal adds up! :) 😀

Nice to know you sir. keep up the good work