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At @BusinessActivity we work for the growth of the community and Blockchain Steem, we are very happy to see all the evolution and unstoppable growth that we have had so far, all the team are deeply grateful to the entrepreneurs and companies who daily publish their publications, they are doing a great job Congratulations!

The progress of companies and entrepreneurs shows that it is necessary to motivate, guide and publicize the functioning of the steem ecosystem, to give way to what will be its full development. This will happen by itself, once the investor is clear about their working method, attractive in the presentation of each of their posts and of course the incorporation of payment methods, which are an important part of the entire start-up process continues. Prioritizing the direction of your work, as an investor and for the client.

Today we want to make it much clearer that improving the quality of each of your work will result in the attraction of an exceptional audience and excellent rewards, do not always forget to give your personal touch to your business, position your brand wherever you are; start from there, build your sustainability.

Here is a summary of the most outstanding companies and entrepreneurs of the week:

🔸 Design, decoration and renovation of spaces with natural plants.

Business name:@Cactusgens
Owner's name:@gensequini
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Today we will talk about plastic pot containers, measured models and reflected costs for the acquisition of our clients

Today we will talk about Bromeliads

He shows us in detail how the use of plastic pots helps us in the development of plants, and also tells us about the exotic bromeliad plants, their care and how you manage to maintain them.

🔸 Pastry shop.

Business name:URT UCEH UTARA
Owner's name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh-Indonesia

Today again receiving orders for Djali pudding accepting payments with STEEM

We can see in detail how the sabrized pudding is made with natural escensia, packaged and delivered to its customers, with a breakdown of prices in their local currency, SBD and Steem.

Business name:Heidy Pastry
Owner's name:@heidyps2
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Produccion de Suspiros or Merengue with breakdown of costs in SBD - STEEM and Supply of Inventory

Carrot Cake with Cost Breakdown in Local Currency, SBD AND STEEM

We see in detail how to make sighs through a special meringue and how to cook them to perfection, he also shows us the preparation of carrot cake giving an example of how to take advantage of this rich vegetable both recipes with a breakdown of costs.

Business name:maminasazúcar
Owner's name:@maminasugar
Business address:Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela

Happy Birthday Wife Cake

Colombian meringue on a chocolate cake

It shows us in detail how to make a Colombian meringue and how to make a sweet cake biscuit to surprise its customers with a breakdown of prices in local currency sbd and steem.

Business name:mvcookies
Owner's name:@mvchacin
Business address:Carúpano, Venezuela

Sandiwch Cookies / Accept payment via Steem and SBD by @ mvchacin

It shows us in detail the elaboration of a chocolate-filled cookie with the step-by-step of the recipe and the final result.

Business name:jessie'scake
Owner's name:@felyess
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

A classic: Genovés sponge cake for fried cakes.

We are going to detail how we can make a special Genovese cake to make cold cakes for your clients, showing us the packaging and price breakdown.

🔸 Jewelery

Business name:ADONAI by Dayanna Lozada
Owner's name:@alannaycrist03
Business address:Barcelona Edo. Anzoátegui Venezuela

Elaboration, sale and delivery of spectacular necklace of stones and gold-plated wire

Manufacture, sale and delivery of Chain for mask of the ADONAI collection of Dayanna Lozada.

We see the elaboration of jewelery garments with special materials for each accessory, showing us the step by step and how they deliver their products.

🔸 Decoration and celebration.

Business name:Maricreacionestp
Owner's name:@mariangeltp
Business address:Acarigua, Portuguesa, Venezuela.

ASTRONAUT THEMED DECOR by @mariangeltp (Maricreacionestp)

TOPPERS AND PAW PATROL THEMED CAKE by @mariangeltp (Maricreacionestp)

It shows us the realization of its products through a step-by-step breakdown of its commercial activity and how it works in partnership to carry out its orders.

Business name:CreationsGlass
Owner's name:@glass13
Business address:Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela.

Taekwondo-themed topper by @ glass13

We know part of their commercial activities through the realization of a decorative topper for cakes or desserts.

Business name:Ikigai_coffee_desing
Owner's name:@coffeedesing
Business address:Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela.

Preparation of Surprise Breakfast kit by @ coffeedesing

🔸 Construction

Business name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
Owner's name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia

promote various types of steel inputs in our workshop

We see in detail their commercial activity, in the elaboration of blacksmith materials and in what way their prices are for the completion of the final product.

🔸 Distribution and Sale

Business name:Style Wear Shoes
Owner's name:@ahmadch49
Business address:Okara, Punjab, Pakistan

Style Wear Shoes || Introducing the Logo and new collection in the business

They show us first-hand their products, varieties and in what way they offer their services, additionally they celebrate the design of their new logo that represents their brand.

Business name:Fantasy birds farm
Owner's name:@shahidchoudary
Business address:basirpur, Pakistan

Fantasy birds farm | Official Presentation to the Business Activity community

They show in detail the presentation and operation of their poultry farm, a dreamed and sustainable business.

Business name:SOGHAAT E HUNZA
Owner's name:@huzaifanaveed1
Business address:Karachi, Pakistan



We see how it shows us a special type of fig honey, additionally it tells us how they have managed to achieve the success of their business.

Business name:UD Sumber Jaya
Owner's name:@Suhadi
Business address:Aceh-utara indonesia

Stores that sell essentials accept payments via IDR, Steem, and Sbd

We can see the development of your business supply by re-establishing your inventory, to offer your customers essential products.

