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Hello fellow steemians,

It's my pleasure to introduce today my long form comic Shades Of Men to the platform.
So here's below the first chapter of this bumpy Parisian ride.
I'll be posting , a chapter per week, split in two blogs after that.

The story takes place in Paris and follows a group of homeless people as they try to help a kid survive.
It's an action/adventure story I wrote as I was living in this city, back in 2011.

I've been slowly working through it ever since.
For that reason you might see the art evolve as the story unfolds.
Hopefully in a good way. That is for you to say!

I hope that by posting this regularly I can bring attention to comics on Steemit.
Maybe even attracting more artists to the platform.

Time will tell...
I definitely like the positive atmosphere around here.
Now let the adventure begin...



Hope you enjoyed this first part.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!
Let me know what you think.

See you on the other side.


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WOW man! Did you make this? Really nicely done. I love the graphics.

It legit looks like a real cartoon. One that you can sell in the book store :P Keep up the great work.

Thanks for checking it out and for your lovely comment. It means a lot.

Only my pleasure :) It's good to see some quality authors here.

I'm going to post my latest post soon, stay tuned!

Your comics about the "City of Light" are not only beautifully illustrated, but thematically interesting. I am glad and grateful to know that there is someone out there producing comic art, from the heart, a love letter to Paris, and it's real.
Thank you,

Thanks for noticing. I'll lived in the city for a couple of years and it's such an awesome theater for this adventure. I hope I make it justice with my drawing. I'll try to explore some forgotten parts of the city visiting the underground and secret societies.

It's great to see comic artist taking advantage of this new medium. I hope you have great success!

Thanks a lot buddy. You'll see people are very nice around here. I'll be following your work very closely. I'm sure we can find ways to support eachother in the new adventure!

Very well done. Followed!

Thanks a lot @swolesome. I see you have quite a cool comics project yourself. I hope that will motivate you to share it here as well. I'm sure we can find a place for sequential art on Steemit!

I actually just confirmed with my artist that we WILL be trying to do the new breed series as soon as possible. Thanks! He works a lot so fingers crossed.

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Good for you! Can't wait to see more. What could be interesting is taking people's ideas to evolve the story. Kind of a Choose your own adventure with comments. That's sacrificing a bit of the original idea but gaining in interaction which the platform allows. I might experiment with that later on.

I'm actually doing that with my steemit quest contest! The first iteration of it is already going on but check it out! You could sign up for the next season, next week or so. I'm about to post an update to the standings within a hour. I'll post the link here so you can see :).

Oh I didn't notice you were doing that. I'll check that closely. That's a cool idea!

You are good. Keep steeming.

Hehe thanks a million @Lighteye. And I feel that it does get better... More content coming up tonight ;-)

Amazing work! Really enjoyed it and re-steemed :-)

I hope that by posting this regularly I can bring attention to comics on Steemit. Maybe even attracting more artists to the platform.

There are already quite a few comic-artists around. You might want to check-out @katharsisdrill and his #phillfromgchq comic, for which @vcelier and I are even doing translations. The idea completely evolved at steemit.

Sorry, I just noticed that you already talked to those guys ;-)

Hehe no worries. Thanks for the kind words and the resteem. I'll probably send half of the next chapter by the end of the week. In the mean time more content coming your way...

Great, I'm looking forward to :-)

where are the women in the comic?? lol

Haha. You are absolutely right! Where are they? I must admit I focused only on a few hobo buddies. But it also a pretty manly theme... More wisdom from the ladies to come. Patience my friend.

Awesome work! I get an early Eastman and Laird Ninja Turtles indie comic vibe from your work. And coming from me that's a big compliment because I love that style of art. I look forward to seeing more pages! Way to go!

Wow I'm honored by such compliment. Eastmann and Laird are amazing. I can tell they created the Ninja Turtles from their hearts and had huge success with it. True outliers. Can't be compared to these giants really! But I do draw without filter and I hope people resonate with that. Thanks for checking out my comic. Sorry for the late response!

Nice post! I also do comic presentations, in video form with sound effects, voice overs and music, right now I'm doing the 1988 Starman saga, check it out here, and tell me your thoughts! Later on