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As every weekend, it's time to summarize some of our progress as a community and look behind at events which unfolded and could affect our work. It's time to think about small steps which we're all going to take next week. Steps, which will help us strengthen our community in those difficult times.

This post MAINLY serve as a weekly report of our activity as a Community Curator @steemcurator06.

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First of all thanks for the mention, to the community and to people as special as @crypto.piotr I understand the problem, it seems that the development objective may be affected. But as an active content creator of the @project.hope community I think there may be a slightly simpler solution to favor both creators and those in charge of delegating and curating posts. And more favorable for the latter.

I think it is a solution that will require more effort from the team of creators, but I also think it is fair. In the article the community of @project.hope recommends not to publish 3-4 times a week in both channels in order to be able to support creators equally, but nevertheless in the article highlights that this is an especially difficult task.

I propose the following. I propose that there be a norm within the community of both chains (Steemit / HIVE) where the days of publication are first reduced. In other words, the authors can only publish twice a week in each channel, twice for Steemit and twice for HIVE. This would allow to have a stricter control of the contents, also I believe that it would allow to have a more equitable distribution of the vote when the content is limited.

I also consider that there should also be a normal one that restricts content in the following sense: a content creator should create exclusive content for each of the chains. As a creator I can publish, for example, on Tuesday and Thursday in @project.hope in Steemit, a unique and exclusive content of this chain. And on Fridays and Sundays, post unique content for @project.hope on HIVE.

First I think that this control with this way of publishing, would not only bring better quality content, due to the fact that it requires the creator to take more time to make the post and it challenges to create unique content for both chains. It would also bring more diversification in the themes and the growth of both communities in parallel, without being the same or with duplicate content.

I also believe that curators would find the job easier, since they do not have so many posts to cure and being unique in each chain will make their selection easier. As I also believe that this will help to better manage the votes, giving voters more time to heal the posts.

I hope this is helpful to the community.

 2 years ago 

Thank you for sharing your suggestions @ale.aristeguieta

Most of it surely make sense to me. However some things are just not possible at this stage. The most challenging part is your suggestion:

a content creator should create exclusive content for each of the chains. As a creator I can publish, for example, on Tuesday and Thursday in @project.hope in Steemit, a unique and exclusive content of this chain. And on Fridays and Sundays, post unique content for @project.hope on HIVE.

It would simply mean, that from this point my role within PH community would change. Instead of supporting authors, regardless on their activity on one chain or another - I would end up being full time police officer, enforcing some strict rules.

I really think being as strict as you suggest would not allow our community to ever grow to the point we are today. Many other communities like strict rules and are focusing on enforcing those rules. I'm focusing on finding people worth supporting and my goal is to help them grow. Knowing that if we grow together, then amazing things may happen.


Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I think I now understand the validity of your point. Really good, so I think if you have to find an easier way to distribute the way the items are cured so that it is easier for the team.

Take care!

Thank you for all your great curation work.

The Steemit Team

Thank you for showing your appreciation @steemcurator01

Those things do matter for us.
Yours, Piotr

 2 years ago 

Thank you, STINC and @steemitblog for giving us the opportunity to live this enriching experience.

Excellent work, thanks for sharing, let's keep finding those valuable contents within the community.

Man, you are doing a great job with this Piotr. You are spending lots of time and energy doing this, so kudos and honor to you for doing it! I wish I had a 5,000,000 SP account to give you a giant upvote for the work you are doing.

hi @unbiasedwriter

Love your comment. You've managed to put a great smile on my face just now :)

I also wish you had such a giant account to support not only me, but perhaps our entire community


You and your team are really doing a great job, I am sure steemit will be glad to have chosen you for the delegation.

This must be a time consuming task for the team but you are adding value and that is all that matters.

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