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Hello steemians, hope your all doing great, I today is one of my happy day on steemit, and I will really like to [email protected] for introducing me to this great platform also @cryptokannon for her mentorship on my achievement task and support. I have finally completed my achievement 1-6 tasks, and hoping to be among the Pro Newcomer Verified" label in no time in the Newcomers community, thank you all for your support.

Here is the compilation of the achievement 1-6 task

Achievement 1 Task: Introduction Talking about introduction, it's a necessary task in every community, organizer, or platform were you tell people about yourself and all that the have to know about you.

My Achievement 1 post link

Achievement 2 Task: Basic Security on Steem In the achievement two it was talking how to secure your account, and serve your password in other to avoid third party from reaching or accessing your account.

My Achievement 2 post link

Achievement 3 Task : Content Etiquette It's talking about plagiarism, which involves copying another's work, paying, buying, or stealing another's work to publish without reference or acknowledging the source or Author.

My Achievement 3 post link

Achievement 4 Task: Applying Markdown In this it's talking About how to apply markdown, indeed I actually enjoyed it cause I was able to understand how to apply markdown and make my work look great.

My Achievement 4 post link

Achievement 5 Task 1: Review In this task I learnt how to check my account details easily, like checking voting power (voting Mana) checking his and alot more

My Achievement 5.1 post link

Achievement 5 Task 2: Review in steemscan one will see the present price, volume of steemit, also find witness, quick converter were you convert Steem to other cu

My Achievement 5.2 post link

Achievement 5 Task 3: Review in steemyy it gives easier access to Steem tools, which you can use to check your effective Steem power, delegate Steem power and perform other task using the tools on the steemyy portal.

My Achievement 5.3 post link

Achievement 5 Task 4: Review In the it allows you to view recent history, reward, voting Mana and other transaction which was done on the Steemian account.

My Achievement 5.4 post link

Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community: Here I learnt about the curation, the way the rewards works, the time structure reward calculation, the voting Mana. The witness qualities of the witness, how to vote for the witness, the communities and also the value of Steem power(SP).

My Achievement 6 post link

Best regard;


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Thank you

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

 11 months ago 

Thank you

You have completed all the tasks in the Newcomer's Community in the Newcomer's achievement program. Congratulations.
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@boss75 thank you for the verification.

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