Shades Of Men - Chapter 12 Page 4

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Hello everyone,

Here is Shades Of Men's new page. I'm also posting with the community feature for the first time. I haven't figured out everything yet but I'm eager to find out.

Since it's been a while let's recap the previous updates. Lev and Ricky came to this abandoned slaughter house to bring David back home but he refused. David's new friends formed a crowd that took over Lev and beat him up. Ricky luckily saved the day by freeing all the captive animals, creating chaos and distraction to the whole scene.

We left off last time in the middle of this mess as Lev just got his hands a sweet machine gun. For more incredible adventures, check out the story from the start. You'll get to know these characters a little more in the mean time.

Now it's time to cut through the crowd...




Pretty happy with this one.
Crowd scenes are a difficult beast to tackle. You have to balance between time and detail.

On my end I fastened the process with a single colour for the crowd. I had done that for chapter 9 but I wasn't sure I could pull it off again. It was less thematic here.

I think it turned out okay, in the end. I'll see how it progresses. Sometimes I feel like it's out of my hands a little (even though it's not) as I go with the flow, from one page to the other.

Thanks for following along.
If you're discovering my work, hopefully that spiked your interest. Below is the fundition page to get your hands on the book once printed.

Please consider upvoting or sharing the page to spread the word.

See you on the other side,


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Looks good. Nice use of breaking through the panel to keep the flow of the readers eye moving in the right direction.

Thanks for noticing. I'm trying my best to bring some dynamism to those action pages.


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