Shades Of Men - Chapter 5 Part 1

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Hello Steemians,

And welcome to the dark side of Paris. Our heroes are in trouble and YOU can help.
Read this comic and they might escape this terrible situation...


I recommend reading the previous chapters if you have a moment. That's a quick read and you'll understand a little better the situation. However last time we left our friends held hostage under the french metro. They discovered a hidden organization doing traffic in this maze. Our buddies have been reserved a special treatment ...








5 pages today means... 6 pages next time!
It all goes so quick. Please keep in mind I draw these one page per week so this is super fast posting for me!

Thanks for checking out my blog.
Feel free to follow for more content.

See you on the other side,


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these are some pretty looking drawings !

Thanks a lot @Bryanlai98. This chapter is especially gritty but there's nice Parisian locations coming up... ;-)