VASTAGO|Special uniform design for the "Puma Caraballo" Children's Club in Venezuela.

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Welcome to the Blog of Vástago Casa de Modas C.A

Happy day to all those who visit our publications, this time we want to share a little of the work done for the "Puma Caraballo" Soccer team located in the Anzoátegui State -Venezuela.

Image # 1: Official Uniform "Puma Caraballo" made by Vastago Casa de Moda.
Every time we make a uniform we do it with a lot of love, especially thinking about the future of the children of our country, it is an arduous task but with wonderful results.
The theme of tailoring is not only to make an outfit but to make it with all the characteristics that are needed to provide athletes with comfort and identity.
The fabric chosen for this design is Dri-FIT, which is a polyester microfiber fabric that repels sweat to the surface.

Image # 2: Dri Fit Fabric
After choosing the type of fabric to use, we proceed to the elaboration of the design, this is where the difference of our work is, we have the Venezuelan star designer @edxserverus, who brings the special touch and who is also available here on this platform for any image you need for your brand, really an impeccable and wonderful work.

Image # 3:Preliminary design for players


Image # 4:Preliminary design for Archers

These are unique designs with a lot of economic value, however in our social responsibility and the collaboration of @edxserverus and @marilin35 we obtain this creative beauty with only a small incentive, since the printing of the fabric and the labor is paid for by children's representatives.
The patterns are designed in photoshop, and then passed to an illustration program to be printed.


Image # 5: Piece Illustration


Image # 6: Piece Illustration short


Image # 6: Illustration of the back of the shirts.

A printing plotter and a calender machine were used for this uniform.


Image # 7:Final results

The final process is the assembly of pieces, in the next blogs we will place a step by step of the preparation in our Atelier. This sports set has an approximate cost of $20, in Steem at current Price: 33 ó 3.2 sbd. At the exchange of the local currency of Venezuela

Business name:Vastago Casa De Modas C.A
Owner's name:@xioran
Business address:Lecheria, Anzoàtegui, Venezuela.
About us:Presentation

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Support Vastago Casa de Modas C.A?

By supporting this productive social program will be contributing to a solidarity project for children in Venezuela who have no shelter, food and medicine, will be strengthening the productive apparatus and the ability to generate jobs to mothers head of households, will also contribute to maximize the level educational with training for entrepreneurs in various trends, financial, commercial, business, personalized courses, will also be promoting the inclusion of special children Autism, Down syndrome, and children with cancer that occupy a special place. Preventive measures to care for the environment The use of the blockchain will be established as a technology with purpose, and to empower leaders in action to form their own companies, in a self-sustaining model through efficient resource management.

"If society improves, it will improve the performance of the company. You can not be happy alone, I can not do well in the middle of a failed society "

The images are property of Vástago Casa de Modas, C.A., all rights reserved.

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Good luck with your business. I really like your business service

Beautiful sporty design that he presents to us this time.
Excellent enhancement given to the colors of the Venezuelan flag.

 2 years ago 

Hello, thank you for sharing your work with us and with the steemians of the world. Always in favor of sport, with your business.

The work they are doing is excellent, surprising in Veenezuela and hopefully to be recognized anywhere to position themselves.

All the designs are amazing. We are sure that the vast majority that have businesses will require from you for designs and clothing.

Suggestion to your publications, use the HTML format:

For To justify its content..

Always satisfied with the great movement and emergence of your business.


Hello @Childrensclothes what pleasure to read your content I see that they have not stopped working that is great is an indication that they are increasing.

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