Achievement 5 Task 2 by @zealyakub: Review

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Hello steemians, hope your all doing great, I'm here with my achievement5.2 task. review on, I appreciate @cryptokannon for the mentorship.


Steemscan is an exchange tool for exchanging steem into any crypto currency forms and it is built unto the blockchain. this exchanging tool can be used to convert steem into other currencies

1). Please discuss the current steem price and volume on the date of submission of this article review?

The current Steem price is at $0.59 as of the time of this review, while the volume is at 58,139,583

As shown in the screenshot below.


2). Please explain what all information is shown under the latest transaction and latest block section?

In getting the latest transaction and block area all you need to do is open steemscan in your search engine.

Latest Transaction: This will show all the latest transaction that is running in the steemit platform like the Block ID, ID, sender, receiver/permlink/ID, Type and Amount/%/Payload.


Latest Blocks: This will show the details of an ID, and block transcations.


3). Please explain all information is under witness section and steps vote a witness?

The witness in the platform displays many data like the users that are active, , last block volume, transaction count and more.

This is how to vote for a witness in steemit.

In voting for witnesses it's easier easier with the 'Witness' feature. All you need to do is locate the witness feature just at a click of the menu bar, a list will display Then click one the witness When the list of witnesses pops up as shown below, you vote.


Next step is to click on any user and vote but remember you have to own a steemit account in order to complete this objective

The below image displays the current witnesses, last block height and again it also displays the list of witnesses in the steemit platform.


4). explain what are DApps and mention three example of DApps that you have already used or may use in the future as per your interest?


This showcases various dapps that can be quickly accessed and utilized by users. Examples include: DTube, TravelFeed, SteemHunt.

5). Please explain how to use Quick Convert and what is the fee charged for different steem amount for withdrawal?


For one to exchange steem to other forms of cryptocurrencies, from the home page, you will have to click on menu and then click on quick convert. You will then enter the amount of steem you would like to exchange with any of the currencies; USDT, BTC and TRX. After that you will have a space were you will input your wallet for receiving the preferred cyptocurrency. Then create the order. Finally, you will have to enter your active key in the pop up prompt to confirm the order.

This request will soon be processed and the fee for the request is approximately. $1 for both bulk and small transactions.


6). what information is provided by the search feature?

The information provided in the search features in steemscan helps steemians and features are transactions and others.

Best regard


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

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You have passed Achievement 5(2) on understanding the different tabs on the menu bar on

Tasks complete2

Rating 3

Please read for the next tool used on the steem ecosystems. Achievement 5-3: Review steemit steemyy tool Link You expected to understand how to check your Voting Power and different activities on your blog

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Thank you I will do just that.

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