Shades Of Men - Chapter 7 Part 1

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hey there!

Time to snatch the cash! Here's another episode of my comic on Steemit.
Action is just around the corner! The rescue team assembled.


As always I recommend reading from the beginning to give you a full scope of the events.
Lev took the lead and assembled a team homeless elite (more or less...) in a mission to snatch the cash.








To be continued...

I'd love to have your feedback on the comic so far.
Please consider upvoting or resteeming to share the story.

I'll be back with the second part of this chapter on Monday morning.
Feel free to follow for sketches, portraits, and art related blogs.

See you on the other side,


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Your drawings are amazing! you got yourself a new reader! :D

That was very nice of you to come check it out. I feel like I shared some of the steps you experienced art wise. Starting a long form series with a weekly schedule really pushed me to keep on creating. It's still a hobby for me but an important part of my daily routing. Hope you'll enjoy what's coming next.