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Hello steemians
Am @zealyakub this is my achievement4 post. After studying the course guides by @cryptokannon am here to proceed with my achievement4

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Introduction to financial literacy

Financial literacy is the capacity to recognize and successfully use numerous monetary skills, together with private monetary management, budgeting, and investing 1

Financial literacy is the muse of your courting with money, and it's miles a lifelong adventure of learning2

Reasons why the poor keep getting poorer and the rich keeps getting richer

THE RICH Money works for them, money can work for the whole 24 hours.
THE POOR They work for money, in a day one can only work for 8-10 hours.

Difference between the Rich and the Poor

01.The rich investmentThe poor don't invest
02.The rich buy assetsThe poor buys liability
03.The rich pays brokersThe poor See's it as waste
04.The rich teaches there children about moneyThe poor don't
05.The rich pays themself firstThe poor pays bil

Different between job and business
Job is a short time solution to a long time problem and also thinking that a job will make you feel secured is just a big lie to yourself.

Business is anything that is been established and can be run without your presence needed.

Best regard


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Hi @zealyakub, I expected to see more of the markdown applications in your post. Your achievement task has been verified. You can proceed to the next achievement task.

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Thank you sir

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Kudos to you @zaelyakub for completing this achievement. I hope you move to complete others soonest.

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Thank you

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Hi, @zealyakub,

Your post has been supported by @tocho2 from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Thanks I really appreciate

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