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Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life; through this practice, we not only satisfy hunger, it is also a time to share with family, friends and those people who always have a special place in our hearts. At Truchi Café we are aware of this, that is why we always look for a way for our clients to bring the best experience to their homes with each product they purchase in our business.

For these reasons and taking each request of our dear customers as a reference, this time we want to promote the delicious cheese rim pizzas. This week they entered the menu; however, it is already beginning to be in great demand, especially by the little ones in the house.

Completa (1).jpg

What motivated us to do it?
The main reason is undoubtedly the request of the clients; They have already been consuming our pizzas and have made their suggestions. Among those suggestions has emerged that of adding cheese rim.


On the other hand, there is our desire to offer improved products, which stand out above others. Also, seeing the children leave the edge of the pizza to consider it dry and without anything special, we decided to adapt and add cheese to the edge. This addition has turned out to be very positive, so much so that this weekend was the most requested.

How is the border made?
Adding a cheese edge to pizza is really easy. Before my internship I thought it was something very complicated, but as soon as I saw it I realized that there is nothing easier to do than adding edge to pizzas.

🍕The first thing to do is chop the cheese into long pieces, this to be able to place them on the edges of the pizza.

🍕The second thing is to stretch the dough, so that it is much larger than the tray in which it will be placed.

🍕What follows is to place the pieces of cheese around the edge of the dough that is on the tray, and then fold the pieces of dough that were left on the outside.

🍕With this, the cheese rim is ready. Now what follows is to place the ingredients on top.

Truchi Cafe tricks
🍕A delicious pizza is always possible; however, for this to be really good, there are some additions that make it the best. At Truchi Cafe we ​​will tell you the most relevant tips for a sensational pizza.

🍕Add butter on top of the dough before adding the sauce. This point is mandatory so that the pizza acquires all the necessary fat.

🍕Add a little more sugar to the flour. During the making of the dough, it is ideal to add a little more sugar to the dough; This achieves that slight sweet taste that everyone loves.

🍕Add malt. As it reads, adding malt to the dough makes it special. In Venezuela liquid malt is added, in other countries paste malt can be used.


Nutrition and taste
A good pizza (like the one made in Truchi Cafe), is made with high quality standards; therefore, it is considered a very nutritious food (although many do not believe it). When a pizza does not include special additives or preservatives (such as that of Truchi Cafe), it provides great nutrients.

In general terms, artisanal pizza offers a high content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber that the body can take full advantage of; for these reasons, nutritionists list pizza as a complete food.

Per normal portion$ 1.5 - SBD 0.198 - STEEM 2.433
Per serving with cheese rim$ 1.75 - SBD 0.23 - STEEM 2.839
Full normal (small)$ 5 - SBD 0.659 - STEEM 8.111
Full normal (medium)$ 7 - SBD 0.922 - STEEM 11.355
Full normal (large)$ 10 - SBD 1,317 - STEEM 16,221
Complete with cheese rim (small)$ 6 - SBD 0.79 - STEEM 9.733
Complete with Cheese Rim (Medium)$ 8 - SBD 1,054 - STEEM 12,977
Complete with Cheese Rim (Large)$ 11 - SBD 1,449 - STEEM 17,843

Business name:Truchi Cafe
Owner's name:@maurelvys
Business address:Cumana, Sucre, Venezuela.
About us:We are Truchi Cafe

Our sincere thanks to the entire @businessactivity team, we know that your work is hard, for that, thank you very much. Your advice always propels us.


 2 years ago 

The pizza looks really good sis, good luck for your business.

 2 years ago 

Thanks. It was one of the most requested by our clients this week.

 2 years ago 

Soy fiel amante de las pizzas. Y el sabor de una pizza artesanal es algo maravilloso. Los olores son distintos y como usted lo comenta, el valor nutricional es bastante considerable e comparación con el resto de las pizzas.

Espero que su negocio sea muy exitoso.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for such a valuable comment @glass13, it is a pleasure to be able to show this type of content.
Hopefully you cheer up and make this type of pizza.

 2 years ago 

Hello @maurelvys , thank you for sharing this delight that we are sure customers request on a daily basis, that is: Who doesn't like pizza?

Delighted with the good advice for that special touch that Truchi cafe knows how to give so that customers fall in love with this delicious pizza.

If they are far from you, they can do it with your instructions and leave impressions in this publication, and for those who are in Cumana, Venezuela, request their services.

Thank you for showing the costs of the different presentations and for the sample in images of each of the pizzas.

I invite you to be part of the Power Up program, every week, if you have not started your Power Up yet.


 2 years ago 

Thank you very much @cindycam for always being attentive to each of our publications.
Thanks for the invitation, I am always attentive to do my weekly power up.

Hello @maurelvys , what a pleasure to read your content and see the extraordinary material that you provide us today without a doubt that pizza will always be a good option for the family and its customers in general.

 2 years ago 

It is a pleasure to share with you my favorite recipes.
In addition to showing that many of the foods that we believe do not contribute anything, they can fill us with nutrients that we did not know.

 2 years ago 

Hello @maurelvys we are happy to see your business progress today you serve delicious pizza complete with cheese and for the end result it looks very delicious and can't wait to enjoy it immediately

 2 years ago 

Hopefully you can do it at home. That would make me very happy.
Regards dear @riska-amanda

 2 years ago 

Que rica se ve esa pizza, excelente trabajo.

 2 years ago 

I wish I could share a part with my readers, they are delicious.

Ademas del amor hacia el arte de la bisuteria, cocinar tambien me gusta, y conseguirme este tipo de publicación que compartes la elaboración de una pizza espectacular, es una grata sorpresa, se ve genial, estoy segura que estuvo asi de buena para tus clientes y comensales, espero que sigan los exitos, bendiciones.

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for reading @alannaycrist03, how nice to read this type of comment, that encourages me a lot.

 2 years ago 

Esa pizza se ve super exquisita, felicitaciones por excelente enfoque de tu presentación, que continué el crecimiento.

 2 years ago 

Gracias por siempre estar atenta a nuestras publicaciones querida @mvchacin. Es un placer para nosotros poder mostrar este tipo de contenido en nuestra creciente comunidad @businessactivity.
Anímate a hacerla en casa, saludos

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