Business name:Online Shop
Owner's name:@pecintabunga20
Business address:Tanah Pasir, Aceh,Indonesia.

Online Shop Business||Some Items That Arrived Yesterday And Today|| Accept payment via IDR, STEEM, SBD

Online Shop Business||Customer Orders That Arrived Today|| Accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD

Bisnis Online Shop||Ready Stock Hijab Voal Motif || Accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD

We know each of your products in detail through a breakdown of prices and photographs that allow us to know your commercial activity.

Business name:khadi online for sale
Owner's name:@yousafharoonkhan
Business address:Distrito Mia, cerca de DHQ choq pujb Pak.

Sale of commercial activity online by steem # 2 || New jewelry collection Khudi Shop

We know your products and how you want to distribute it to your customers with details of sales prices.

Business name:La muñeca Plc Bassquell CA
Owner's name:@Yuliannymarin
Business address:Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Models of plates, spoons, forks Available in the store

What can we get in the store? What we offer

With a wide variety of products for children they show us how to use it and the prices they manage for their customers.

🔸Coffee sector.

Business name:Distribuidora de Alimentos y Servicios
Owner's name:@angeloguzman31
Business address:Anzoategui / Venezuela

Distribuidora de Alimentos y Servicios GI | Purchase of raw materials in Sanare.

Especies y variedades de café.

We see the development of its commercial activity through a business trip to supply the inventory to offer its customers and we see the concepts and differences of two types of coffee produced in the area.

🔸Design and manufacture.

Business name:@Shanadesign
Owner's name:@Shanadesign
Business address:Medellín, Colombia

Let's talk about a sale of a logo stamped on a flannel.

We can see the total change of a garment, both in cuts and in the application of paints, showing that less is more when making garments transformations.

Business name:@nurfiana
Owner's name:Sastre Arsyila
Business address:Indonesia

Promoting various models of Muslim men's clothing, women's dresses, wedding dresses and koko clothing, you can accept payment via IDR, STEEM, SBD

We know in detail how they make their garments with patterns and lines that enhance the design of their products.

Business name:Vastago Casa De Modas C.A
Owner's name:@xioran
Business address:Lecheria, Anzoàtegui, Venezuela.

Special uniform design for the "Puma Caraballo" Children's Club in Venezuela.

We know the designs both in physical and digital and types of sports uniforms for a selection of your area, beautiful and authentic.

🔸 Supply of sports equipment.

Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Multicolor Bands 150 Lbs - Train with distinction and you will undoubtedly be the sensation!

It is time to change and train 150 Lbs Resistance Bands Request Any Model

We know their products for toning our body and how we can use it according to our body weight..

🔸 Automotive

Business name:Colores y repuestos Barcelona CA
Owner's name:@ Luisasevilla30
Business address:Barcelona, Estado Anzoátegui

Multicolor Bands 150 Lbs - Train with distinction and you will undoubtedly be the sensationTypes of transparent for vehicles.!

They give us in detail the Types of transparent for vehicles that they have to offer their clients within their business.


Business name:Asia The Barber Barbershop
Owner's name:Zulkarnaini
Business address:Indonesia

Administre su negocio de forma remota utilizando CCTV de cámara IP | Asia Barber Barbershop vende cámara IP CCTV

We see in detail that way your business take care of a camera and applications security system.

🔸Martial arts training.

Business name:Asociación del Sistema de Karate Libre de Venezuela
Owner's name:@maestroaslkv
Business address:Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

Light Contact Combat in Aslkv by @ academia.aslkv

As always showing us the excellent combat techniques, how to perform them and how to make them effective.

🔸 Bakery

Business name:Truchi Café
Owner's name:@maurelvys
Business address:Cumaná, Sucre, Venezuela.

Our delicious cheese rim pizza

He carefully shows us the preparation of a delicious pizza with cheese edges and details of the final product.

🔸 Aesthetics and Beauty

Owner's name:@danielacarvajal
Business address:Barcelona Anzoategui, Venezuela.

MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA | My presentation in the business activity community

We know their business through a detailed presentation of how they founded it and how they manage to keep it going.

Seeing the results of the work that we have been doing encourages us to continue in favor of the growth of the community, we must not fail to mention the importance of companies and enterprises within the blockchain when it comes to receiving steem as a form of payment. sustainable and well established for Advancement in general, we encourage them to continue to provide valuable and quality content specifying their business activities as in this way it helps us to grow and drive the Blockchain within the steem ecosystem.

To the new sectors that have joined this week, we warmly welcome you and invite you to follow all the internal rules of the community so that your content is supported not only with rewards but also with comments that add value to your work.It's time to grow. the future awaits us with the growth of the Blockchain.

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Thank you, it is a pleasure to be part of this community, and to grow within it. Greetings.

 2 years ago 

Working together we can achieve the unstoppable growth of our increasingly successful @businessactivity community, let's continue giving our best so that we achieve a strengthened and successful community.

 2 years ago 

Betting on growth and improvement, each sector that joins is trusting in its sustainable future, and with great projection for improvement. Because each in their own way, identifies the positivism of the change that generates being in the steem ecosystem.
Congratulations to all who have the vision for business change.

One of the things that characterize Meraki is to advance against the bad wind, even in the grayest days a rainbow appears. Thank you for taking my business into account, it is very important to me.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the support. Congratulations to all the companies that strive for their growth every day.

 2 years ago 

We have amazing business people in the community, thank you for your participation, you are indeed amazing, continue to improve the quality of your extraordinary work

 2 years ago 

A pleasure to be back in the business brief.

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