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How to check Reward summary for all time, 30days and last 7 days?


It can be done by simply visiting the website In this section, all information for the reward summary of all time, last 30 days and last 7 days will be seen by you. The heading is included Curation SP, Author SP, STEEM, SBD and Total USD. Here is a screenshot showing a sample of his the reward summary looks like.


What is Delegations, Types of Delegations and How to delegate SP?

Delegation is a means where steempower is given to another steemit user or a community to enable him or her perform more function or have more influence in the steemit platform and also use it to vote so as to earn a bigger curation reward.


We have three (3) types of delegation from the platform as we can see in the screenshot above.

(1) Incoming delegation:- This is a type of delegation that is given to a steemian by another steemian. This implies that when I as a steemian gets delegation from another steemian the delegation type is called incoming delegation.

(2) Outgoing delegations:- This is a type of delegation that an steemian gives out to another steemian to support him/her. This implies that if I delegate my steempower to another steemit user, that delegation is known as outgoing delegation.

(3) Expiring delegations:- This is a type of delegation that is been set, which implies that a date and time will be set in which the delegation will last and immediate after that time, the delegation then returns to the wallet if the steam power.

How to delegate Steempower?

When you are in the site l, you will locate and click on delegate tab, a form will display, you fill in all the necessary information such as the username and amount then you click on ok, after that your active key will be required to activate your transaction. Below are the Screenshots of the steps to delegate steempower



How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes, please explain this with screenshots of both votes for your account?

To be able to see both the incoming and outgoing vote, you need to scroll to Stats and below it you will see inc. Vote and out. Votes and which ever you want you then click on it.


In that case to see the incoming vote you will need to click on the inc vote. As shown in the image and a menu will display as shown in the Screenshot below.


Just as that of the incoming vote you will need to click on the out vote. As shown on the image and a menu will display as shown in the above image and a menu will display as shown on the screenshot below


How to check account operations for past 7 days and what all details can be checked?

In other to check this one have to get the section showing account operations, this section keeps records for today, yesterday and for the past seven (7) days. You will have to click on it and all the information there will be seen. This information involves votes, comments, post and other activities. The practical is displayed below


Please explain Author, Curation and Beneficiary Rewards. Also, mention author and curation rewards for your account for past 7 days.


Authors Reward: This is the reward that is given to authors or publishers of content at the payout of every post. In steemit every post published and voted upon gets it reward at the end of every seven days.


Curation Reward: This is the reward given to the curators of the content that was published by the author. Curation here is talking about voting the content produced by the the author. This also is given to the curators at the layout of the post.


Beneficiary Reward: Some times we may not want to take the whole reward for ourselves so therefor we set a beneficiary reward. This is a % reward given to a different person other than you as the author. For example if I set 10% beneficiary reward to @steemalive, it implies that on payout, 10% of the reward should be given to @steemalive

Here are authors and curation rewards I have made for the past 7 days.



How to check your upvote value and at different voting weights using this tool?

The voting weight of any steemian is dependant on the number of steam power the steemian is having. Here in my case, due to low steem power, my voting weight is very low. So considering the voting weight ranging from 1%, 5%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% all of which are reading $0.00.


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