Steem Business Activity | General Rules & Join to Discord [UPDATE]

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Welcome to all Steem Blockchain entrepreneurs.

Our community is in full growth and we want to make it easier for businesses and users to verify themselves in our community. That is why we have made some adjustments to the general rules so that our members feel more comfortable when publishing.

Rules to start in our community

Before you publish content in our community, you must make sure that you meet the following requirements:

1. Business owner
If the business owner is new to Steemit, they must make their personal presentation in the New Comers community before posting their business presentation.

2. Business Presentation

  • Make sure the business presentation is posted on our Business Activity community.
  • The creation of an additional account for your business is totally optional.

Describe your business according to the following structure:

  • Write since when it is operating, how many people work, details of the main products or services and where the business is located. You must include all the photos that are necessary to expedite the verification.
  • Why did the company decide to accept payments in Steem?.
  • Include links from your social media or business website and mention the owner.

3. Publications

  • Businesses will be able to post in the Steem Business Activity community their activities and services they offer.

Post to our community

  • Write the title with the following structure: Business Name | Title

Business name: Write the name of your business.
Title: Write a title about the activity or service shown in the publication.

  • Write the publication with some activity of interest about your business
  • Write the following information at the bottom of all business account posts.
Business name:Company
Owner's name:@user
Business address:City, State, Country.
About us:Link to presentation

Copy and paste the code and replace the text in the right column

|Business name:|Company|
|Owner's name:|@user|
|Business address:|City, State, Country.|
|About us:|Link to presentation|

  • Use the tag #businessactivity

This is a community that will have a positive impact on Steem and Steemit. Our commitment is to help investors have their place and feel comfortable to express themselves on the Blockchain, jointly assuming the responsibility to grow prosperously in the same boom of the steem.

The growth of a community is achieved by being constant, becoming part of the project, because we are not one, we are all doing our part to achieve it.

As every project starts from scratch, we will grow and advance to achieve a milestone that transcends. We hope the support of everyone who feels identified with the project and who wants to give it an opportunity to help investors develop on the blockchain.

We are now on Discord!

Join to Discord - Business Activity

Thank you steemcurator01 for the great support!

Would you like to support our community with Steem Power Delegation?

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Founder @oscarcc89 - About me - Discord: oscarcc89#4887

 3 years ago 

Excellent information

 3 years ago 

Excellent, Steemit and the united companies, it will be something that transcends.

We continue to grow ... Together for a better blockchain ...!

Gracias por la información @oscarcc89.

Hello @ oscarcc89, I congratulate you again for this wonderful community that opens the doors to businesses to enter the interesting world of the Blockchain with the use of STEEM, and at the same time promote their products and services. For more than 20 years I have been working with the agricultural activity, I consider that this is an important opportunity to venture into the field of cryptocurrencies with the use of Steem, so thank you for creating this community, you will soon learn about my business.

So profitable, specially to newcomers like @brownson #steem #steemitforbusiness

 3 years ago 

Great innovation, prosperity to the core

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