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1. What is Effective Steem Power? Tools- Steem Account Information

Effect Steem power is the total amount of Steem power (sp) present in the steemian account,by login into, then click on the tool it will display all the tools shown on the dashboard as shown below




2. How do you delegate SP using "Steem SP Delegation Tool"?

One can delegate Steem power (SP) from the steemian account to another steemian account.


Then you click on the steemsp delegation. either through steemlogin, Steem connect or hivesigner.


After that you will then see a box were you will type in your ID and that of the steemian your delegating to, which implies your delegation username and that of the receiver, finally you type in the amount you wish to delegate to the receiver then click on okay.

3. How do you check the Transfer History between any two Steem accounts using "Steem Wallet Tool - Steem Account Transfer Viewer"?

Firstly you login to the, click on the Steem Wallet Tool-Steem Account Transfer Viewer and the needed informations will display.



You will have to fill what is needed to get the specific transfer history needed.

4. How do you automate claiming STEEM or SBD without having to click claim button each time, using "Steem Auto Claim Rewards"?

It allows the steemian account to automatically claim due rewards into their Steem wallet. In other to use this service via you will have to click on the steem auto claim reward tools on the site, some box will display were your username and private posting key will be required.



Lastly click on claim.

5. How do you check the outgoing votes report for any specified period using "Steem Outgoing Votes Report"? (This is really an important and a beautiful feature of Steemyy)

In to check your outgoing votes in your account, you will have to click on the steem outgoing vote report on the website.



It will lead you to were your Steem username and date interval will be type in, the result will be displayed.

6. How do you check the incoming votes report for any specified period using "Steem Incoming Votes Report"?

In checking the report of the incoming votes, on, you will click on the same procedure but just that in this you will have to click on the incoming votes report. It will lead you to were your Steem username and date interval will be type in, the result will be displayed.



7. How do you check who has delegated SP to your Steem account or any Steem account using "Steem Power Delegator Checker"?

In checking who has delegated SP to you on, click on the tool, scroll down to the Delegator and delegate, you will see Steem power delegatee checker, click on it, type in your Steemit username to check those that has delegated to your account.



Then you click on search.

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I will like to appreciate @cryptokannon for the mentorship and provision of the review which was developed by @justyy.


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