Achievement 6 Task by @zealyakub: Understanding Curation and Community

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Hello steemians, hope your doing great, I really learnt alot on the previous achievement task and I'm here to explore achievement6 task understanding Curation, witness and community. I appreciate @cryptokannon for the mentorship, through which I was able to gain more knowledge on how the rewards works on steemit platform, and also how the roles witness play on the steemit blockchain.

I will be exploring my understanding of Curation, witness and community best on the questions below.

Do you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?
What happened if you vote a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?
Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?
Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?

1. Do you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?

Voting and Curation works together in steemit. Yes I understood Voting and curation, that the both work together in steemit platform. Curation takes place when you vote on another steemian posts or comment, and also occurs when yours receives upvote from other steemians. In respect of the vote you then earn a reward in form of SBD, SP and TRON which shows that your post has been curated.

Vote in other social media is represented just as ''like'' but here in steemit is a means were steemians post get rewarded through, and this voting Power depends on the Steem power (SP)of the voter, because the higher the Steem power the higher the reward that will be distributed to the Author and the curator, from the reward pool.

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The votes are measured by a power bar named voting Mana which shows how much Steem power one can reward publication with, and it reduce with 2% for each vote, that shows that the highest vote one can cast upto 10 a day, because it increases daily with 20%, but the higher the vote the lower the reward that will be distributed. Every steemian has a Mana pool for down vote. The pool for downvote is 25% of upvote Mana. Donwvote will consume the 25% before consuming the real Mana. If one is voting for 1/50% for the remaining 100% vote, the same logic is applied for the downvote. But In the down vote it's 4× because it's 25% of the normal voting Mana pool.


Source screenshot using

2. What happened if you vote a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?

The 50% that is been received by curator is calculated within the range of first 1-5 minutes based on the time the publication receives votes. The time and distributed rewards are represented below in a tabular form.

MinutesReward that goes to the CuratorReward that goes to the reward pool
In 1 minute20% reward goes to the Curator80% remains in the reward pool
In 2 minutes40% reward goes to the Curator60% remains in the reward pool
In 3 minutes60% reward goes to the Curator40% reward remains int the reward pool
In 4 minutes80% reward goes to the Curator20% reward remains in the reward pool
In 5 minutes above100% reward goes to the Curatorwhile 0% remains in the reward pool

3. Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?

exciting tools on steem blockchain and also creating blocks on steem. Indeed they are really worth my vote as my witnesses. The tools they created are and

I will vote @justyy and @steemchiller as Steem witness. Not for anything but because they have created tools on steemit that gives me easier way or access to checking all that I want to check at all time, and this tools are and as I earlier on appreciate in my achievement5 task3.

4. Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?

Talking about community this community in other words can be seen or called a group, were people post, and each of this communities have their rules and regulations, which every participant is expected to observe before making any publication in the community.

This are some of the communities I have joined on steemit and already published in

Newcomers community
Steem Nigeria
Steem school

Reasons for joining.

- Newcomers community: I joined this community because it's through the community that I got my mentorship on how to take my achievement task post them I get the way forward.

- Steemitnursery: I joined this community because I was an Novice and to gain the knowledge and supports which will be in the community for newbie.

- Campusconnect: I joined this community because I will like to share my knowledge experience and probably problems and possible solutions to our today's world.

- Steem Nigeria: I joined this community because I'm and Nigerian, and as an Nigerian I will have to partake in the progress of my nation, by publishing articles.

- SteemitCryptoAcademy: I joined this community because I need to know more about crypto, how it's going presently, and also understand the nature of it market.

- HeartChurch: I joined this community because firstly am a Christian and will have to write articles on the things that will build ourselfs and strengthen our Faith in God almighty.

- Steem school: I joined this community because it's a community were one make publications that will inspire, motivate and build a future in the readers.


I appreciate all those who took there time to read through and also appreciate @cryptokannon for the mentorship and provision of this article which guides on the achievement6 task.

Best regard



Mr. Yu's three hobbies are smoking, drinking and hairdressing, but I like upvote ,thank you for your support! witnesses vote to me ,i will upvote to you everyday

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Hi dear @zealyakub, congratulations on your 6th achievement. You have been verified. Now you may compile all your achievement posts from 1-6 in a post and that is the final task for you

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Thank you ma for the verification

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Hi, @zealyakub,

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